Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hasta la vista, baby.

i'm outta here, so don't expect any posts this weekend. (not that you care, you non-commenting readers.... shame on you.)

i have a weekend planned in california with my fam. disneyland, heathers wedding, beach, family--perfection.

oh yeah, and sunscreen.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy sabbath

today ended up being a good day. it rained. it even snowed a bit, but by the end of the day the sun came out and it was perfect. i was lucky enough to drive up to slc to see this cute baby and her wonderful parents. could i have asked for better or more normal married friends to live across the street from me? i think not. bring on the sugar is only about to get better.

i drove home and headed upstairs in my complex to visit some girlfriends. three girls ended up on one twin bed eating chocolate and talking about boys. i felt like i was in jr. high again, but it was perfection. there were some classic one liners said in that room... very insightful, or maybe it was the chocolate talking.
don't worry. the night didn't end there. i got a call from the gubes, who is recently home from her internship in dc. my goodness, i'm always laughing when i'm with elise. always plenty to talk about, and things to catch up on. she always knows just the right thing to say. what a great friend! i'm glad she's back--for a bit anyways. she's planning on moving back to dc in june, so it looks like i'll be planning a trip to go visit!

and now, it's past my bedtime....but worth it to be up so late. happy sunday!! and to think in 3 days, i get to leave provo :)

don't cry for me argentina....

no, a boy did not do this. no one died, and i'm not injured. but i did cut an onion this morning. an onion of death. don't get me wrong, i've cried while cutting an onion before, but NEVER like this. tears would not stop. burn was constant. i had to take breaks and try to rub my eyes with my wrists.
my eyes are burning again just thinking about it.

while i was chopping, my roommate googled "how to cut onions without crying" two favorite suggestions were 1.learn to cut onions faster and 2. have your spouse cut the onions.

thank you google.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

summer lovin'

i started my secret summer project.
can't wait.
get excited, a.
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no words.

well, okay. three.

...but dc awaits....

april showers....

this past wednesday was "secretaries day", so squire got all of the assistants flowers and sent us out to lunch. that big arrangement in the middle is mine....

...ok, that was a joke.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

all i wanted was a popsicle...

my freezer is waayyyy too full. all i wanted was a popsicle, and a million things fell out. it ended up taking me 20 minutes to arrange everything so i could shut the door again.

...and it will all fall out again the second the door is opened again. and i don't care, as long it's not me that opens the door.

who put my popsicles in the back of the freezer anyways?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

there is NOTHING okay about what just happened to me...

i had a friend get a text message that said that today....and i thought about how many times i could say that about things that have happened in my life. some funny. some, well....tragic. some i can look back and laugh about now. some still just make my stomach churn.

i don't know that i will be able to share any of such stories on the blog. haha. maybe if you ask me about it in real life i might share one of these stories...if you're lucky.

in the mean time...feel free to share your stories with me. ready. set. go.

UPDATE*** obviously i've confused a few people. everyone wants to know what the text message said. it said just that..."there is nothing okay about what just happened to me". it did happen to be after a run in with food poisoning...does that clarify?


why do i feel like all i've done this week is eat. eat. eat.

i think that's the only way people know how to say goodbye to people at the end of the let's go out to eat. let's have a bbq. let's go get ice cream. i'm not opposed to such things, i'm just getting full.

last friday. dinner with a. it was great - met up with other friends and i played a good secret detective. yes, that's right.
saturday, cabin. wingers.
sunday. family dinner. chicken divan made by yours truly, and it was good.
monday. new assistant started, so we went out to lunch. i should have had my left overs for dinner, but instead i went up to slc for a date. of course. we went out to dinner.
tuesday. lunch with m&g. out to dinner with a deary dear in from out of town. oh how i LOVE sitting out on the patio, getting some sun, and talking love life with doris day.
today. i had lunch plans with a long lost friend, but they were postponed because it's secretaries day and the firm sent us out to lunch to carrabas. mmmmm. don't worry. i met up with that long lost friend later....for dinner. and that cafe rio salad was good. thanks j.

we got home from cafe rio to a smoothie party at my house, and best of all - a plate of brownies from my home teachers with a note that said " A & B: we love you. HAGS. love, nick and dylan."
love those boys. but more food? it happened. that's when j reminded me what HAGS meant, and i had to giggle a bit.

so, to all of those leaving this blessed town of provo...HAGS. those who are lucky enough to stay? get ready. get ready for the non-crowded provo that i love. get ready for outdoor movies in the park. get ready for sunday afternoon walks. get ready for fires up the canyon. get ready for popsicles....alot of rootbeer popsicles. get ready for sunshine, and a cool breeze.

get ready for the best damn summer of your life.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

did someone say cabin?

oh fairview, how i love thee. our dear friend grant invited us down to his cabin for the day. it was beautiful weather. we went 4 wheeling. (don't worry, i don't drive in that ghastly position)
....and we even went fishin' down at grants favorite "catch somethin' every time" spot. i know you're thinking i look like a pro...

grant taught me everything he knew....but the fish we're craving meal worms that day. and i can't blame them. have you ever seen one of those nasties? they made ME of all people go into the gas station to purchase them. i kept the change from the purchase as a prize to me for even touching that little white cup. pee yew.

nothing like fishing bonding time. and yes, grant is very tall. if any tall normal girls want to date him, let me know. he is very cute and very available...

i was so happy lindsey came with me. what a dear. we laughed. we cried. we talked danger list.

the rest of the afternoon we took naps, played horseshoes, basketball, and a rousing game of phase ten. for the record, i won...which gives me the title of reigning champion. sorry linds, but it is the truth. grant, thanks again for sharing your cabin with us. it was a treat and a half to be able to play with two of my favorite people all day!!

love this.

this is why i go home to visit, these two lovlies. thanks for a fun easter weekend.
can't wait for hangifornia!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

my purse.

is deadly. not man vs. wild deadly, but huge might rip off your arm deadly. there are a few loved ones that make fun of me on a regular basis because i always have a huge bag...and it's full....and heavy. "what could you possibly have in there???"....well, my friends. you're about to find out.

i saw this posted on a friends blog, and decided it was time to clean out my purse. and boys always wonder whats beyond that magical zipper that their mothers told them never to open. here's the dirt:

in the purse:
  • wallet
  • a beanie (it's snowing just in case)
  • 2 journals (i've just started a new one, but not quite ready to let the old one go)
  • scriptures
  • js manual (you never know when i might have a spare minute to plan my next lesson)
  • girl things
  • 2 fiber one bars (the daily limit)
  • peach rings (in case of tax emergency)
  • my watch i decided to wear...and then decided not to wear after i left the house
  • my old cell phone that i found by some miracle (and that i am going to switch back to when i find time to go to the verizon store)
  • a wedding shower tin o' mints
  • whoops, just kidding. three fiber one bars (i had to dig...)
  • my favorite red pen
  • chapstick (in the zippy pouch. when all else fails, i know the chapstick will be there. always)
  • keys
  • water bottle

in my wallet...which is actually a clutch if you want to get technical:

  • calendar
  • a check i haven't deposited for over a month. (i think that means i can't cash it. i mean, i know i could...but my inner jiminy cricket is telling me i've waited too long.)
  • a FREE TURKEY coupon. i need to get on that.
  • a letter to lyric that i haven't mailed....from january
  • insurance cards
  • my favorite picture of the nauvoo temple
  • list of goals for 2009 (and yes, 4 things are crossed off. that's like one a month!)
  • my drivers license...that people laugh when they see. i really need a new one. it's actually in my wallet backwards so people don't see it when i open my wallet
  • insane amount of papers
  • checkbook (who writes checks anymore??)
  • gift cards

basically i could have condensed the list to just say " my life " ...but that's not really exciting. not that this list is either, but still. I usually have my camera in my purse, in which case i would add pictures of the inside of my purse, but that might just be too disturbing.

there you have it. no more mysteries. shoot. maybe this was a bad idea....i'm supposed to be more mysterious, right? so sorry to dissappoint. :)

ps....i just upped my daily quota of fiber ones to three. today only. dig deep into your purse special :)

pss...remember how i'm the only one here in my whole department today? you better believe i've kicked off my shoes and am ready to jam to music while i get my quarterlies done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

man vs. wild

okay, so i didn't kill any animals today, and i didn't have to melt down snow for drinking water (although i could have...what is with this ridiculous winter storm?!?!?!)...but i did feel like i survived the wild today. the wild world of taxes.

i wish i could say all the excitement was over with at work, but investment quarterly reports are waiting patiently for me on my desk, and i get to start working on those tomorrow morning at 8 am.

man, life is good. and so is overtime.

in case you were wondering, i'm 99.7% sure that i have my housing figured out for fall. it seems so far away, but it's a huge relief to have that out of the way. and it's good. real good.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i have never really cared about the day april 15th....or april 14th for that matter. ok, not like i care today either, but still.
who knows how late i'll be at work tonight. i don't even want to guess a number because i'm afraid i'll jinx myself. i brought snacks. i will survive.

Monday, April 13, 2009

butterfly in the skyyyyy....i can fly twice as hiiiiggghhhh....

you're welcome for putting that song in your head for the rest of the day. if you don't know where that song is from, i feel sorry for you. please tell me you know....

i love flying. i should do it more often. alot of people i know complain about crowded airports and uncomfortable planes. not me. i love it. everything about it. well, most everything.

so here it is. bethany's list of reasons why flying is fan-tas-tic:

1. you have to admit there's something fun and exciting about airports. people leaving on adventures. people coming home from adventures. reunions galore. i love to look at people and think about where they are going and why. (now i sound like my grandma...)
2. i used to be annoyed with security and digging through your bags stuff. now it doesn't bother me. i actually enjoy going through security. it makes me feel safe.
3.people watching. do i need to explain this? the slc airport isn't as exciting as other airports...unless you're flying to vegas. that brings out the weirdies.
4. assigned seating vs. open seating. there's something about saying "i think that's my seat" or "can i sit here" that gets me out of my comfort zone. sounds silly, i know. i'm not one to talk to complete strangers and ask to take a seat, so it's kind of exciting.
5. t.a.k.i.n.g. o.f.f. - i love that feeling you get in your stomach. and i always get a smile on my face.
6. peanuts and complimentary drinks. ok, so i don't really like peanuts and i usually just get water, but it's the thought that counts, right?
7. alcoholic beverages for sale. obvioulsy i'm not buying these babies, but other people are. and these are the people that clap and shout "wahoo!!! great landing!!" at 12:30 at night when everyone is zonked on the plane and the plane landed smoothy. i was also grateful for a smooth landing, but my lack of alcohol made me keep it to myself. still, it made me giggle a bit.
8. in flight movies. this is for longer flights of course, but thank you jet blue for having my own little tv to watch. you made long flights to new york bearable, even with swollen blistered legs.
9. l.a.n.d.i.n.g.
10. reunions at the airport. was i secretly wanting someone to be there to pick me up at the airport last night? duh. that's okay, it's not like i walked home from the airport. i'd left my car there so i could just drive myself home. but there was a lucky girl who had a boy waiting there with balloons. okay, balloons are a little much, but still. he was excited to see whoever it was he was waiting for. excited enough to get pink balloons.

i love flying. short flights. long flights. all flights.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

did you know...

that if you add 3 Tbl of vinegar to your egg coloring that is makes for more vibrant colors? hmmm. who would have thought??
happy easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

riddle me this

facebook quizes.
with the new set up they have, i hate that i see all these stupid
quizes people take. which female movie star are you,
how many kids will you have, what george straight song are you??
and on top of it, why don't you post your top five
american idol contestants, top five actors and movies. thank you.

until this morning, when i got on to see one of
my friends of indian descent take the quiz
"are you a true rezzed out navajo?".
her quiz results??

"not really"
thank you, facebook. thank you.

ps. it doesn't matter if you're golden brown or burnt sienna.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

of all places....

why would you choose facebook to post multiple pictures of you and your love kissing? we know you are in love. you are married.
of course, this is coming from the girl who does not have love to post on facebook. when i do, i'm sure i'll post pictures...but not SMOOCHING?!?!? my goodness. there are some parts of people's love that i do not need to see....especially when you have a whole album dedicated to it.

thank you. i feel much better now.


so last night i was trying to figure out what i was doing for the easter weekend. i have family in utah but didn't feel like inviting myself to their festivities (if you are such family, don't feel bad for not officially inviting. i know i'm always "invited"...but you know what i mean...)
my dearest cousin heather is going through the temple on friday early evening, and i wouldn't miss it for the world. other siblings weren't planning on going home for easter, and i debated whether or not to make the trek home. it would be a super quick trip. and i'll be making the drive and then some at the end of the month.
last night i decided i'm going home. by myself. driving home late friday night and coming back sunday afternoon. i'm sure a lot of people would tell me it's not worth it. let me tell you why it is worth it.
  • mom
  • dad
  • melissa
  • matthew

and warm weather...without random chances of snow. so there.

i'm going home for easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

sperry my eye.

i was wanting to get a pair of sperrys for the summer. i told myself if i was a good i could buy a new pair of shoes for the summer and not feel bad about it, even if the shoes i wanted were 70 buck-a-roos.
don't worry, i found these babies at kohls...on sale from 55 dollars to 17.99. yes. read it and weep. so i bought them in a flash. they have a cute little wedge on them that you can't really see in this picture, and i love every second that i get to wear them.
for those of you that know me well, you know the last thing i probably need is a new pair of shoes. oh well. get over it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

miracle whip.

some of you may know about the tragedy that happened in my life last conference. i lost my phone. gone. finished. so long, farwell. it was a stinky situation, and my contact list was GONE FOREVER. (everyone that thinks i'm obsessed with my phone, please insert smart comments here....)
let's be honest. i'm pretty sure i cried about it. it didn't take long for me to get a new phone, but what was i supposed to do with it having no numbers in it. i slowly built up my contact list again, but it was nothing like it was before. plus, i loved my old phone. no complaints. it did everything i wanted it to do, it fit perfectly in my pocket, and i was a fast little texter on that bad boy.

so i said goodbye, and tried to upgrade phones thinking it would make me feel better about my great loss. enter blackberry. it's been nice, but sometimes it's just too complicated for me to even use. it's been peachy being able to check my email and facebook from my phone....but i've always missed my old phone (silly i know).

so during priesthood session we head to grandmas, like always. the boys head off to the meeting and the girls sit around and talk. my nephews came upstairs and said they had found a cell phone that had my picture on it. WHAT?!?!? i freaked out. i was reunited with my phone. but now the dilemna. which phone to use? i know that seems like a silly question to some of you, but i'm really torn.

i know this picture is ridiculous, but the situation is ridiculous.
[ps. the braid is back. can you tell?]

Saturday, April 4, 2009


i have freckles. i got them from my mom. i used to not like my freckles. my aunt used to tell me they were angel kisses.
it took a while, but now i love my freckles.
one time i was sitting next to cindy on the couch. sometimes she forgets how many freckles i have. for the record, we were both kind of out of it when this conversation took place:
cindy grabbed my arm and said," b, have you ever wondered what you would look like without freckles?" we sat there in silence for a minute, both looking at my arm.

and then without really thinking, i flipped my arm over. and there's your answer. i didn't even say anything...we both started laughing so hard.

in the summer, i don't get a tan....i get more freckles. don't worry, i learned the hard way that sunscreen is a must with these freckles. but if i do it right, i just turn into one big freckle (without sounding gross....) and that's how i tan. california, here i come.

Friday, April 3, 2009

it depends...

my life is not all about diapers. some specific times in my life required when i was a baby...or severly burned...or bored at efy. THAT'S IT!! oh yeah, and that roadtrip with megan.
(i miss these people in a bad way)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


dear future husband,

supposedly this is the phase of my life where i am preparing to meet you. i'm working hard....real hard...because i know you'll be worth it. i can only hope you are working just as hard. here are a few tips for you when we finally meet.

1. be manly...but not too manly. you are allowed to like high school musical and sing along, but i am supposed to rest my head on your shoulder. not the other way around.
2. please like to cook. don't worry, i will do my fair share of cooking, but it would be a very nice gesture of love for you to cook for me...and do the dishes...everyonce in a while.
3. don't get mad at me when my room is dirty. please.
4. i hope you are ready for a rip-roarin time with my brothers. they can be very competitive. don't let this intimidate you. they really are very kind boys and will love you because i love you.
5. please think about your shoe choice. i know it shouldn't be, but it is important to me. if i suggest a new brand of shoe for you, don't take offense, but entertain the idea of trying them on. you might end up liking them.
6. don't try to kiss me on the first date. this is the recipe for disaster, and death. if you have questions or concerns, talk to cindy and she will fill you in. bad things happen to those who can not wait.
7. you are allowed to offer compliments, as long as they are sincere...and not every 5 seconds. read my cues. sometimes i get uncomfortable if i'm told i'm beautiful every 3 seconds. what am i supposed to say back...that you're beautiful too?? hmmmm.
8. be patient with me. i'm not a good dater, and you will have to look past alot of my insecurities and flaws to see the real deal. she's in there, and it's not a waste of time to find her.
9. offer to drive. we can take my car, that's fine. but you can drive. and you can still open my passenger door for me. and yes, i'll reach over and open your door from the inside. that's how i do.
10. get ready to laugh. at me. with me. at yourself. i hear it's a great way to burn calories....and can save awkward, frustrating or stressful situations.
11. i like to buy you things. if i'm at a store and i see a shirt you would like? i'll buy it for you. this is one of the perks of me having a ritzy job. don't be afraid to return the favor.
12. i like mail. little notes on the car, things left in my wallet where you know i'll find them later, secret signals that only i know the meaning of. can't wait to wink at you from across the room and have you be the only one that knows what it means.
13. i am a sucker for tradition. i.e. traditional dating. i know i can be all talk sometimes. gently and tactfully bring me back down to earth. i will thank you later.
14. hurry. hurry up and get here.


you are my inspiration...lindsey.

a little over 6 months ago, this beauty came home from her mission in chicago (thank goodness)...

and today is her birthday!! no, this is not an april fools day joke. i got to have lunch with her before she drove up to play with her family for the day. how lucky am i?? (ps...don't worry that i look homeless... at least linds looks good) we went to five guys and i had the best hamburger i've had in a long time. ok, so i haven't had a hamburger in a long time, which added to it's goodness. and to think i get to spend the weekend with this girl. yee haw. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDS. sure love you.

and i came home and cleaned my living room. some day i will have to explain to my husband that i love the house to be clean...the part of the house that people see. i'll vaccum, clean the kitchen, scrub the toilet. but if you guys saw my bedroom right now, i could guarantee i would get a gasp or two. i love me a clean house....but for some reason, my room is not included in that. (ps. i have a new obsession with vaccum lines in the carpet. they make me happy)

never have i ever

i never thought i would be happy for snow and cold. this week, i am. dang it.

i never thought i would work at an accounting firm...especially back when i was crying to my accounting professor just wanting to pass the class

i never thought i would wear pointy toed shoes. but i do. and i love them.

i never thought i could make oven-baked sweet potato fries and have them taste so dang good.

i never thought i would have my hair this short again. yes, my hair was short like this for a time growing up. not that i ever pictured myself with waist length hair, but i never thought i'd have the guts to chop it.

i never thought i would be 26 and single...but who does, right?

i never thought my relationship with my family could be this good. golden. lucky.

i never thought i'd be so excited to go to 5 guys for lunch today for lindsey's birthday.

and still....i never thought i could crave red velvet cake like i still am.