Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a day at the cabin

last saturday i was invited up to my cousin's cabin. a few other friends came along, and we had a blast! it was a beautiful day, and we spent the day out of snowmobiles. every time i go, my aunt barbara asks me what snow clothes i have. i am from las vegas. i have no snow clothes. so i get the leftovers of their endless supply....which is fine. i'm grateful that they have so many clothes and they have stuff to outfit me, but nothing ever fits quite right. maybe that's why i've never really loved to play out in the snow...i've never really had snow clothes that fit. i take what i can get.
here's how we started the day - scott and i being pulled on plastic sleds behind the snowmobile. scott is one of the funniest people i know. do you know how hard it is to hold on for dear life to a plastic sled being drug through a field of icy snow when you are laughing your face off? i was laughing so hard, i finally lost all strength and just had to let to. i love face planting in the snow. too funny.

here's the whole group. look at those blue skies! i started out wearing a turtleneck, two sweatshirts, a jacket, scark, beanie...the whole nine yards. and i was warm.

then we went on a long ride up the property, and it got hot. i ended up shedding down to my zip up hoodie, and i even got a little sun on my face. it really was a gorgeous day, and so fun to be up there with friends and family. snowmobiling is fun, but it can be really intimidating to feel like you have control of that huge machine. i was blown away to watch my cousin preston handle his machine. insane!! i was so afraid i was going to get stuck....or drive straight off the side of the mountain.

here we are. me and linds and leni. we were sitting in the field watching the boys zip around like crazies!! thanks for such a fun day. but let's be serious...the whole time i was riding around on those things, i was thinking how much funner (yes, funner is a word) it would be if i was driving around on DIRT on a 4-WHEELER. come summer, come.

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