Saturday, February 28, 2009

basically, i'm over it.

i've been sitting at my computer for over an hour trying to make my blog look the way i want it to. i have this picture in my mind, but i'm not computer/blog savvy enough to make it that way. remember how half the people i know are graphic design people that have the cutest/coolest blogs i've ever seen?
i got frustrated. hence the white background and ugliness that you're seeing now. but guess what?? at least you don't have to look at that wretched yellow and dead tree with spring on the way. (that's for you steve...)
so this is it for a while....until i marry a graphic designer and we start a married blog and he makes it look presentable.

side note. i hate the smell of cooking fish. and yes, i'm smelling it right now in my own home. let's hope it doesn't trail into the back of the house and ruin my clean laundry smell. pee-yew.

Friday, February 27, 2009

lentil soup

everyone is giving stuff up for lent. last time i checked, my religion didn't require lent giving up-ness, but i see how some people see it as a good time to give things up and make a change.
i'm not good at giving things up, so i thought i would try to add to, rather than take away. make sense? it does to me. i decided i'm drinking more water. alot more water. i already drank TWO water bottles this morning. that might be a new record for me. ok. so i'm not sharing all my additions, because then this would turn into a list of goals, which is too personal and slightly ridiculous to actually post.
so. are you doing the lent thing? and am i a bad person for not jumping on the bandwagon? roommate has been eating lentils lately. i've never had them. i think that will be my official lent celebration. i'm trying lentils.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


i've been down in the dumps lately. in a rut. feeling like change is on the horizon..good change. but while i wait (key word "patiently" but not really) i've been a little down in the dumps. when i get down in the dumps, i just want to be by myself. not really in the mood to entertain and put on a show for others that things are fine and dandy when they're not.
do you ever have times in your life when you think your life is the pits? and then something happens that makes you realize how good you've had it all along? today was one of those days. there's been more than one thing happen to loved ones in my life that make me step back and recognize how blessed and how lucky i am for my specific trials. and while they may be hard and challenging for me..i really am lucky.
lucky for a loving, caring and supportive family.
lucky for a job.
lucky for a reliable car.
lucky for dear, dear friends.
lucky for good health.
lucky for an education.
lucky to have the gospel in my life.
lucky to be able to attend the temple.
lucky. lucky lucky.

yeah, at times things can and will be rough. ups and downs. trials that you didn't see coming. but at the end of the day, i am reminded that i live a great life.
i sure do love all my family and friends that are dealing with physical and/or emotional pain right now. one of my favorite hymns is "how firm a foundation", and this verse always gives me the courage to continue when things seem impossible:

Fear not, I am with thee; oh, be not dismayed,
For I am thy God and will still give thee aid.
I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand.

I am forever grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost and the support of a loving Savior and Heavenly Father.


i had oatmeal for breakfast. my dad would be proud.

i slammed my own leg in my own car door. i am still trying to find an explanation for this.

i get to go to the temple.

i got to meet a senior couple that is home from their mission who served with one of my dearest friends. she gets home this summer. glorious.

my home teachers are coming over. at ten at night. better late than never, right?

i went to lunch with one of my favorite people...past (and future) roommate and cousin.

i will watch at least one episode of LOST.

i told myself i'd go running tomorrow.

and last but not i commented on a blog that i secretly stalk. i dare you to do the same.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

too close to home..

ok. my dad is not a lover of facebook. not a hater, but not a lover. he's actually asked me several times to delete my account. i think my parents have come to terms with my facebook existence.

facebook life. i don't have words for it, but i have a facebook life. i probably check it too often, and hope i have a secret message every time i get on. there are things i love about facebook, and things that drive me nuts. but it's a nice way to keep tabs on friends.

my dad sent me this link to this video. alright, i caved and did the whole 25 random things about me thing, but i thought i was stepping up a level of class by doing it on my blog instead of on facebook. duh. i still did it, so i laughed when i saw THIS video. i'm still laughing when they are chatting and they both stop because the other one is typing. done it. laughed at myself for it. enjoy it's goodness. laugh at yourself. and tell me your favorite part.

Monday, February 23, 2009

you know me so well..

yesterday we were sitting around at my aunts house. i was sharing a big arm chair with my cousin heather, and we were both talking to my sister-in-law debra.
we were talking about someone (*no one in particular*) that i have never even officially met.

heather: you should marry him
me: i don't even know him, and he's like 12 years old
debra: no you should marry *another no one in particular*
me: really? i've never met him either. but thanks guys. and if either of you are being serious....i will never let you set me up on a blind date. EVER.

okay, then we laughed about it. but really, that conversation happened. and that's when a poor girls mind starts to wander. and boys wonder why girls always have marriage on the brain...

there's no place like home...

or your home away from home. i spent the weekend up at my cousin's house in centerville, and i can honestly say it's like a second home to me. aunt barbara is like a second mother. cousins are like more siblings. it's the perfect get-away that's only and hour away, instead of five.

i just need to get a few things out there that have been on my mind. (don't worry mom...i won't post anything you won't approve of...)

i LOVE laughing. saturday night, i laid in bed with 2 cousins (yeah, it was a little cramped, but i loved it) and we laughed. laughed till i cried. it was perfect. yes, we giggled until 2:30 in the morning, and i'm tired. yes, i sang ugly song requests. perfection.

i took a sunday nap. i haven't done that in a while. with church at 1:40, by the time you get home it's not like you have the afternoon to lounge. so instead of sunday naps, you just sleep in...which isn't as gratifying. i love sunday naps.

last night i called my mother. i stepped outside, and it was nice weather. the perfect evening. so i walked. i normally do this on summer nights...stroll the streets of provo while i'm on the phone. and it was glorious. and it made me more excited for summer to get here.

i hate tax season. i never realized the stress that comes with tax season...and not that i'm particularily stressed with my responsibilites, but everyone around me is stressed. which makes me stressed. i don't really know anything about taxes, but i'm learning. it's good, but it's stressful. i've never been so excited for april 15th. come come come.

balance. oh, how i would love to have balance in my life. for no specific reason, i have felt that i could be alot better with this lately. i have not sat down to come up with an action plan, but i need to. any suggestions?

feast or famine. i don't need to explain this, and i try to laugh when this happens to me, but's not funny.

i love my grandparents.

i hate waking up with headaches.

it's raining. all day. check the forecast. i'll take rain over snow ANY DAY. but why do i love the rain? first of all, there are some great sesame street songs about the rain. second. remember how my mother makes cookies everytime it rains? (obviously, growing up in vegas, this was a special treat) when it rains, i think about my mom. and it makes me want to bake. two good things--great combo.

i just turned on my space heater. and that makes me happy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

another one bites the dust

another sugar shacker. engaged.

congrats to ali and perris. can't wait for the shin-diggy in st. george in a few months. and yes, her ring is jammin. i actually secretly covet it. well, not so secretly anymore.

they are the perfect couple. and i was the perfect wingman. but sadly, my services are no longer needed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Women deserve honesty: Don't act like the TV singles
By Orson Scott CardThursday, Feb. 12, 2009

The TV series "Sex and the City" was one of the best-written and best-acted shows in the history of television.It was also a moral nightmare. The writers thought they were merely reflecting the world of unmarried women as they found it, but in fact they were spreading throughout America the attitudes and practices of a narrow slice of well-to-do, non-church-going singles in New York City. It showed a culture in which "dating" meant "having sex," and "engaged" meant "living together." It is hard to imagine a moral climate more different from what we expect of single Saints. Yet there is a generation of single women in the church who came of age with "Sex and the City" looking over their shoulder, and those who are still single heading into their 30s face most of the same frustrations and dilemmas as the women of that TV show.Because, oddly enough, however deplorable "Sex and the City" might have been -- both as messenger and sower of a society in moral collapse -- it contained in it the seeds of a revival of the older morality. You know -- the one we have been trying hard not to lose.That's because our moral standards aren't an arbitrary edict from a deity who just wants to make life harder and less fun. The opposite is true: God gives us moral standards because, in and of themselves, they work to make a better society and better lives for everyone who follows them. So it stands to reason that rational, observant, compassionate people -- even in the midst of corruption -- are going to discover moral rules all over again."Sex and the City" was written by single women who were living the life they wrote about; they also brought in the occasional male writer as a consultant, to make sure the men depicted in the show were not just the wish-fulfilment -- or the nightmares -- of the women writers.So, as they often did, the writers were sitting around commiserating with the one who was going through torment over a man that day. He hadn't called when he said he would, or he was having "intimacy issues," or one of the other standard complaints. And Greg Behrendt, the male consultant, spoke up and said, "The situation's perfectly clear. He's just not that into you." It was as if somebody had flashed on a light in a dark room. As Behrendt explained, "Guys who are in love with a woman don't act like this. He just doesn't want to say it outright; maybe he doesn't even know it himself. But if he loved you or even cared about you, he'd never act like this."But guys aren't all the same, Greg, they answered him. You can't speak for all of them. "Oh yes I can," he said. "We're all different, but when a guy acts like the one you're talking about, one thing is certain: He's just not that into you."The result was a book by that title: "He's Just Not That Into You," written by Behrendt and one of the staff writers from the show, Liz Tuccillo. The book is indecorous by LDS standards (but quite mild compared with the show they both wrote for). There are a few bad words, and the writers take for granted the moral universe of "Sex and the City" -- which, partly as a result of the show's popularity, is now the reality for most urban singles in America. But the book is a useful handbook for single women to interpret the meaning of the words and actions of the men in their lives. Not surprisingly, it's also a wake-up call for single men, telling them: When you act like this, you are being dishonest and cruel, and the women you pretend are your "friends" are going through needless suffering and wasting years of their lives because of you. Because, men, you can't seem to tell the truth; and, when you do, you can't follow through with it. I say "you" to these men because I'm not single any more. But when I was, I was as bad as any of you -- despite the best intentions in the world. Here's a partial list of these crimes of the heart: Not calling when you said you would. Making excuses for why you haven't been attentive, instead of telling the truth, that you're not really interested in her. Exploiting her for companionship, while tying her up so that she doesn't feel free to pursue a man who might actually want to marry her. Breaking up with her and yet still hanging around, giving her hope that you will get back together when in fact you are merely lonely and using her till you find somebody better. Or, the worst sin of all, breaking up with her without telling her. You just disappear. Why? Cowardice, of course. As Neil Sedaka said, breaking up is hard to do. I know -- I've been that creep. I had my reasons at the time -- and it wasn't fear of the woman or even of confrontation, it was fear of myself, and I knew I was being a complete jerk. I still feel bad about the way I did it.Breaking up was the right thing to do, and cutting off communication was the only way I knew I would succeed in doing something so contrary to my desires at the time. But that's a subject for another time. Let's just say that I vouch for Greg Behrendt's judgment, even when it condemns my own past behavior.The book is candid, witty, useful and wise -- and because I listened to the authors read their words aloud on CD, I got the sense that they really mean what they say. They care about the women who waste their lives on unready or unworthy men, and they're impatient with the men who wander in and out of women's lives so pointlessly -- and selfishly. Here's the message of the book, and it's a good one:Tell the truth. Do it kindly, but do it. "I don't see this turning into any kind of long-term relationship, and I'm not going to waste your time or mine, when we ought to be finding someone else." You might preface it with something decent and polite: "You're attractive and admirable. You're exactly the kind of woman I want to want to marry. But I'm not actually interested in marrying you, for reasons I don't understand and won't try to explain."After you realize it yourself, the sooner you say it the better. And then get out of her life. Don't hang out with her. Even if you think she's "over you," she's not. There you are, a constant reminder that you didn't want her.Don't send her little presents. Don't call her up and chat. Don't ask her for favors. Because that's what a guy who's courting a woman would do, and you're not that guy. Stay broken up. Go away. O ye single men of Zion, if you read this book, you will have a good set of guidelines for interpreting your own feelings and behavior. If you find that you don't think of her at all for days on end, you're just not that into her. If you only think of her when you need something, instead of thinking of how to make her happy all the time, you are so not in love.What it comes down to is this: Be honest and fair. Don't take, when you don't intend to give more than you receive. Don't use up a woman's youth when you don't plan to be there for her old age. By the end of the book, Behrendt is flatly admitting that he's advocating old-fashioned morality. He never quite gets to the point of saying that it's bad to sleep with women you're not married to. But he says everything else.If it takes a writer from "Sex and the City" to tell Mormons what single women have a right to expect from decent single men, so be it. Let's just make sure we listen.

(and no, i'm not pointing fingers, or saying i told you so...i just agree. that's all. don't take it personal, but at the same time...kind of take it personal, if that even makes sense.)

i don't even like jungles....

but they are part of my life right now. let me explain.

#1 i've been watching LOST. that's right. so if i don't answer my phone, it's because i'm sitting in a dark room in the fetal position watching LOST. ok, that's a little dramatic, but you get the point. i finished season one...and Ryan brought me season 2 the next day. Lindsey watched THREE episodes with me last night. people die on that show. in the jungle. people are trying to get them...from the jungle. they find secret hatches and see dead the jungle. i won't tell you what i do when i climb in my bed at night, because you would laugh at me, but you better believe i've gotta do something to get nasty jungle thoughts out of my mind. nasty is the wrong word, but you catch the drift. needless to say, i'm hooked on that stupid show. i can't figure it out...and i just keep watching.

#2 i'm going to the airport tonight. why? my cousin carson is getting home from his mission. where has he been for the last 2 years?? AFRICA. where has he been the last few months? the CONGO. you read right, sister. more jungle.

ok. so that's it. i don't know if you were expecting a long jungle list, but i live in utah for heavens sakes. we're not even close to a real life jungle. which is probably a good thing...
plus, jungles have monkeys...and you all know how i feel about monkeys...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I love calling home on a Sunday night and chatting with my family. I love talking to my parents. I usually get in a good cry to my mom, she gives me stellar advice, and then i make her laugh. i love when i get my mom laughing on the phone.
she's always good at making me feel like i'm funny. even if i'm not. and i love her for that.

i used to...

...think in general, that i understood people. and now i wonder what in the world i was thinking.

...say a naughty word, or close to a naughty word, when i would slip on the ice and catch myself. all week long i've said "holy moly"

....think if i didn't go "out" in the weekends, i was a loser. now, i don't really care. embarassed about the car i drove. looking back, i'm grateful i had a car.

....think LOST was stupid. now i watch season one every chance i get and have LOST parties once a week with my siblings.

...miss my best friend that lives in another state. i still do. check.

Friday, February 13, 2009


after my brother and i saw this commercial, we practiced our opera skills. in case you were wondering, we don't have any opera it was quite interesting.

i still chuckle when i see it....

but let's be serious. i think i'm in a weird mood today, because i almost cried when i watched this i was laughing so hard. i think it just caught me off guard...

did you see it clip that guy in the arm? sick. sick and funny. sorry, i hope that arrows of love aren't offensive to anyone.

(sorry i just posted the links...i didn't feel like waiting for videos to upload...)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

speaking of valentines day....

i hate when people ask me what my plans are for valentines day. if i had a boyfriend, that would be different. if i had hot would have known by now.

i can tell you what i'm not doing on valentines day, but i'm afraid it would come off that i am bitter and depressed, which i am not.

so, no. i don't know what i'm doing for valentines day.

you're in hot water...

except not really. last night we were out of clean utinsels at my house. i grabbed a dirty fork to wash by hand, and the water would just not get at hot as i liked. i decided that the soap killed all the germs and that i was okay to still eat with that dirty fork washed with soap in cold water.

i didn't think anything of it, really.

until i woke up this morning and let the water run in the tub for five minutes. ice cold.

there was NO hot water.

i live in an all girls complex. how can we not have hot water?? let's just say i decided that i wasn't so dirty after all and sprayed on a little extra body splash this morning. it was snowing outside, there was no way i was taking an ice bath of a shower.

it better be fixed when i get home today, and you better believe i'll take a steamy shower before i head over to mark and debs for LOST night. and yes, i'm going over an hour early to watch last weeks episode and eat valentine treats from my mother :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

house coat

rule number one. don't google image search house coat. i know someone who learned this first hand, and it was not a good thing.

ali told me a while back that after i went to the temple that i would graduate and get a housecoat to wear. WHAT?!?!?!?
I was beyong thrilled when i got home from institute tonight and ali and waiting at home with this baby. do we look hot or what?

crazy talk.

in case you're wondering, i think i was on crazy pills this morning. last year my work put a team together for a "little relay race". they've been talking about putting together another team this year. i know it was not such a "little" race, but i was still tempted. they announced in staff meeting that we'll have two teams in the office to compete against eachother. really?? and then i got thinking it wouldn't be such a bad idea for me to train for such a "little" relay race. so i sent the email and committed to being on a team. then i got online to do some research. word for the wise-do you research online before you commit.
click on this little link to get information on how my team of

12 runners
will be running from
logan to park city.
read it and weep, sister.

so there you have it. i've printed off my training schedule, and i can't back out or they will make fun of me at work. i am secretly excited about it. it will be a great way to get to know people at work better, and there's nothing like running my leg of the race at one in the morning with my headlamp on. sound like fun? you betcha.

Monday, February 9, 2009

it finally happened

i've made it through a majority of the winter. that little groundhog said there were only 6 weeks left, and i thought i would make it. nope. but i figured, go big or go home, right??? so i thought i'd slip on the ice and fall down several concrete stairs.
luckily, there was only one person there to see it, and she loves me no matter what. so much for humiliation. but my goodness, my bum is sore.
i love my life.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what a day!!

saturday was a BUSY day!! I was able to go to the temple, and lucky enough to have friends and family join me. i was afraid it would be rainy and cold, but it ended up being a beautiful day.

we've been talking about a sugar shack reunion in white for a long time, and it finally happened. i know you've heard me talk about the sugar shack before. it was the best living experience of my college the sugar shack with these lovely ladies. i was so grateful the cindy flew up to be with me this weekend. my goodness, i'm grateful for good friends.

this is by far my favorite picture of the day. my mom refers to ryan as my "twin", and i agree with her. i sure love rhino and am glad to have him in provo with me :)

i love my immediate family, and we sure missed nathan. (he's on his mission right now) it was a lot of fun to have all of my family there, and something i won't be forgetting any time soon...

i am a lucky girl. i'm sad we didn't get everyone in the picture, but i was so grateful to have so many people there with me. there is a lot of love in the picture. a lot of love.

we went home after the temple and had people over for lunch. it was fun to sit around and chat with people. i didn't get to sit and chat for long before i headed up to bountiful for the long awaited baby shower for megan. aunt barbara did an amazing job. the food was delicious and the company was to die for. i laughed my face off, and it was perfect. (ps...can't wait for that babe to get here....)

i left straight from the baby showe to meet up with 20 cousins for the cousin bowling extravaganza. and it was an extravaganza. we had five lanes all next to eachother, and i don't have words for the fun at olympus lanes. and yes, one cousin bowled a 198. WHAT?!?!?

this is the clan. are you jealous? you should be.
it's hard to believe that all happened in one day. i get tired just thinking about it! loved seeing my family this weekend, spending time with dear friends and partying with my cousins. i couldn't asked for a better weekend!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a day at the cabin

last saturday i was invited up to my cousin's cabin. a few other friends came along, and we had a blast! it was a beautiful day, and we spent the day out of snowmobiles. every time i go, my aunt barbara asks me what snow clothes i have. i am from las vegas. i have no snow clothes. so i get the leftovers of their endless supply....which is fine. i'm grateful that they have so many clothes and they have stuff to outfit me, but nothing ever fits quite right. maybe that's why i've never really loved to play out in the snow...i've never really had snow clothes that fit. i take what i can get.
here's how we started the day - scott and i being pulled on plastic sleds behind the snowmobile. scott is one of the funniest people i know. do you know how hard it is to hold on for dear life to a plastic sled being drug through a field of icy snow when you are laughing your face off? i was laughing so hard, i finally lost all strength and just had to let to. i love face planting in the snow. too funny.

here's the whole group. look at those blue skies! i started out wearing a turtleneck, two sweatshirts, a jacket, scark, beanie...the whole nine yards. and i was warm.

then we went on a long ride up the property, and it got hot. i ended up shedding down to my zip up hoodie, and i even got a little sun on my face. it really was a gorgeous day, and so fun to be up there with friends and family. snowmobiling is fun, but it can be really intimidating to feel like you have control of that huge machine. i was blown away to watch my cousin preston handle his machine. insane!! i was so afraid i was going to get stuck....or drive straight off the side of the mountain.

here we are. me and linds and leni. we were sitting in the field watching the boys zip around like crazies!! thanks for such a fun day. but let's be serious...the whole time i was riding around on those things, i was thinking how much funner (yes, funner is a word) it would be if i was driving around on DIRT on a 4-WHEELER. come summer, come.


this is a picture we took after playing in church. don't know what my hair was doing, and don't know what my siblings were doing for NOT telling me that it was like that. hmmm. i keep telling myself it was not like that while i was playing in front of the entire ward.
i sure do love my siblings and was grateful they were there. yee haw!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

manway [man-wey]:

talking to two of your favorite man friends on a three way phone call like you are in junior high. giggling that you are actually on a three way phone call. (yes, the men giggled) trying to talk love with boys when boys think differently than girls. confirming that one man is not actually engaged (don't fall asleep at girls houses, they will play cruel pranks with your phone). planning to have a manway call at least once every two weeks.

love. these. boys.

Monday, February 2, 2009


everyone has been doing this 25 random things about you stuff. i've been tagged a few times, and i'm finally getting sucked in. hold on, this is going to be a bumpy ride...

1- some people make fun of the way i talk. i say certain words a little "chwenty" or i have "chwin" nephews...."towlet" paper... "ompen". don't try to correct me, it won't work.
2- a majority of my life, i was blonde. bleach blonde.
3- i believe in bigfoot once a year
4- i love to cook when i go home to visit my family. not having to worry if you have the ingredient or not takes the stress out of cooking for me. plus, i think i enjoy cooking for other people more than just cooking for myself.
5- my brothers used to have lizards and horney toads for pets...and i would play with them. (this almost makes me sick thinking about it now)
6-i was born in orange county, CA. one time a friend asked me where i was born and when i told him this he laughed in my i was trying to be cool after the tv shows and movies and all that jazz. i really was born in the city of Orange in Orange County CA. if i just said Orange, people would look at me like i was stupid.
7- i am not obsessed with my phone as people might think. someone called me out on this over the weekend. i am not obsessed. i am aware. last night, i left my phone at choice. so there.
8- i have a mental list of things that are a big no no. at the top of my list: never tell me i'm annoying. i don't know why that is so offensive to me, but i just don't like it. had a friend tell me this once when we were in a little tif - no dice. my eyes started bulging out of my head and i got really defensive.
9- on a regular basis i write my first name with a slew of different boy's last names. don't be alarmed. there is no harm in this, just a thing girls do. right?? i'm just practicing, and have to make sure it looks right...
10- i love sharing beds with people. when i go home to visit my family, my little sister sleeps in my bed with me. i love falling asleep talking to someone and getting my arm tickled. beb is the BEST.
11- i am a sucker for tradition. don't try to change things. that's how it's done.
12- birthdays are a big deal. for some people they are not, and i feel bad for them. every since i can remember, i've gotten breakfast in bed on my birthday, and i got to pick what mom made for dinner. tradition? i've asked for the same birthday dinner for- EVER. my mom just stopped asking and knows to make brocoli beef. mmmmmm.
13- i own five pairs of prescription glasses that i wear on a regular basis. i used to be a contacts kinda person, but i guess i'm just too lazy these days...
14- every memorial day weekend i'll be camping with about 500 extended family members at the davis family campout. tradition. dutchoven cooking, sharing a tent with cousins, a family dance, family feud...the whole nine yards. i wouldn't miss it for the world. and i will never bring a male with me unless i have a ring on my finger... (i learned from an older sibling that it can lead to a break up. sorry whit, but we like kevin better anyways...)
15- i graduated with a degree in information technology, but i really don't know much about comptuers. i don't feel like explaining this. but my degree looks real nice hanging on my wall.
16- i still use the same passwords that i had in high school. they don't make sense now, which probably makes it a better password now that i think about it.
17- i can sleep anywhere. sitting up in a chair? done. couch, floor, car, plane, loud, lights on. doesn't phase me. but ye be warned....i'm not the nicest person if you wake me up, so don't do it- or do it very nicely
18- i've been in a number of car accidents, and i don't think it's because i'm not a good driver...i just get very distracted very easily.
19- i have dance parties by myself on a regular basis. i apologize to anyone who has walked in on one of these... ridiculous and embarassing.
20- ice cold water is my drink of choice. always.
21-i own way too many shoes...and clothes. while talking to a friend on the phone once, they asked how many shoes i owned i started counting. he stopped me when i got to 75...and he let me count flip flops as a half a pair. whoops.
22- i don't drink soda. sometimes i miss it in a bad way. the only way i curb this craving is with root beer popcicles. i looooove root beer popsicles.
23-i could walk around the mall by myself for hours. it de-stresses me.
24- i talk differently when i'm with different people. when i'm with ryan, i talk like ryan. when i'm with megan and greg....i sound like greg. efy people. efy. work voice? i have one. i think cindy is the only one that knows my real voice.
25- i have a heart murmer...aka regurgitative valve. born with it. checked every 5 years. check up this friday. NOT looking forward to it.

why do you always have to be judging me because i believe in science...

last week i played in church, i snuck out a little early to catch a family dinner in slc. it also got me out of people giving me the obligatory high fives and "good jobs". i didn't mind.
i went to church yesterday and there were a few kind people that came up to me and talked to me about the masterpiece that was last week. (yeah right...) they were kind to remember and said nice things. (they most likely had no musical talent and so they thought that was how it was supposed to sound...tricked ya!)
i was leaving relief society when two cute girls from the ward pulled me aside and said nice things to me about playing. and then...and i quote,

cute girls: we were actually really shocked when we saw you get up to play the violin. it seemed really out of character.
me: really?? what do you mean??
cute girls: we thought you were too sassy and contemporary to play the violin, so we were shocked!
me: thanks? i'll take that as a compliment....

granted, the only way these girls know anything about me is my relief society lessons, which i could see how there's a little more sass than other teachers....and the way i dress...which i would not consider contemporary, but okay. so yes, even cute girls in your ward judge you. nice to know i could break out of the mold.

i went snowmobiling this weekend with some cousins. love this family and it was fun to go up and spend time with them. it was a beautiful day, and wonderful company. i still laugh to myself when i think of scott and i being pulled behind the snowmobile on plastic sleds. he was making me laugh so hard, i lost all strength and just had to let go. there's nothing like a face plant in the snow. now i have the body of an 80 year old woman. all those muscles i never knew i had are achin' now. gotta love it.

this is going to be a busy week. i am going to make a list TODAY of everything i need to get done...otherwise, the weekend will get here and there will be no time. AHHH!!! i hope survive. just kidding, i know i will survive. i just have to manage my time...i'm really good at that. *wink wink*

and just so i never forget it... megan and greg are home again. NEVER leave for the weekend again. last night i stopped over to welcome them back into the valley with warm muffins, and have not laughed so hard in a long time. tears were involved. oh heavens, we are funny people. whoever i marry is lucky that he will get them as instant friends. just saying.

off to make my list....