Thursday, September 23, 2010

i thought i was done with this

Remember how I love my job? Great.

Now, remember how I'm working to become certified at work? Kind of a big deal. They give me tools and books to study, practice tests, and even give me time to study at work. Fantastic.

Except, I hate to study. It was one of the reasons I believed college was ruining my life (thank goodness for perspective). I don't think I'm good at studying. I was never one to hit the books at the library. I just don't learn that way. There always seems to be too much information and I'm horrible when it comes to weeding out the information you don't need. I think I'm what people call a hands on learner. Forget the books. Just show me and I'll catch on much quicker.

So I'm making flashcards to help me learn the anatomy of the eye...a little more my style. Let's hope that all I'm reading about refractive light and primary angle closure glaucoma and extra ocular muscles sticks. My heavens, the eyeball is complex...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

slow goin

well hello there. just wanted to give you a little update on my really is slow goin...i mean, there's stuff going on, but nothing of consequence. i don't have pictures, and probably wont until i'm moved into my new place. then, trust me, i will unload my camera and you'll have more pictures to view than you'll know what to do with. but right now, as you know, grandma doesn't have internet. i don't know how to blog pictures from my phone. there lies the problem.

i get to move into my apartment on october first. i'm a little excited about it. sometimes i lay in bed at night and think about life in my new apartment. i get so excited i can't fall asleep. that may sound silly, but let me remind you that i have not had my own apartment since april. that will be 5 months that i've been transient/homeless/living out of other peoples closets/not fully unpacking my bathroom kind of living. i'm very excited to get settled and start the "roomate life" again. not reporting to people. not having to worry about what time i'll get home. not having a place to stay up late and watch movies with friends. maybe this makes me sound ungrateful for my current living situation. nothing could be further from the truth. it's been wonderful living with grandma, and i'm lucky for the time i got to stay at my sisters house. at this age, i'm anxious to be in a more independent living situation.

my job. its wonderful. i love the people i get to work with. i love the new things i'm learning. have i mentioned i have alot to learn. i mean, ALOT. it can be overwhelming at times, but everyone is so good about answering questions and helping me out. all i can say is that we have fantastic doctors who fix peoples eyes. it's incredible to me the things they do there and the care they have for patients. i have learned so much in such a short time. i can't wait to learn more and contribute to the care of the patients. i'm a lucky girl. plus, they have these sugar cookies over in the university cafeteria that are to die for. what? please tell me to stop the maddness.

i have a ward. i love it. i got a calling today. i don't know that i understand what it is...i mean, i know it's relief society, and that's enough. i've missed relief society (after a summer of ward hopping due to efy). i went to a ward campout this weekend. i love being involved in my ward. we have fhe tomorrow. ward temple night this week. yee haw. welcome to salt lake.

my efy boss posted a video on facebook - a review of the summer. gosh, we are funny people. i couldn't help but watch it and laugh out loud. it also made me realize i miss the hoedown throwdown.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i'm working on a secret project...

And I'm excited about it. Keep you posted.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today (Tuesday) this song will be on repeat in my brain. Thank goodness for SOM Marathon for providing me the perfect theme song for my first day(s) at work.

Sorry, I would just post the video, but I'm blogging from my phone which means I don't know how to do that. Oh well. I bought a mattress today. All hail the queen

Adieu. Adieu. To yue and yue and yue.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Thursday night my little sister helped me with a project. This project required us to be outside on a pleasant summer evening. Sounds nice, right?? Oh wait..summer least in utah. And by bugs I mean mosquitos. If you know me at all, you'd know I hate mosquito bites. Don't worry, the next morning, I counted, and then recounted, because I kept finding them. Final count : thirty-three...which is nothing compared to sisters thirty-six. I tried not to freak out and not scratch my legs off to bloody stumps...but I freaked out. By the end of the day i'd tried two different anti-itch remedies. I lathered myself up in cortisone cream, took a benedryl and two asprin and prayed to fall asleep quickly. Why did I take two asprin, you ask? Oh, I went into work to fill out my pre-hiring paperwork...which included a trip to the clinic to make sure I was all caught up on my immunizations. A few shots and a couple blood samples later, I was on my way...with a gentle warning that I would probably feel a little achy later. Lucky me. I survived the night...and when I'm up and doing stuff I am able to distract myself from the itch. I think I suprised a friend last night when he saw me so unhinged over some stupid squito bites. Let me repeat: I HATE SQUITO BITES.
Oh yes, while I'm thinking about it, happy labor day weekend to you. Except for me its not much of a holiday for me. Its just the day before my first day of work...meaning a holiday I'm not getting paid for. Oh well. I have plans to sit around and do nothing, which may sound lame to most of you, but I think it sounds divine.

Since starting this post I went to the mall with a friend to get some pants, and I tried on a skirt. I have pock-legs. I don't even know if that's a real term, but I'm going with it. What in the world am I supposed to wear to church tomorrow and hide my leper-legs??? This is a real predicament. I don't really have and long skirts or dresses, and heaven knows pants are out of the question. Maybe I'll throw up and become deathly ill over night. I'd hate to pass along my 24 hour bug to a slew of potential suitors.....what to do, what to do....
This is a random thought, but has to do with football re-entering my life, and by my life I mean my friends lives. I don't really follow football. I've never watched a full game. I've been in the same room as a whole game on tv, and I may have even sat through an entire game in the one and only lavell edwards stadium...but never cared to watch the whole game. Saying that, I'm probably not privvy to this opinion, but women sports-casters drive me nuts. I think we should let men do that job.
On that note, go cougs...even though I live in salt lake now, making me bleed red(or so I've been told)