Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wehadababy itsaboy

ryan and i are two peas from the same pod. ever since high school days, we've been making plans. we always joked about having a double wedding, making sure our future spouses were approved by the other, family trips, and making sure our children would be the best of friends.
our kids won't only be the best of friends, but we wanted to make sure that their names just rolled off the tounge when you said them together. we were thinking regal, stately names. we came up with charles and richard, and then we could call them chuck and dick. what cool cousins they would be.
i was beyond thrilled to find out that ry and hay were expecting, and the day they found out it was a boy, that was my first question for ryan.
"what's his name gonna be?"

FRANK. i love it.

it all started as a joke, really. and then it caught on. from siblings to grandparents, he's frank. i'm mean, seriously...they have a completely normal name picked out, and that will be his name...but i'm afraid that frank will be a nickname that's gonna stick for, well, the rest of his life.

so last week we had a party for frank. sisters and cousins. thanks, whit, for opening up your home for us to come and party hard. (doesn't it look like we are partying hard? fabric, irons and onesies??) what can i say, we know how to have a good time. notice how we're all in this picture? it's because my nephew took it. way to go, sugar pie.

dear frank,
can't wait to meet you.
sorry you and charles won't be the same age, but i have a feeling that won't stop you from being the best of friends.

aunt b.

Monday, September 26, 2011

are you my mother?

remember how i used to live at grandmas house....like a year ago?? great. keep that in mind as i tell you a little story.

my home teachers came tonight. for some reason it's been difficult to get my records sent to my current ward. i don't quite understand how it's so difficult. i live in the boundaries. i have a calling. i've been set apart. i go to meetings. but for some reason, my name still isn't on the rolls. hmmm.

so when i got a call from my home teachers tonight, i was thrilled! my records are finally in my ward, and i finally have home teachers of my own!!

they came, but they were late. don't worry, they went to grandmas house first...because for some reason they still had that address??? i was confused, but whatever. i gave them my new address and they were on their way.

they got to my house. we started chatting. and thats when they said i didn't look very familiar. hmmm. thats ok. "i keep to myself at church" "i've been gone alot this summer" blah blah blah....but let's be serious, they didn't look familiar either. and that's when i put it together.

they weren't in my ward. they were in the olympus ward. i am in the foothill ward. again, my records are still not in the ward they are supposed to be in. it was really awkward for about 2 mintues when we were both talking about how great the ward was and how we woudln't want to be in another ward....only to realize we were both talking about different wards. yes, it happened. in my living room.

so there you have it. i don't exist in the ward i'm supposed to, but those sweet boys got their hometeaching done...bless their 21 year old hearts. and one of those boys might get to come up and shadow some of my doctors to see if he would be interested in ophthamology...which is the least i could do to thank him for ending the hometeaching famine.

does anyone else want to be my hometeacher next month? just in case my ward can't figure out my records by then......

Sunday, September 25, 2011

this post doesnt even need a title. the general rs broadcast last night was fantastic. president uchtdorf shared a great message. everyone is already saying it, and i don't want to sound like a broken record, but it was just what a needed to hear.
going to that meeting got me really excited for next weekend - general conference. it was a great reminder for me that if i go into conference with an open heart and mind, i can learn alot from the messages that will be shared.

today i also learned that i can do hard things....and things that seem like hard things aren't always hard things. funny how that all works out, isn't it??

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

grandma beth

is it sad that it's only 9:18 and i'm tired? like ready for bed tired. would it be bad if i really went to bed?? i'm thinking about it.
icing on the cake, i don't feel too hot. maybe it's because i've been eating this yogurt.....but dairy doesn't always sit so well in my tummy.  i've always liked yogurt, but swore it off when i figured out dairy and i were not friends. but this yogurt??? worth the fight.

my sewing machine is still out, which is great. my roommates might hate it, but i hope someday in my house there is a place for me to keep my sewing machine out all of the time. i'm making a skirt for myself. i made one for my friend laura....it was nothing special but it turned out ok. i'll keep you posted on this skirt and show you the finished product.

ok, this might be the real reason i feel ill. two words: limited edition.

remember how greys starts tomorrow. biggest loser on tuesday. blah blah blah. welcome back, good tv. and in case you're wondering, that red shirt might say utes down the side of it. i've always been one to go with the flow. i nevewr went to byu, but i own byu shirts. i figure it's about time i widen my wardrobe options...

this is my new necklace. these charms started out as a bookmark from a rs meeting i went to. i changed it up and put them on a necklace. it's not the best picture, but i love it. i've never been a huge jewelry person, but i think this is a good compromise.

tomorrow is a girls night out with my sisters and girl cousins. baby shower for sil halie, who is due any day now. i might just lose my mind when that baby is born. i'm ready for a newborn in my life...i just hope ryan and halie don't get sick of visitors, and by visitors i mean me basically moving into their house so that i can see this child as much as i can.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Break out the bubbly!!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dont bother me,

i'm studying.

can't you tell? i seem to study better when iron man is on tv quitely in the background, facebook or blogger is open on another tab, and my roommates are in the room talking about dating.

you think i'm joking, but i'm being serious. i would have given up a long time ago. stopped studying. turned off my computer and clmibed into bed. instead, i've been out here pluggin' along.

in case you forgot, i hate studying.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i hate to read

my mother is going to hate the title of this post. i tried book club. i read a book once for a boy i was trying to impress. the only thing i actually read by choice is church stuff or easy tween reads (twilight, hunger games...) i've always felt kind of bad that i'm not a bigger reader. when you are grown up, you are supposed to like to read, right?

two weeks ago i went to joanns craft store and spent "X" (read more than i would like to admit to anyone) amount of dollars on fabric and other sewing supplies. i came home and started cutting fabric. i flipped on the tv for some background noise and started sewing. thanks to santa, i have my very own sewing machine which basically makes me feel like i'm pretty classy. i got so caught up in my projects that the notebook came on tv. ended. and then started again. and ended again. i stayed up till 3 in the morning sewing, and when i finally climbed into bed i couldn't fall asleep. i was so excited about my sewing projects, i just layed in bed and thought about what i was going to do when i woke up.
thats when it hit me. some people feel this way about reading!! or school. or exercising. our outdoor activities. in a weird way, it made me feel more normal.

i basically learned that i like to sew. i love to sew. but i also learned that i'm not as good as i want to be.i need to learn more technical sewing. there is alot of stuff to know about sewing (believe it or not) i've decided i want to take a sewing class and become professional (LIKE MY MOM).

because over the weekend when i was in las vegas, my mom and i (so mostly my mother) made this skirt for my sister melissa.

thanks emily for posting this skirt tutorial on your blog and letting me steal the idea to make it!! (and beb, don't get mad at me for using this picture. i know you said you would take a new picture and send it to me, but i'm not patient enough)

so....where do i find a sewing class?? and does anyone want to join me?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm slippin' away

More like running away. like packed a back with a loaf of bread and a blanket and i'm outta here.