Wednesday, April 27, 2011


major babes.

how could i forget these photos? especially since beb and i practiced our poses....can you tell??

in case you forgot, my sister is a model. ok, she's not really, but she should be....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

picture mania

alright, kiddos. here's a little taste of our action packed weekend. i'll probably post more when i get them...but i'm too excited to wait to post them all at the same time. enjoy :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

happy easter

this feels like the longest weekend of my life, full of fun and exciting things. i love an excuse to get together with people i love to celebrate the good things in this life. today i was especially grateful to set aside those things for a moment to celebrate Easter sunday.

i've said before that i like little kid halloween better than adult halloween. well, i like adult Easter better than little kid Easter. don't get me wrong, it was fun to hide eggs for the little kids and watch them get excited about candy, but i was happy and content to be able to spend a little more time today focused on our Savior and the miracle of His life and Resurrection.

i shouldn't be awake right now, but i guess thats what i get for taking a little snooze this afternoon. this weekend has worn me out!! so much going on. just you wait till it's all over and i have pictures to's going to blow your mind. i just counted that i've worn 6 different church outfits this weekend. six!?!? good laws....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sing a song

is there ever a song that just "is" your life? i have a couple of those right now. ok, more than a couple. i'd post little youtube links to those songs, but then you'd know what's going on in my personals, and, well...thats just too personal.

but know that i have a few killer songs on repeat. and for some reason, bruno mars, justin beiber, david archuletta and some random country girl all seem to understand me right now. thank goodness.

(i know you love it when i blog about something without really blogging about anything. it makes me feel better to blog about something in code, so you must suffer. my apologies.) (not really.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

blah blah blah

i promise i really think about having a real post with an actual topic, but all i've got are random, again, that's what you're gonna get.

  • my brother gets married a week from today. that means i have a family-filled week ahead. i couldn't be more thrilled about it.
  • remember my old shower? i miss it. my new shower just...isn't my old shower. i know i moved into an old house, but i may have to get a hotel room once a month to take a hot shower with actual water pressure.
  • right now i am watching william and kate the movie. yes, it's on lifetime. i had no desire to get caught up in the craze of the royal wedding. it happened without my really even realizing it. and now i'm sitting here, not just watching, but actually caring.
  • why do people have to have expectations? why do i have to have expectations? i understand sometimes they are good, and even neccesary. but sometimes, they are just tricky and stupid.
  • i have two four day work weeks in a row. thanks goodness. i need to start looking into planning a vacation before i snap.
  • movies i need to see: water for elephants, source code, something borrowed, kings speech
  • i might be getting bored with words with friends.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

slew of poo

the last few days i've been finding alot of bird poo on my car. i started paying attention to where i park, you know...avoiding trees and such. guess what, i don't park by any trees. no trees.
i'm talking poo on the drivers side door. front. back. hood. lots of poo poo.

i mentioned this to cousin lindsey, who knows all, and she let me know that there is currently an over population of birds. they are actually trying a bird birth control to help with said over population. i trust lindsey because she listens ot npr.

have you noticed alot of birds? or better yet, have you noticed poo?

(sorry, maybe this post is sick...but it's the truth.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

the buck stops here

do you ever get to a point where you tell your self that things have got to change. you find yourself saying things like "i know better" or "don't be so stupid".

i'm there. i've got to stop. i've got to start.

seatbelts are simple enough, but for some reason i always "forget" to put it on. when i bought my car a few years ago, i told myself i needed a car that beeped abnoxiously until i put my seatbelt on so that i would wear it no matter what. over time, that beeping has become less annoying, and quick car rides (read trips to the grocery store or driving to work) i have felt in uneccesary for me to wear it. no more. i know i'm not always going to remember right when i get into the car, so i've told myself that i can only let the annoying beeping happen once....and then i have to put my seatbelt on. it's been going well this week. onward and upward.

cooking at home. my last apartment was not an ideal living situation for me. i didn't like sharing the common space in that house with my roommates. it was weird. so i never cooked at home, and if i did, i ate in my room...not in the kitchen. i actually cooked more at bff's house than my house. dumb. well, saturday night i went grocery shopping. my cupboard is stocked. i have food in the fridge. yahoo.

i want to pack a lunch. think of it, i will save mega bucks...and i will have more control of what i eat. the south will rise again.

i will stop staying up late. there is a time and a place. every night is not the time nor the place. there was a time that i was in bed before 10:30. those were good days. i found myself waking up happy and easily in the morning.

there are probably more things that i need to start...and stop, but those are the things that come to mind. in case you're wondering, i love my new place. i love my roommates. i love my neighborhood. i'm happy here.
i'm off to give a haircut.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

it's been snowing all day. did i mention it was snowing yesterday too? and guess what, it's supposed to snow tomorrow too. last night it stopped snowing for a little bit, so we hopped in the hot tub. nothing like sitting around in the hot tub laughing and talking with good friends. when i got out of the hot tub and i looked in the mirror,  i realized my hair was in major need of some color. heaven sakes.

this morning i woke up and ran to the grocery store, well i actually drove there, but you know what i mean. i got a new hair color....foam. i've been coloring my hair for a long time now, and this foam color was cool, just saying.

and then....

i made some hot chocolate and cuddled up on the couch. and that's where i've been all day. every once and i while a peek outside and see that it's still snowing. for some reason, if it's snowing i feel like it's okay for me to sit inside and watch decorating shows and movies on the family channel all day.

i do not like the snow, but i do like an excuse to be lazy.

snow on.

Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm alive

i think.

this last week was busy. stressful. i'm glad it's over...and now i'm trying to recover. thanks to everyone who helped with the move - moving big stuff, moving little stuff, cleaning, organizing - the whole nine yards. i have a load of laundry downstairs in the dryer. my bed is made. and i only have 2 boxes left to empty out and go through. and believe it or not, i'm sitting here in the dark front room watching basketball by myself. at least my best friend got me to enjoy something like basketball instead of, i don't know...drugs.

i've had alot on my mind lately. the move. my upcoming coa test. selling my stupid couches. two family weddings. oh yeah, and my know, the personal stuff that i don't post on here. it's been exhausting to be honest with you. i feel like my mind is going all the time. it's not bad, i think i just need to learn how to organize all of my thoughts, prioritize, and then act.

this weekend and listening to conference was welcomed. i decided that i was going to prepare for conference a little more than usual. it was nice to be able to listen to messages and feel like some of them were specifically for me. i'm so grateful for modern day prophets that lead and guide us, offer love and support, and encourage us to choose the Lords way.

in case you're wondering, i had to hop the fence today with no step, and no brick. i'm afraid i'll have a bruise or two come morning. so stupid.

ps. i'm still trying to sell my couches. i would call them stupid, but they are not stupid. just trying to sell them is stupid. let me know if you're interested. thanks, pals.