Monday, January 26, 2009

handwriting 101

i'm picky when it comes to handwriting. i love when people have cute handwriting...and if you do, i'll let you know. if i someone else write a number or letter that i like, i will copy them. I still do heidi's "g's" and cindy's "9's". and i think of these people every time i write that specific number or letter. sounds silly, i know.
i've been told i have cute handwriting. i think i'm losing it (the cute handwriting)...and it's driving me nuts. i am insanely jealous of people that can write fast and still have it be cute. Heaven knows i've been writing for speed lately, and it's ugly. real ugly.
i noticed today that i write better when i hold my pen differently. today at work, i rested the pen on my middle finger instead of the ring finger. i was happy with the results. another problem i have is i write really hard...and i don't know why but i squeeze that pen like it's trying to run away from me. i have one of those nasty writing bumps on my ring finger...and now i have a writing dent in my middle finger. i just can't win.
sorry, this is a boring post. but there is nothing exciting going on right now. well, maybe there is and it's just none of your business. just kidding. seriously, it's pretty boring at apt. 102 and office 212-7.
don't worry. exciting things are on the horizon. fabulous blog posts to come :)


Kayce said...

I spent an entire finals week changing my handwriting my freshmen year. It was really fun to change it and I would like to do it again, but I'm pretty happy with the current results. I don't write in all caps, but I write BDFGHQ and R in uppercase format next to the lower cases. It's got a pretty cool effect. Not blocky, but a little more artsy than regular print. I'll have to write you a postcard sometime. Send me your address.

I also learned how to write backwards during work meetings last year. I got pretty good at it, and my left hand wasn't terrible. I've lost it all now though.

Tiff said...

One downfall to teaching...adjusting regular handwriting so kids can copy it.
Goodbye attractive handwriting.