Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hi's in the mid 30's....50% chance of precipitation

and i'm wearing a skirt today. duh.

nathan's outta beeeeedddd!!!

last night my sister came down to do some shopping with me. love her for it. after we were done, we met up with my two brothers and sister in law for a last minute sibling dinner. whitney doesn't get away from the kids much, so even though we missed kevin and the boys, it was fun to sit around and talk about the good ol' days...and we did.
it was good to laugh about growing up on worthen circle. we used to think that house was so big. we talked about the long hallway upstairs and the boy's bedroom that was huge. it would be funny to go back and walk through that old house...i have a feeling it would seem very small. we talked about sneaking on the stairs to watch tv after we were sent to bed, pet lizards, the boys dares to sneak out of bed...only to yell "nathan's outta beeeed" when he's halfway down the hall, secret haircuts, babysitting terror stories, running away and hiding behind the neighbors house, sneaking into the pantry, climbing trees, and running through the desert-barefoot.
it all seems so long ago. probably because it was so long ago. it was weird to sit with a majority of my siblings and update eachother on our lives. weird to not have my parents there. weird to not have my other siblings there.
the older i get, the more i appreciate my family. the fam is coming up next weekend, and i'm thrilled about it. can't wait for them to get here. cindy's comin too. lucky me? you betcha.
speaking of family time...tonight is LOST. the new family tradition? we watch lost together. a family that watches lost together....stays together. at least that's what i've been telling myself. and you wanna know what i'm doing this weekend? watching lost. my brother got season 1 for me. so unless i get that phone call from a real live person, you know where i'll be. lame? yes. but i don't care.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i feel like i tricked you into following my blog. i'm okay with that. but i feel like i made the mustache story update sound blog worthy. well, you decide.

we all know i was worried about having my blonde semi-stache grow back in jet black. remember that dear friend that suggested that was a possibility? i've been paranoid ever since. well, until my little non-mustache grew back. blonde as can be. :)

don't think it was all fun and games. i felt like i had whiskers growing in for a few days, which is not a pleasant feeling. is that what boys feel like every day? it felt weird. i know girls complain about shaving their legs...but really, we have it pretty easy. girls: take the nasty prickly feeling on your legs and imagine it on your FACE. yeah, thats right. at least i can wear pants and no one knows i'm prickly. extra blessings go to boys with dark facial hair that you can see and have to shave even more often (lucky boys that have blonde fuzzies...). and just so you know ... not that i'm encouraging you not to shave, but your little scruff is quite attractive and manly. just saying.

what have we learned from this "experience" :

  • don't veet your upper lip if it's not necessary

  • don't ever take for granted the feeling you have in your upper lip, and don't veet it and lose feeling to fully understand what i'm saying. just take my word for it.

  • girls have it easy when it comes to shaving. (i may take this statement back when it's summer time and i'm expected to shave on a regular basis...)

  • having a prickly upper lip is just plain weird...for a girl anyway

  • just because you veet off a blonde mustache, doesn't mean it's going to grow back black...although it could. maybe i was just a lucky survivor

picky picky picky

i never thought i was a picky eater. but let's be serious.

i was over at megan and gregs last night, and we got on the topic of movies. there is a long list of classics that greg has not seen. megan and i were shocked. (okay, there are some on the list that i hadn't seen either...but hello dolly??? singin' in the rain???? come on now...) so we made a list. movies that need to be watched. and it was a long list. (poor greg)
enter the peanut butter cookies. i first declined because they were crunchy cookies. i don't like crunchy cookies. greg said he would get me some milk. WHAT?!? are we friends? thats when i admitted that i never in my life remember pouring a glass of milk to drink. glass of milk to dunk oreos in...milk over my cereal...but when i'm done, i just dump it in the sink. i have never drank (drunk...drunken...dranken...shoot, i don't know) a glass of milk.
payback time. greg made a list for me of food i need to eat. megan kept listing off food and was shocked when i said i didn't like it, and even more shocked when i admitted i've just never tried it before. okay, i admit...sometimes i just get it in my head that it's gross, so i won't even go there. sometimes i get it in my head that fruit is supposed to be cold, hence warm cobbler is gross. peanuts are saltly, so mixing them with sweet chocolate is a no no. where did this warped thinking come from? no clue. but it's there.

so here's my list:
a fun size snickers (truth. i have never tasted a snickers bar)
a small glass of milk (yes, i made them specify small)
shrimp with cocktail sauce (sick)
cherry pie. (i've only ever had pumpkin pie...or that chocolate creme stuff.)
pecan pie
warm cobbler

there might be more, but i've chosen to forget. i know what most of you are thinking. easy, right? i looked at that list like my mom had just handed me a list of chores. gross. so everytime greg watches one of his movies from the list...i have to eat something nasty. at least i get to watch a good movie, and at least greg gets to eat something he likes. and lucky megan has the best of both worlds.

Monday, January 26, 2009

thanks, katie :)

So...its a picture tag. You take the first picture folder and post the first picture in that folder. Then you take the fourth picture folder and post the fourth picture in that folder. Then you take the sixth folder and post the sixth picture in that folder. Explain the pictures and then send the tag along.

here we are at davis family campout. i love this picture of me and the brother nathaniel nofear. he's on his mission in peru right now. stud? you betcha. don't worry ladies, he'll be home in 11 months. (and yes, ryan and i are counting the days. he completes us...and by us, i mean the singles)

thanks for throwing a peace in there, megs. this was a road trip i took with megan to st. george. i am a fantastic co-pilot. i take care of my driver. treats provided. in this case, cheese and crackers. weird? maybe. over it? yes.

sorry if it looks like we've been crying. we had. this weekend in st. george was more than needed. there's nothing better than a weekend with your best friend. no interruptions. endless chatting. falling asleep on the couch. shopping. cooking. laughing so hard your tummy hurts. and then having to say goodbye and drive off in seperate directions. i need her to move back to utah. badly.
there you have it. random pictures a la bethany's life. this is when i'm supposed to tag other people. even though i like being tagged, i always feel guilty making other people feel like they have to do it. so, if you feel like doing it...consider yourself tagged. if not, you won't hurt my feelings. are only one follower away from mustache goodness. let's be serious. the story isn't that fantastic. i just don't want it to be a let down. but still.....

handwriting 101

i'm picky when it comes to handwriting. i love when people have cute handwriting...and if you do, i'll let you know. if i someone else write a number or letter that i like, i will copy them. I still do heidi's "g's" and cindy's "9's". and i think of these people every time i write that specific number or letter. sounds silly, i know.
i've been told i have cute handwriting. i think i'm losing it (the cute handwriting)...and it's driving me nuts. i am insanely jealous of people that can write fast and still have it be cute. Heaven knows i've been writing for speed lately, and it's ugly. real ugly.
i noticed today that i write better when i hold my pen differently. today at work, i rested the pen on my middle finger instead of the ring finger. i was happy with the results. another problem i have is i write really hard...and i don't know why but i squeeze that pen like it's trying to run away from me. i have one of those nasty writing bumps on my ring finger...and now i have a writing dent in my middle finger. i just can't win.
sorry, this is a boring post. but there is nothing exciting going on right now. well, maybe there is and it's just none of your business. just kidding. seriously, it's pretty boring at apt. 102 and office 212-7.
don't worry. exciting things are on the horizon. fabulous blog posts to come :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


you've more than doubled in followers in one day. i'm proud to call you mine. but you are still shy of the required amount for me to speak of mustaches. sorry.

it's going to be raining the rest of the weekend. when it rains in utah, i miss my mom. growing up, every time it mom made cookies. fact: it doesn't rain much in the desert, so cookies were a fun treat. we knew that if it barely sprinkled at school, we would come home to hot cookies. just another reason i love my mom.

i dare you

to follow. see that cute little box over there ----------->

following is not always a bad thing, and in this case it happens to be a very good thing. it validates me and my bloggyness and when i know people read, it makes me want to blog more. so, when i get at least 15 followers, i'll update you on my mustache.

i joined

the millions of lost fans. went over to my brothers tonight to watch THREE hours of lost. what am i doing this weekend? well, playing in church...and other things, but mostly just watching lost. and, so people don't judge me for sitting on the couch all day, i might just hide in my room and watch seasons on my laptop. okay, let's be serious. if a real person invites me to do something, i'll have to take that offer over lost....but right now, i have my weekend planned.
playing in church. did you know i play the violin? suprise! i took private lessons all through middle and high school. played in the school orchestra, and even the city orchestra. you have to try out for that baby. and at one point, i was even first chair. read it and weep. i haven't played in a while, and i'm lucky enough to get to play this sunday. do i know what i'm playing? nope. and it's thursday. i should get on that.

ps. another show i'm hooked on is alias. i went through a major alias phase last year before i started efy. i watched 4 out of 5 seasons and then quit cold turkey. i knew i wouldn't have time to watch alias and do efy.....and then a part of me died. okay, not really, but i really would like to know how things turn out. but now it's been so long that i've forgotten details, so i've decided i better start over. and i'm happy about that. so now the dilemna. what do i do first? lost???? or alias. i hate hard choices....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

all natural

don't you love when people ask if that's your natural hair color? (i'm sure girls understand that question better than boys, but still.)
no. my hair is not my natural hair color. when i was litle, i had cute blonde hair. as i got older, it was not so cute. i think it's continued to get darker as i get older. i've actually been told at the hair salon that i have dirty blonde or ashy blonde hair. please tell me WHAT sounds good about either of those descriptions.
when i started college, i had several girlfriends at hair school. done. they started bleaching it. blonde was all i knew, and you better believe i was bleach blonde for most of my college career. (i know, there are many of you that don't know me from the blonde days. if you did and you are still my friend, i love you for it.) i went to a salon wanting to tone down the bleach blonde look, asking them to put in some brown to warm it up. next thing i knew, i had brown hair. and the rest is history.
don't worry that i am going grey. yes. i am 26 and going grey. does it bother me? no. does it bother me when people point it out to me? ***no***. such is life. i got over it when someone told me yesterday my hair looked amazing shortly after i had colored my hair myself. it helped that she was a cute little stylish thing, too.
so there you have it. my natural hair color? dirty/ashy blonde with hints of grey. will you ever see it in it's natural state? not in this lifetime. i'll stick with the natural match 4N, which doesn't pick up the ashy or red tones in my hair and gets me compliments from cute stylish girls who really know a thing or two about hair.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

happy mlk weekend to you

cindy came into town this weekend and it was golden. i picked her up from the airport and we headed straight to the institute dance. it was a party, but a little too techno for us. we headed home a little early to sit around the table and gossip with aly and allred.
saturday was full of goodness. we went to lunch at tucanos (at cindy's request). it sounds bad, but if you flirt with those meat men, it makes the trip that much better. here's to andy, who brought around that garlic sirloin often and played those drums like a master congo drummer man.
cindy and i made a visit or two and then got some shopping done. it was nice to not have to make official plans. cindy and i could just wing it and be satisfied just spending time together. we left straight from the mall and headed to the movie theater. lindsey met us there to watch BRIDE WARS. okay, it doesn't take much to please me when it comes to movies. bride wars was better than i could have ever expected. we laughed, we cried, we bonded as girls. yes, we really cried.
cindy might kill me for posting this picture. whoopsies.
after the movie, we stopped off for a little hot chocolate and ran home to put on our jammies. i'm pretty sure the night was full of giggling, girl talk and ugly singing. when i'm not careful, my old laugh comes out around these girls. the old laugh that i told myself i had to change or lose friends.
i taught my lesson today in rs and was grateful for the participation from the class. i love love love my calling. oh yes. i had my first temple prep class today. how lucky am i that i have my own class? the high councilman and his wife teach it, and today they made a cute little flip chart for the lesson. i love it.
i don't have work off tomorrow for the holiday, but my boss is out of town for 10 days, so i'll probably work through lunch and leave a little early. so sue me for wanting to celebrate the holiday.
hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. and if anyone wants to see bride wars, i'll go withyou and hold your hand.
(if you are a girl, we will hold hands at the end to bond as friends and cry together in the good parts. if you are a boy, we can hold hands for the whole thing. truth.)

Friday, January 16, 2009

i shouldn't be telling you this...

What's wrong with this picture??
Everything. It's bones. All bones. This is going to sound strange, but I hate bones. Sometimes when I see a picture of a human skeleton, it grosses me out to think those are inside of me. Okay, before you think I'm completely off my rocker, I know I could not survive without bones. That doesn't mean I have to love them. Let's talk about my list of bone no no's.
1. there are certain bones that you never touch. EVER. (please note, i do not know the real names of these bones, so don't get all medical/anatomy on me...) Don't ever touch my shin bone, my forearm bone, my wrist bone or my COLLAR bone. If you touch them, it won't be for long before I move so you are not touching them. if you have the nerve to touch my collar bone, you are flirting with death. I usually jerk/seizure/drop to the floor to avoid this nasty contact. and then you will get a piece of my mind or look of death.
2. I almost die when people lean up against a counter or table and let that forearm bone grind up against the edge. just thinking about that sound almost makes me lose it. don't do that around me, or i will leave the room. and never come back.
3. this takes us back to #1 in a way. ya know how when there are lots of people over to watch a movie and the people sitting on the floor will lean up against the peoples legs sitting on the couch? that is not okay. i will sit indian style. i will sit on the floor. i will stand in the back of the room for the whole movie. but it's not okay for you to put your head (which is one very large bone) on my shin bone. this is called bone on bone and NOT acceptable. don't even try it.
4. when i was little, i thought it would be cool to break a bone. i have grown out of that ridiculous phase of life. if i broke a bone...i don't know what i would do. if i broke a bone and it popped out of my skin? i would just rather die. great, now i'm dryheaving at my desk.
5. this is not a funny list. this is a serious list. when people tend to find out about my fear and dislike towards bones, they think it's funny. they stand next to me and grind their teeth, or make our knuckles touch or something to see how extreme the level of bone hating really is. this is not funny. i usually roll my eyes, say a ha ha, and tell them to never touch me again. don't find yourself in this situation. it's just awkward. awkward for you. awkward for me. but never funny.
the only thing worse than the first picture is this. animal bones. this is just a bad combo all around.

there's no place like home

i bought these shoes at target last week. and after trying on the left shoe and deciding on the half size smaller, i came home and learned that my right foot is bigger than my left. it was a little snug, but the cuteness of the shoes would numb the pain. and it worked. my right shoe is stretched out now, and people keep telling me how cute my shoes are. one of the partners at work told me he would do anything for me if i was wearing these shoes...right after he made fun of me for them and asked me if i click my heels at work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the ga-rose-er-ee store

i love when a quick trip to the grocery store turns into a secret rendezvous reunion that you were never expecting.

what made my day great:
  • my terrorist meeting i had this afternoon. no details needed. just think of the best scenario and know that it was a million times better than my meeting.
  • running to the store during my "quick" lunch break to "quickly" grab something and head back to work...only to run into a long lost friend and talk in the aisle...for an hour.
  • american idol. signed, sealed, delivered...i'm yours. as awkward as it can be to watch at times, i just can't change the channel.
  • my self-improvement/goal setting class i had this morning. it was actually beneficial and made me think about a few things. when i have time (next week) i will re-read the info we got and take some good notes.
  • it didn't snow today. i love wearing open toed shoes and not freezing the toesies off.
  • the most ridiculous/inappropriate youtube video i have ever seen. "i like it better than mangos. i'd rather have it than all the melons in the world!" sick.
  • dinner with the larsens. chit-chatting with the larsens. a visit from lindsey. apples with the larsens.
  • chips.

what made my day not so great:

  • when you make mistakes at work, you learn from them and move on. unless they deal with alot of money. then you fix the problem as quickly and quietly as possible. (i fixed the problem, mostly....after a few minor heart attacks. duh, bethany.)
  • it's time for quarterly reports. with all of my advisors leaving the office all of next week, i have to have everything done before they leave so they can review the goodies. reports didn't even come in the mail till late this afternoon. talk about a time crunch.
  • i hate automatic page numbering...and i don't care that page 3 actually says page 2. get over it.
  • chips.
  • the only patch of ice in the entire parking lot was directly outside the door of my car. talk about the perfect parking place. no. i did not fall, luckily.

overall good day. tomorrow will be better. why you ask? because i will only be a day away from picking up cinda from the airport. yes yes yes.

and cindy...if you read this and i don't remember to tell you, please bring your js manual on the plane and read lesson 25. i'm teaching on sunday and we will discuss it when you get here. thanks sugar.

Monday, January 12, 2009

i can't help it if i have a sexy job.

and it's not my fault if it's first on the list. what can i say?? i'm the "whole package"...

let me clarify.

Last night I was at my brothers house, and somehow high school musical came up. my brother brought up his “favorite part” (that means he’s slightly making fun, that that’s okay) of a song, and don’t worry that I started singing the whole thing. He was shocked.

“wow. You know all the words? How many times have you see that movie?”

I don’t think people understand. I’ve seen each HSM more than once. I actually own 1 and 2, and I’ve seen 3 twice in the theater. Now that it’s in the dollar theater, who knows how many more times I’ll see it before it comes out on video. I have all three movie soundtracks on my ipod. HSM 3 soundtrack is playing in my car. AND I have a HSM Pandora radio station so I listen to HSM, taylor swift, miley cyrus, camp rock, cheetah girls, jonas brothers and demi lovato all day long.

So to answer your question: yes, I know all the words. Are you judging me right now? Probably. Do I really care? Not really. Do I own this bedding? Let’s not get ridiculous.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


yes. we had cleaning checks again. and yes, we passed. again.
so the real question is, is my room still clean?
i would take a picture and post it, but i'm not at home right now. it's kind of clean. but when i got home last night and my clothes from the dryer had been dumped in a pile on my bed, i wasn't in the mood to fold them up nicely and put them all away. so they are in a very "nice" pile on the floor. take that for what it's worth. at least they're clean, right?

love the sibs

i love going to the marriott center for devotionals, but tonight i wouldn't have rather been anywhere but with the sibs. ryan and i headed over to mark and debra's for dinner (and by dinner i mean the most excellent crepes you've ever tasted and a whole pan of cheese sticks) what can i say, we know how to have a good time.
just a reminder that cindy is coming into town next weekend and we have ridiculous plans. don't worry that we will be attending our first dance together in a long time. and consider that your warning, if you are going to the institute dance next out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

better late than never

today i wrote down a few goals and things i want to focus on in 2009. I don't know that there is anything on there i will be able to complete and cross off. it's more of a change of lifestyle kind of list. i feel great about it.
institute on tuesday was great. (it's actually a big deal that i like institute. my dad tried to get me to go to institute at uvsc for years. he told me i should graduate from institute... which i'm pretty sure you can do, yes? i told him i would be graduating once, so i could either get my degree or graduate from institute. he told me to keep working on my degree. so the fact that i go now and love it means my dad was right all along. shoot.) as always, the lesson was fantastic and had me reflecting on a few things. who would have thought a lesson on tuesday would prepare me for events on wednesday. sorry, i'm not trying to keep you in the's just not worth me going into detail. when all is said and done, i realize more and more every day how the Lord is aware of us and gently pushing us in the right direction.
it's interesting how perpectives and incentives can change from day to day. i was over at megan and gregs last night, and they reminded me that they will have a brand new baby in 2 months. my goodness, their lives will be so different. how quickly life can shift and change. it is interesting how things can consume your thoughts one day, and the relief that can come the next day when you realize it's no longer an issue. life and timing are funny things. and i've learned the best thing to do is laugh about them. change is good. change forces you to step out of your comfort zone. change means growth. change is part of life. change is...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hear ye, hear ye:

chance. ever heard of him? let me tell you how he saved my life. i stopped by to visit chance in his great and spacious office, and saw his phone sitting on his desk. we have the same phone, and he went on and on about how his phone changed his life. i did not share the same feelings about my phone....and told him my problems. what did he do? he healed my phone. fixed. there was a demo video that was taking up jumbles of memory. simple as that. deleted it, and now my phone is working like it should. long story short. chance saved my life. and i love him for it.
ps. sorry i look ugly in that picture, but chance looks great! plus, look how happy i am that i even get to sit by him. luck-ee.

I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

This is what it looks like outside...minus the bear, of course.
It won't stop snowing. Luckily, my management is amazing and they shovel our patio and sidewalks at my complex. The day I start sliding down the slippery slope of the driveway down to the parking garage and slam into the garage help me. And when the chunks of ice and snow that i have to drive over to get into the parking garage melt, i will be a happy girl.
Update on my sleep deprived life: I'm awake. I'm not as awake as a normal day, but i'm not dozing off, which is nice. Then again, it's only 2 in the afternoon. On the bright side, i'm ahead of the game when it comes to my cleaning checks this weekend. yes, cleaning checks again. I don't know of a cleaner apartment complex in all of Utah County.
PS. you will never guess what I have in the trunk of my car...right now, as I type. My old computer. Yes, the honkin' desktop that got me through my college career. Do you know what is on that computer? Pictures. Hundreds of pictures. and VIDEOS. do you know what that means? endless blogging possibilities. I actually already have an amazing post in the works, i'm just waiting for a picture. just you wait.....
PSS. if you can tell me where the title from this post comes from, we are better friends. (unless you are family, and then i know you know where it comes from...because you are cool like that.)

what. in. the. world.

am i doing awake? i never do this.
i have a little cold. my nose started getting stuffy on new years day. my mother was kind enough to send up some 12 hour sudafed with ryan when he came back up. (bless you, mother) yesterday, i was thrilled when my nose stopped running and i could breathe through both nostrils. but then i started to get this massive headache/pressure in the noggin. i left work (after working through lunch and sitting through a meeting) meaning to head home and take a nap before fhe. it was dumping snow. i stopped by the byusa office to drop something off to my brother, loved catching up with friends, and then headed home for much needed medication and nap.
i slept for about an hour. my headache almost went completely away. i was thrilled. fhe was great. came home. i was pooped. i decided i would just go to bed. i'm sick, right? the more sleep the better. i was in my room by 9:30 and asleep by 10. i was out cold. i think ryan called, and i think i had a conversation with him. other than that, i don't remember a thing.
until i woke up at 2:30. wide awake. i laid in bed for an hour trying to doze off again. i started thinking about my phone and how it's been ridiculous lately. (remember how it deletes my call log and text messages without me asking it to? so basically, if i miss your call and you don't leave a message, there is no way for me to know you called. and heaven knows how many text messages are out there for me in cyber space. i used to be more popular 2 weeks ago. i keep telling myself it's my phone and not a reflection on me. hmmm.)
3:30. now i'm laying in bed mad cause my phone doesn't work. the phone i paid so much for. and i'm frustrated that i will have to go to the verizon the snow...during my lunch break. bummer. instead of laying in bed, i figure i'll get up and clean my room. at least then i'm being productive, and maybe...just maybe...i'll wear myself out and want to fall back asleep.
now it's 5 in the morning. still wide awake. my closet is arranged now by seasons and i have a new plan to hang my coats out in my hall closet, and rearrange my bedroom furniture, and 2 loads of laundry sitting here to start.
but i'm still baffled. why am i awake????
(ps...this post will probably not make sense. i usually read back through my post before posting it...weird, i know...but i don't feel like it right now, so it will just have to be a weird jumbled not making sense post, and i'm okay with that)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

saturday is a special day

i love saturdays like this. the ones you have nothing planned, but you have things to do. things to do if you want to do them, that is. i need to clean my room. i need to go to the verizon store. i need to start planning my lesson.... but if i don't do them, it's not the end of the world?
this morning i woke up and headed straight to ali's room for the classic saturday morning tradition. climb in her bed. talk about friday night's events, tell eachother what we dreamed about, plan the day, laugh about sugar shack memories. i'm sure glad ali's back in town. we got up and make whole wheat pancakes and eggs in my new egg pan santa brought me for christmas. lindsey came over for breakfast. what a fantastic start to the day. the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher is going and we even vaccumed the family room.
i got sick on new years day. not like i'm ill and can't get out of bed sick, but stuffy/runny nose/ why am i feeling this kind of pressure in my head sick. i've been walking around my house with kleenex stuffed up the nostril to stop the dripping, and a roll of toilet paper under my arm. ali took a picture of it, but i look so gross and pathetic, it will not be posted. sorry charlie. luckily, it's just my nose and should only last a couple of days.
i get to teach the lesson in rs in 2 weeks on President Monson's talk "finding joy in the journey". i've been reading through it and would encourage everyone to go look up the talk and do the same. it really is a wonderful message and i'm excited that i get to teach it.
life really is great right now. i'm excited about the prospects of a new semester and what i will be able to learn. new people to meet, new lessons to learn, new fhe group to love...i'm really looking forward to new experiences and a new attitude towards life., if you read this, the new tires are working great! even on all of the frozen ice and snow that is provo.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


welcome. welcome.