Monday, April 25, 2011

happy easter

this feels like the longest weekend of my life, full of fun and exciting things. i love an excuse to get together with people i love to celebrate the good things in this life. today i was especially grateful to set aside those things for a moment to celebrate Easter sunday.

i've said before that i like little kid halloween better than adult halloween. well, i like adult Easter better than little kid Easter. don't get me wrong, it was fun to hide eggs for the little kids and watch them get excited about candy, but i was happy and content to be able to spend a little more time today focused on our Savior and the miracle of His life and Resurrection.

i shouldn't be awake right now, but i guess thats what i get for taking a little snooze this afternoon. this weekend has worn me out!! so much going on. just you wait till it's all over and i have pictures to's going to blow your mind. i just counted that i've worn 6 different church outfits this weekend. six!?!? good laws....


Meggera said...

CAN. NOT. WAIT. I misses you so very much! Tonight cannot come soon enough!

Whitney said...

My daughter loves Snickers. Maybe you should try one.