Sunday, August 29, 2010

let me tell ya...

Have you ever been to a movie by yourself?? After this weekend, I can say yes. The boys wanted to go see one movie...and I wanted to see another. Hence, we parted ways at the snack bar and met up afterwards. It was kind of nice to sit alone. I don't know that its something I'll do it on a regular basis, but I would do it again.

I have screwed up my sleeping schedule, ya know...partying it up while I can. I'm gonna hate myself next week when I try to fix my problem.

I am a girl. I hate that I can not have a thought process regarding certain things, and all it takes is a conversation with a girlfriend and I can not only have a thought process, but an opinion in certain matters. I love being a girl.

I loved mockingjay. If you didn't like it, it's because you didn't get it. Sorry you didn't understand. If you are not done with the book, please hurry. I'd love to talk to you about it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

got. the. job.

this is my new home.
 the moran eye center.

after interviewing there multiple times for multiple positions, i got the job. i'm glad i ended up where i did. i'm thrilled with the people i interviewed with, and i'm excited to be on their team.

i start september 7th. just enough time to relax a bit before i'm back in the real world.
now i get to start looking for housing. talking to my cousin this morning, she pointed out that i now have more to do...find housing, move, la di da...but that it was good stuff. i agree with her. the stuff thats on my plate now is the exciting fun stuff. i'm excited to find a place and get settled into a routine, especially now that the stress of being employed is out of the way (pending my drug test.. haha)

so, thanks for your help. your encouraging words. your support. your prayers. your dreams of me finding the perfect job and moving nextdoor in a large house.

dreams come true. and now i'm employed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 2010.

you know you've had a good birthday when you wake up the next morning smelling like campfire. the day before my birthday my family got together and my sister made my favorite dinner, and my favorite cookies for dessert. heaven sakes i have fun with my family. i got my favorite...scripture scouts...and i know it sounds silly, but i can't wait to listen to them in the car. i loved listening to them as a child, and it's probably pathetic that i still like them now. if you have little kids, scripture scouts are the perfect thing to listen to in the car. it may be a little cheesy, but i think it's beyond great.
lindsey put together a little party last night and had some friends come over to grandmas for foil dinners. grandpa helped us out with getting a fire going in the fire pit and getting everything cooked. it was delicious...and so much fun!! (once it stopped raining...i've never had to worry about rain on my birthday!!!) i am a lucky girl to have such great friends. megs made the most delicious red velvet cupcakes. heavens to betsy.
overall, the birthday was above and beyond anything i could have asked for. thanks for everyones phone calls, texts, facebook posts, and for gracing me with your presence to make my birthday the best!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

amy grant

i feel like i have alot of happy memories from my childhood. and sometimes, when i think about amy's good memories. but alot of times, it's not.
i was hanging out with my cousins the other day and the topic of amy grant came up. i think that was the first cd my family owned...and it turned in to the lets-get-everybody-excited-and-pumped-to-do-saturday-chores cd.

so everytime i hear "baby, baby" i feel like i'm back in poor days having to do chores.

a few friends and i pulled up songs from that album tonight and were laughing about how many songs we could remember. and then we turned it off because we felt like it was saturday chore time.

i had a great birthday today. i'll blog about it when i get pictures. i'm grateful for wonderful family and great friends that made this birthday fantastic.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dear future husband,

I was thinkin' about you today...not in a mushy romantic dreamy way, but the realistic day to day life kind of way. I had a few thoughts...

I hope you know how to dance in the car. You don't have to be good, but it would be great if you were willing to try - at least go along with it. Driving today I had two ooberly good car dancing sessions. As much fun as it is to dance by myself in the car, I've actually learned it's more fun done in pairs.

Speaking of the car, I hope you like to drive. I'm quite the distracted driver if I'm not careful(see above)...I would much rather be dancing and texting from the passenger seat.

I hope you like to travel. I always seem to be itchin' to get out of town for the weekend and would love a permanent travel buddy.

I hope you hate creamies. For some reason lately I've been eating those by the boat-full...I mean box full. Economy size box. I don't mind sharing, but I don't mind having them all to myself either.

I hope you're fulfilling your priesthood responsibilities. I've been studying our last conference issue of the Ensign and just finished reading talks from priesthood session. I had a new appreciation and respect for men, young and old, who actively hold and honor their priesthood and realize the blessings and responsibilities that entails. I've made a commitment to do what I can to support the men in my life who hold the priesthood.

I was secretly hoping you were in the 15th ward where I'm transferring my know, try to make it easier for you. Then I laughed at myself for even secretly wishing such a thing. I'll continue to be patient...or at least try.

I hope you like TLC and HGTV. Ok, don't like it, but tolerate it. I still just really like these stations. It cannot be helped.

I hope you love holidays and you don't get mad wheb I want to make your birthday or anniversaries a big deal. I love to celebrate, I love traditions.

And I hope you don't mind eating in bed, cause I do that sometimes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

faith is like a little seed...

When planted it will grow.

I wish patience was like a little seed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

dreamed a dream

last night i dreamt that everyone forgot my birthday. sounds stupid, i know. but it made me sleep in past my alarm and almost miss an important appointment.

just in case you were wondering, the movie "the last song" comes out on video the day before my birthday. just saying...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

true story

  • i didn't know what day of the week it was until the day was more than half way over. happy thursday :)
  • how do some people not know they are annoying. i'm not talking about just being abnoxious every once in a while. i'm talking completely lacking social skills to know how to act appropriately in public. it's something i don't know that i will ever understand.
  • my sister and her kids came to visit me at grandmas today. we walked the creek. we jumped on the tramp with a sprinker underneath. we had a picnic out on the lawn. we ate more popsicles than we should have. we drank blue koolaid. we made swords out of popsicle sticks. it was the perfect summer afternoon.
  • i've only had 3 mesquito bites all summer long. that is a big deal. i hate those bites. yuck.
  • i turn 28 next week. alot of people don't know that i'm that old. i know, it's really not that old. to a 22 year old boy that still talks about the mission, 28 is old. it's not bad. i remember being younger and thinking 25 was old.i now understand that 28 is not's mature.
  • last week was shark week. i saw a lot of legs bitten off last week.
  • lately i love sushi. i wish i could eat it every day. i can't afford to eat it every day, so every other meal is second rate. someday i will have a job and be able to eat sushi whenever i want.
  • i am trying to be more lady like. efy made me silly beth, and now i need to be more adult lady like beth. i dont know if that even makes sense, but it does to me. i'm working on it.
  • i want to like to read. i have a few books that i want to read. i hope they aren't above my head and make me change my mind about wanting to like to read. i will be reading mockingjay at the end of the month regardless of the outcome of the other book attempts.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

times a changin'

well, i'm officially done with efy. everyone that works efy keeps track of how many weeks they when you're pregnant...
"how far along are you?"
"____ weeks"

everything is in weeks.

same with efy, except for some reason i never kept track of that. i'm sure theres a way for me to figure it out, i just havent done it yet. so, four summers of efy have come and gone, and now it's time for me to really be a grown up and move on. last time i thought it was my last day of efy ever, i was really sad. i think i even cried. this summer was very different. not that i didn't enjoy the summer or the people i worked with, but i was definetly in a different place this summer. the end of efy wasn't sad, but a part of life. now it's about getting another job and moving on to the new life in slc.

in case you're wondering, i have no news on the job or housing hunt. i've decided people asking me about jobs and housing is like people asking me about dating. when i have a boyfriend, you'll know. same goes for a job. when i have a job, you'll know. i know people are asking because they care, but it puts me in a spot where i have to awkwardly have to tell them i didn't get the job, or no...still haven't heard back. it's on my mind enough, i promise....and when i know, you'll know.  :)

i went to st. george last weekened with some pals. it was a great way to end the summer and get away from my hectic schedule of efy. i was at my brothers for the last 2 weeks (thanks again guys for letting me intrude!!) it was perfect for what i needed, but at the same time i was on a couch and invading on my brother and sister-in-laws space. i think i slept most of the weekend in st. george, which was probably boring for my friends that were there, but it was nice to be able to lay down and fall asleep at random times of the day. let's hope i caught up on sleep a bit.

this morning i woke up and chit chatted with grandma. it was beyond pleasant. after a shower and some lunch, i sat down and watched soapies with grandma. is there a better way to bond? i think not. i actually fell asleep. but it was still good fun.

i would have never thought that a week and a half short of my 28th birthday i would be living with grandma. jobless. houseless. so many things -less. it's not bad, but it's just different than where i thought i would be. im making the best of it. loving the time i get to spend with grandma and grandpa. learning alot from my current situation.

i'll keep you posted.  :)