Wednesday, April 22, 2009

there is NOTHING okay about what just happened to me...

i had a friend get a text message that said that today....and i thought about how many times i could say that about things that have happened in my life. some funny. some, well....tragic. some i can look back and laugh about now. some still just make my stomach churn.

i don't know that i will be able to share any of such stories on the blog. haha. maybe if you ask me about it in real life i might share one of these stories...if you're lucky.

in the mean time...feel free to share your stories with me. ready. set. go.

UPDATE*** obviously i've confused a few people. everyone wants to know what the text message said. it said just that..."there is nothing okay about what just happened to me". it did happen to be after a run in with food poisoning...does that clarify?

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