Monday, June 30, 2008

ahhhhhhh hurrah for ___________

this post's title won't make very much sense to very many people. ok, so it will only make sense to my efy team (aka my new family). not that there was anything wrong with my real family, but after spending a constant month with eachother (roadtrips, hiking the M, late night trips to Maverick, hide and go seek in the dark, boccerball tournaments, secret trips to Wingers, pillow talk, shirt making, queso talk, endless texting, secret quote boards, 2 dances a week, and accents, how could i forget the accents??....get the picture??) i have to call them my new family.  as much as i try to keep everyone else updated, my team is there for it all, even the boy  drama. 
don't get too excited. there really is no boy drama. i just had to throw that in there. ok, maybe there is drama, but like i'm going to post about it. seriously though....
i am officially half way through my summer of efy. bittersweet. my favorite question non-efy people (yes, thats what we call you...) ask is, "how was your week?" or "how's efy?". great questions, don't get me wrong. but that's like asking someone,"how was your mission?"...... "GOOD". so for all of you wondering. efy is good. i love it. i'm learning a lot. i'm disciplining a lot. and when i'm stressed, someone from my team knows to get me a rootbeer popsicle. life is good. really good.
i'm not working this week, hence the time i have found to actually post. :) so this week it's my lucky and extra fun job to find a job. yes. i think a job hunt is a job. gross. everyone keeps asking me what i'll be doing and where i will be in the fall. i would love to give people an answer. maybe after this week, i can do that little thing! my dear sister whitney is going to help me update my resume to college grad status and then i'll pass it out like candy on halloween. if any of you know of anything, keep me in mind. i'm pretty open to just about anything.
ok, i am very sorry about your bruise, but i have got to get down to business. (ok sorry...another inside joke) not only do we have plans for costco today, but i have 3 little ninjas begging me to live here for 8 days and play chutes and ladders while setting off fireworks. it's not easy being the favorite aunt. :)