Monday, May 31, 2010

i love this tree.

underneath this tree are three headstones that mean alot to me. i'm always happy to be able to visit the cemetary and remember the importance of eternal families.
i'm lucky enough to spend every memorial day with my family. our family campout this year was more than a success. 550 up the canyon to camp. no rain. family picture. family dance. family feud. sing alongs. camp fires. naps in the sun. dutch oven cooking. hot chocolate. ghost stories. flat air mattresses. no showers.

sounds glorious, doesn't it?? i'll have pictures soon.

happy memorial day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3-2-1 contact

I found out today that i'm my sisters emergency contact at the hospital. do you know how that makes me feel?

special. very special.

i've always loved to be the first one to get the phone call....

(in case you're wondering, i'm being serious.)

this might be weird

but i ran into this old picture on facebook today with my dearie of dears, elise. it makes me want to grow my hair out...and go darker. what do you think????

saddle bum

work had a going away party for me up at the homestead. ok, not really. it was a firm retreat that had been scheduled for a while. BUT, i did get to bring a guest and spend a weekend at the homestead. it was perfect. meetings friday morning, lunch, and then we were off to our afternoon activity. i chose horseback riding. i wasn't nervous about riding a horse. i've ridden horses before, not alot, but it wasn't my first time. we got there. not nervous. signed the waiver. not nervous. walked into the corral. nervous. i was last to get on my horse, and it was being a little stinker. it just wouldn't do what i wanted it to, and finally they switched me to another horse. at this point, everyone else was in a nice horse single file line and leaving the corral for their ride off into the mountains. a nice trail guide horse woman stayed back with me to switch horses. and then it was time to catch up to the rest of our group. she took my lead rope and asked if we could trot a bit to make up for lost time. ok, fine. there was a fairly large hill that the rest of the group had ridden around, but wanting to make up time the girl asked if i was comfortable riding up and over. UP and OVER. ok. as we galloped (it felt like it, anyways...) up the side of this large hill, one of the horses got loose from the corral. the guide started yelling out to the other guide to get his attention to let him know there was a loose horse. (*at this point it's better to hear cousin lindsey tell the story. with the guide freaking out, she came up over the top of the hill. her. and a horse with no rider. linds thought for sure i'd been thrown from my horse...*) oh, but don't you worry, i didn't and i was told i looked quite the dream cresting that hill at a slight gallop.
needless to say, i got handed off to the lead guide, neil. he held onto that rope the whole time, making my ride quite effortless. i didn't use my reigns once, and got to be in the front - dust free. granted, i did have to talk to neil about his fiance and upcoming june wedding for 2 hours.

and now i have saddle bum. maybe it doesn't sound too bad, but i was achin' for a few days. i think i'm healed now, but my goodness.....

saturday morning scott came up to teach us the ways of the driving range. it was a beautiful day! it had snowed the night before, and then warmed up. snow in the mountains. sun was out. nice cool breeze. perfection. (sorry, no pictures of me and my professional golf swing.)

fun weekend. i really am going to miss working at squire, and not just for the perks of the job (like weekends in midway) yes, tif. that means i will miss you. medallions for life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

no cookie contest, again....

i've done it now. i had my week o' binge, but i went and met with my asian boyfriend again today. i didn't like what the scale said, and at the same time it was a weird feeling of being so sad that i couldnt have cookies whenever i wanted and being excited to be on the program again.
my nephew came to the "awards ceremony" and after they finished announcing the winners, they started talking about round in they were going to start up another corporate challenge in the fall. my nephew looked at me like i was crazy and whispered, "you're doing round 2???" since i was continuing the program, i smiled at him and nodded my head yes. he looked at me like i was crazy.

maybe i am. wish me luck with my new program. i went to the grocery store earlier and stocked up on all the goods (how i'll miss you, grandma sycamore's bread...all 100 calories a slice...) and i just finished putting my food together for tomorrow. i did decide i was going to take a break from chicken, so i bought some salmon and tilapia. now i just need to learn some great ways to cook it.

bring on the skinny.

i love these women.

period. the end.


who knew watching a baby get a diaper change could be so much fun?? we met up at whits for sunday dinner and play time in the backyard. it was perfect weather. perfect company.
i don't know who liked the bubbles more...the big boys or the little boys.
and be honest....when's the last time you played airplane??

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i went to the movies with a friend the other night, and on the way home from the theater, we discussed the usual, right? until out of nowhere i decided to change the subject. before you knew it, we were on a "drive" to solve bethany's problems. let her vent. express concerns and frustrations. become emotional. remind herself that she's not always in control. goodness gracious, what had we gotten ourselves into. "i'm doing the best i can. what more am i supposed to do???"

lucky, i have insightful friends.

"beth, are you really doing all you can do? or can you be better. try harder. work longer. be more patient....."

i could have gotten really defensive, but i decided to hear him out. and as i did, i realized that i'm not doing my very best. there are things i can be doing better. more effort can be made in different aspects of life. and even though i may not be able to be in complete control of every aspect of life, i can have control. i can be patient. i can be teachable. i can be available. i can give more. take less. be more dedicated. have more motivation.

i'm grateful for loving friends that can remind me that we can all be better.

so yesterday i went and bought the conference issue of the ensign. i've decided to read it cover to cover. i keep it in my purse and find myself wanting to read it in my spare time. i've already begun to learn from the messages of our church leaders. i've already felt a change in attitude. i've already seen more efforts made on my part to be better.

i like it.

let the feast begin: the ultimate binge

i feel horrible. it's been a week since my last weigh in...and since then, i've eaten what i've wanted, when i've wanted to. as you know, since i won the competition i get to finish my program for FREE. seriously, i stellar deal, and i'm so so so grateful that i get to do it. i think the attitude that i could possibly be on a strict diet for another 8 weeks made me go a little crazy. ok, alot crazy. i have to eat all the cookies i can this week, because next week it's back to cottage cheese, missy.

honestly, though. i've felt horrible. i'm tired. i'm the yucky kind of full. i have no energy. i'm hungry. i'm snacky. it's blah.

so, i'm sure i've gain 9.3 pounds in the past week. it is actually quite likely. i told my trainer i'd come back if we could start fresh...and if he wouldn't be mad at me. he told me he understood my binge and that he wouldn't be mad. i don't think he knows what i've done. let's just hope he doesn't ask me what i ate....because the real question he should ask is what i didn't eat. that would be easier to answer. i'd just pull out my menu from the past 8 weeks and hand it over. basically if it was on my menu, i didn't touch it last week. i'm excited to go back and get back into the that weird double edged sword i hate cottage cheese kind of way.

but that's tomorrow. tonight calls for cookie dough and cinnamon toast. don't judge me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i made these little onesies for my cousin's sweet babes. the cutest girly twins alive. this was my first time being able to see the babies since they were born almost 8 weeks ago. true story. they were in the hospital, it was tax season, i had a runny nose, they were on quaratine from germs...the list of excuses seemed to never end. but no longer. we planned a girls night of costa vida and cheesecake with strawberries....and girls. lots of girls.

too bad you can't see their faces, because that's their best feature :) goodness gracious, they are cute. w didn't make it in the picture at this point, but it was a great night to be with cousins and sister. i am a lucky, proud and happy to say that my siblings and my cousins are also my friends. jealous? you should be.
girls, until next year (for another girls night out. but i'll see you shortly!!)


forgot to mention that this bestie graduated from college. huge accomplishment. and doesnt he look like a million bucks?

speaking of graduation, it's weird for me to think i've been done with college for over 2 years. and in case you forgot, my high school 10 year reunion is this summer (ok, ok. so i took my sweet time finishing college. congratulations to those who finished in 4 years like you're supposed to. i like to do things my own way...aka learn the hard way) will i be attending my reunion? nope. is it beyond weird to think it's been 10 years since high school was my world? all encompassing, nothing is more important than friends and the drama that is high school world. man alive, i'm glad i survived. i'm glad it's over.
my little sister graduates from high school in a few weeks. bizarre.

secret's out.

i won. my 8 week corporate fat loss challenge, aka no cookie contest. i won. that means i get a free night's stay at hotel park city and i also get to finish my program for free. i'm not exactly sure how long that is, or what it entails. i do know i'll be seeing my asian boyfriend next week. i also know it means i am NOT on the program this week. i left my last weigh in appointment with him and had a cookie waiting for me in the car. i went out to lunch with this crew to celebrate. and i won't tell you what i've eaten since...but it's been a glorious binge. i knew it would happen this way, but for the most part i've felt horrible. funny how you feel better when you're eating right and exercising, right?
the rest of my program should be easier, like...i won't be competing with strangers and have my results emailed out to my coworkers every week. i'm excited to continue the program and continue to learn about nutrition and how my body responds to healthy eating and exercise.
they had a little awards thing on friday. m and w came. so nice of them. i was officially presented with my gift certificate to hotel park city. oooh la la.

park city or bust.

and for those of you that don't think this is a big deal. slap yourself, go eat chicken and green beans for 8 weeks, and then get back to me. this is a big deal :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

this is real

ok mom, don't be mad. when you told me not to respond to onstar because they could be secret killers coming to snatch me....i may have already responded to them. whoops. don't worry, it really was onstar.

to catch some of you up, remember my super stressful day when i could not control my emotions? great. not that you are in the habit of reading other peoples comments on my blog, but have you ever thought to check out the comments on that post? it really happened. i was sitting in my friends graduation when i got that comment from onstar and my friend and her mother and I could not stop laughing. was this for real? yes, yes it was.

well, i responded. and guess what. I got an email from my contact Scott at OnStar today. my story has been posted. whatever. no big deal, right? except, kind of it is. I guess. but not really. it's all quite funny if you ask me. now i'm just waiting for my orange julis replacement, which should be coming in the mail. (don't worry mom, i gave them adam's po box address so they can't come snatch me.)

ps. this is not the secret. be patient.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

secrets, secrets...

...are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.

Except this secret won’t hurt a soul. Don’t worry, my faithful readers, you won’t have to wait long to bask in the goodness of this secret.

Things are going great for me right now. Living with my sister has been fantastic. It’s fun to sit up late and chat with each other, giggle about boys in the kitchen, clean up after children together. I’m learning a lot from spending time with her family, and it’s all good :)

PS… remember boo-yeah? The wedding is off. I won’t share my feelings about this [on the blog].

Sunday, May 9, 2010

quote of the day

"If I had a light saber, do you know what i'd do?? I'd find a pride of lions and provoke them. And then i'd cut their heads off."
No, this is not one of my nephews. But I did get permission from this person to blog about this pending that I mention that it was said after midnight. I don't know if that makes it better or worse.

Also on the list for light saber uses was:
Trim the hedges
Cut a hole in the wall so we can pass food between the kitchen and the living room
Hold it out your car window and whack mailboxes

The list goes on. I have awesome friends.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

welcome to my life.

guaranteed this person doesnt read my blog. if they do, oh well.

it was probably a month and a half ago i was forced to go on a blind date. forced? who can force you to go on a blind date?? okay, maybe that's a strong word. coerced? guilted? whatever. this kid wanted to go out. he wouldn't let it go, so i planned a weeknight late dinner, which basically meant that it would be just that. dinner, then done. it would be perfect.
the night wasn't bad, but it was clear that nothing was going to happen. regardless, the jokes kept coming about how we should go down a dark alley and smooch the night away. this was after he didn't know how to carry a conversation, and would turn up weird music in his car and sing along. remember how i didn't really know him? just reminding you.
he left with a hug (after dinner and hanging out at my house for over an HOUR) and said we should do it again sometime. he had a blast.
dang it.
two weeks later his facebook status gloated about how much he loved his wonderful amazing beautiful girlfriend. okay. that was fast.
two weeks later, facebook told me he was engaged. congratulations.
don't worry, i got a text today telling me the official date. i was grateful the phrase "boo yeah" was there to end to text. nothing like rubbing it in your face.

let's be honest. it's not that my feelings are hurt. we were very different people, and i never thought anything romantic would happen. but seriously, how do people do it? a month and a half ago this kid was trying to get a smooch out of me after talking (kind of) for an hour over a bowl of soup. now he's living the engaged dream.

this i do know: when i get engaged and text everyone in existence, i will not use the phrase "boo yeah".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

countdown mania.

My sister and her husband have been kind enough for me to move in with them whilst I am transient. I have the perfect little room in the basement, and great company to boot. The first day I got there for my “extended sleepover “ (as my nephews look at it…) they were pulling fresh cookies out of the oven. Not just any cookie. Fudge cream cookies. My all-time favorite. My nephews, being the loving and sharing chaps that they are, invited Aunt Bethany up to the kitchen for some cookies.

“I can’t”, I explained. “ I’m in a contest right now. A no-cookie-contest.”
They all looked at me like I was crazy. “That sounds like a pretty dumb contest.” “Yeah, I would never do something like that”…and off they went to eat cookies.
I have since made a countdown. Enjoy.

8 more days of no cookie contest.
17 days left of work
3 ½ weeks till campout
11 hours until a new episode of LOST (last week was a rerun?!?!?!)
4 more weekends until I’m officially moving to SLC
0 tuna sandwiches (I think I will be taking a long break from tuna)
3 months to find a new job and a new house in SLC
And a partridge in a pear tree. Actually, 1 fudge cream cookie hiding downstairs in the freezer. (Yes, I will eat it the day the no cookie contest ends. Don’t judge me. What’s a life without cookies every once in a while??)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

go eagles

so i went to my brothers swim meet this morning. it's his first year on the team, and as a freshmen, he still finds himself swimming against seniors. it was alot of fun to see him swim and learn a new sport. cute little math.
here's a doozy. a stranger told me she was looking for a new haircut and she liked my hair-do. yes, she asked if she could take a picture. yes, i posed. a front shot, and a profile. i hope her stylist can make it look as good as mine. (only kidding....kind of.)

i'm prom queen.

for the record, beb is not taller than me. i am in flats. she is in heels. with that out of the way...doesn't she look GORGEOUS!! i am very sad to say that i will be missing beb's graduation, so i decided i better be here for prom. it's been a fun weekend. a waaaaarrrrm weekend (hope you've all had fun in the snow, utah friends!!)
even though beb and i are almost 10 years apart in age (scary, i know -- for everyone's sake, don't do the math) we are really close. i'm grateful for her friendship, and so excited for her to come to school and live so much closer to me!! gosh, she's so pretty!
math and i had a great time at the golf course for pictures, can you tell?? plus, our sunglasses are rockin' your sweet world. i know it.
and the moment you've all been waiting for...we snuck into the dance. of course it was before the dance started -- but look what we found. yes, i am prom queen, and matthew my king. do i look suprised?? thanks again for all of your votes. world peace.
after we got beb out the door for prom, we went for what i thought would be a leisurely bike ride. i've decided that no bike ride is leisurely. biking is hard, especially when the seat is so small...and my seat is, well....not small. it was a good ride, and i'm afraid my legs will feel it in the morning. it was a beautiful sunny afternoon with a nice cool breeze. great weather. great exercise. great company.

i love summer. bring it on.

i'm movin on....

or movin' out. truth. i did it. i moved. out of this perfect house. the memories. the fun. the goodness.
i wish you could have all bee there to watch me wrap all of my furniture. by. my. self. it was quite the show, and happened in the wee hours of the morning. man alive, i'm glad it'd done.
these strong boys came to help me move. cousin carson came down with a truck and trailer that saved my life!! they loaded everything up and we were off!
i have friends in slc that are nice enough to let me store my stuff in their garage over the summer (thanks again, boys.) we rearranged a bit and before you knew it, they had a garage full of beth. they love they say.
so there you have it. let the move to slc begin. can you believe it?? it's really happening.

ready or not....

picture catch up.

Here's a random picture update. Lindsey had a birthday. we went bowling. I lost. but we still had a good time. aren't we a fine lookin' bunch??
this is right before we went out for birthday MASSAGES. what? yes. lindsey and i went for full bod massages for her birthday. it was splendid. it was nice, but i don't know that i'm sold on the whole massage thing. my lade actually told me that i must be a pretty happy person because i didn't have tight muscles at all. well, thank you.
cindy came for a visit. it was a crazy busy weekend and i feel like she stayed at my house and watched movies most of the weekend, but it was so great to have her here.

sorry, random pictures...but i've been meaning to post them. so there you have it. random picture post of the century.