Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i went to the movies with a friend the other night, and on the way home from the theater, we discussed the movie...like usual, right? until out of nowhere i decided to change the subject. before you knew it, we were on a "drive" to solve bethany's problems. let her vent. express concerns and frustrations. become emotional. remind herself that she's not always in control. goodness gracious, what had we gotten ourselves into. "i'm doing the best i can. what more am i supposed to do???"

lucky, i have insightful friends.

"beth, are you really doing all you can do? or can you be better. try harder. work longer. be more patient....."

i could have gotten really defensive, but i decided to hear him out. and as i did, i realized that i'm not doing my very best. there are things i can be doing better. more effort can be made in different aspects of life. and even though i may not be able to be in complete control of every aspect of life, i can have control. i can be patient. i can be teachable. i can be available. i can give more. take less. be more dedicated. have more motivation.

i'm grateful for loving friends that can remind me that we can all be better.

so yesterday i went and bought the conference issue of the ensign. i've decided to read it cover to cover. i keep it in my purse and find myself wanting to read it in my spare time. i've already begun to learn from the messages of our church leaders. i've already felt a change in attitude. i've already seen more efforts made on my part to be better.

i like it.


Katie said...

LOVE the conference ensign. Try listening to random old conference talks while you're getting ready in the morning... it does wonders. :) PS...LOVED chatting with you today

Tawny said...

good girl. :)