Thursday, October 29, 2009

heavenly phonecall

yesterday i wanted soup. it was cold. i stopped at the grocery store on my way home from a busy day at work, and made taco soup for me and my roomates for dinner. it was good. i haven't had a night at home alone in a long time, so what did i do? watched a girl movie. bed of roses to be exact. and when that was over, i put in pride and prejudice. i didn't do laundry. i didn't do the dishes, and i didn't clean my room.
something has to be done with my hair. i'm overdue for a hair cut, but trying to figure out what to do. (sounds silly, i'm sure. what else do you do with hair as short as mine??) i had gone to bed with wet hair, and woke up with my semi mullet sticking straight out. no matter what or how hard i tried, that stupid piece of hair went crazy. this picture does not do it justice, but tif and i giggled trying to take a picture at the right angle at work yesterday. we nicknamed my mullet "libby". okay, that sounds really stupid now that i type it, but guess what. it got us through the work day, so hush.

heaven know's i have plans for my hair. big plans. just you wait.

do you know what else made yesterday perfection? phone calls. one in particular. have you ever had a friend that you rarely talk to, but when you do it's like you haven't skipped a beat? enter leah. i haven't talked to her in over a year (okay, we both let too much time pass. whoops.) we talked last night and i felt like i was back in high school again (which sometimes is not a good thing, i understand. but last was PERFECTION.) i love this girl, and it was so fun to chat and catch up....and get her advice. love love love.

anyway, sorry...random soup, hair and phonecall post, but i had to get it out of my system. happy thursday!! (and almost happy nevada day, but i'll post about that tomorrow!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

who would have thought...

that this.
Gerald Gardner. 193 pounds. bad skin.
no friends.

and no self-esteem.

and now he eats success for breakfast. with skim milk.

eat your heart out, camp hope.

i know. waaah waaaah wahhhhhh.

let's be honest. i don't watch the news. i don't read the newspaper. so yes, i'm always a little caught off guard with the change in weather. i got home late last night and cousin lindsey told me it's supposed to be 40 degrees the next two days...and rainy rainy. oh yeah, and it's supposed to snow.

S. N. O. W.

ok. i like snow. i do. when i'm in a cabin, and there's a pot of hot soup on the stove. movie playing. puzzle building. hot chocolate. wool socks. i even like to head out on the snowmobile. pull me around on a sled. make a snow angel.
but let's talk about real life. shoveling sidewalks. slipping in parking lots. scraping ice and snow off your car every morning. in your work clothes (aka open toed heels). driving around in gloves. speaking of driving. DRIVING. i am a distracted driver. snow does not help me. ever. i hate driving in snow.
i guess the first step is for me to purchase a snow scraper thingy. maybe i hate scraping so much because i've been using my drivers lisence for the past few years. brrrrr. that can freeze your fingers right off. i think i've had this mentality that if i actually buy a scraper, then i am accepting winter.
i think i have decided (like i decide every year) that long term i will live in warm climate and travel to the snow. done and done.
i love the desert.

Monday, October 26, 2009

just happened.

have you ever found something out about someone, and it just makes you like them more?

just happened.

show business.

i never posted this when it happened. but it happened. we went to see deb on her opening night of her show "curtains" up at hale center theatre. i loved it. love watching her perform. loved having a birthday dinner for mark before. what a fun night. i love these people....alot.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

mama mia....

i have been coveting this womans hair for quite some time now. sometimes it's funky. sometimes it's conservative. but i want it all of the times....

(sometimes my hair looks like this...not on purpose. sometimes i let it get dirty with alot of product in it so my hair will do this on purpose. i have not yet had the guts to go outside with hair like this...)

please swoop this bang into my life right now.

and then it happened. #1, i found out she was no longer going to be on the show. how in the world was i going to covet her hair if i didn't see it every week?? #2, she showed up with a shaved head last night. blonde and shaved. hmmmmm. i do not covet that.
so now, i have to hold on the pictures...memories of what once was. and continue to grow out my bangs with the hope that i can bring back what is now gone....forever.
(confession, she actually looked ok with a shaved head, which is why i hate her even more. she can pull of anything, dang it.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pen pal

dear laundry,
i'm sorry i've put you off for so long, and sorry i forgot to switch you out before i left for work today. hopefully i'll remember when i come home for lunch. i promise i will hang you up when you are done.

dear fall weather,
i love you. i love your cool nights. i love the red leaves all over my front lawn. i love opening my windows and having a cool fall breeze come into my kitchen. i love that you have not turned into snow yet. and i love throwing on sweat pants, a cardigan, my slippers and ugly hat when i get home from work. please stay forever.

dear boy that i like to talk to on the phone,
thank you for having verizon. my conversations with you are completely guilt free and literally free of charge. please call again.

dear football games,
i bought an all sports pass this year thinking i would come to every single one of you. i have missed every game. this does not mean i do not like you, it just means i have other things to do. (yes, this means i will not be seeing you this saturday. sorry, something came up.)

dear family,
i miss you. i know you are coming to visit in a few weeks, but frankly i know it will be a busy weekend and i will not get the quality time i know i want. something needs to be done about this.

dear ice,
i have a love hate relationship with you....but only in the winter. why does something so cold have to be so good?? i promise i will eventually end up in a warmer climate when i can snack on you everyday, all year long. and in case you were wondering, i don't care what people say about you being bad for my are good for the soul, and that's all that matters.

dear lucinda jane sorensen,
i'm over this. over phone tag. over 3 second phone calls. over not knowing what's going on with you know who and you know what. over having to catch you up on the last 3 months of my life in one phone call. i need one on one cinda time in a bad way. can we please find a time in both of our ridiculous schedules to see eachother (or we could both just get married and live next door to eachother like we've planned for years.)

dear cable television,
I. MISS. YOU. (not more than my family, but still.) i know, i know....i said i didn't need you. i lied. food network, tlc, hgtv, sytycd, glee, gillmore girls...and don't get me started on law and order:svu. i know it's probably better for us to take this break right now, but sometimes i think it's down-right unhealthy. good thing megan and greg share you with me. see you tonight at 8/7 central.

Monday, October 19, 2009

better late than never...never felt so good...

picture these two lovlies (ok, bad picture, but you get the jist...)
wearing these babies....

having one of these:

using these (on my face, of course...)

and of course hot towels were involved...

linds got me a facial for my birthday. i've never had a facial before, and didn't know fully what to expect. i think i was a little more prepared than linds, but still...i had no idea what was in store. if i hadn't been so relaxed, i probably would have giggled a few times during the facial. i actually came home and acted out a part of it with a friend, and thought it was so funny i was embarassed at how hard i started to laugh.
let's hope that was not my last facial. it was glorious.
unfortunately right now, i feel like this:

doesn't he look pathetic? that was the picture sent out with my work email a week ago about our upcoming health fair and precautions we could take with the flu. there is a giant bottle of germ x on my desk for everyone in the office to use, and we had our health fair today. i got my flu shot at the health fair, and i'm really trying not to be a baby about it, but my arm HURTS. hurts BAD. they said we could be achy for the next 24-48 hours. it doesn't help that i'm already trying to fight off a headache i've had since yesterday. hmmmmm. i wonder if i look as pathetic as the picture.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dead and gone

i realized today that any tan line i had from lake powell is gone. forever. i now welcome winter with open arms.

gross, not really. (the welcoming winter part, i mean. sadly, the tan line thing is for reals.)

i feel like all i wear now is turtle necks. it's dumping rain right now, and i'm at work the day before deadline. i would love to leave for lunch, but alas...people need their returns by 1...and plus, it's raining outside.

rainy days and mondays always get me down. (it's a karen kind of day....)

Monday, October 12, 2009

birthday shhhhh....

last night i had my birthday dinner. m&g made my favorite meal and m even made a homemade cheescake (minus nuts, thank goodness. bless you.)
i know what you're birthday was over 2 months ago. just goes to show you what good friends i have. even though life got busy, they insisted on still having a little bash. a few friends came over and we chatted and played games. i love my friends. they are good, and funny as all get out.
don't worry that we went back to my house and scott and lindsey and i put together the best rendition (is that a word??) of celine dion's "alone" you have ever heard (yes, linds was rockin' the bongo drum). if you would like a special performance, let me know and i'll see what i can do.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cousin power

everyone is always a little confused when i talk about my cousins. i hear "you have alot of cousins...." on a regular basis. yep. sure do. and i love it. we had a cousin dinner with my davis cousins in provo a few weeks ago. i love this crew, and i love that we can all get together and have fun. loved celebrating jareds mission call to CANADA. can't believe that group of boys is getting old enough to be heading on mission. sweet mercy.

love my cousins.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and you thought jacob could phase...

if the title of this post makes any sense to you, pat yourself on the back for being a nerdy twilight fan. i have this thing with my cousin lindsey. a phase ten thing...and it's been going on for years. when we lived in the shack before, we got on a phase ten kick. like played all ten phases every night before we would go to bed. by some miracle, i would win every time. we would keep score, and i would hang my winning score sheet up in the kitchen. it's called my winning wall.
last night, linds wanted to play. i don't know that we've played a full game since she's been home from her mission, so the pressure was on. don't worry, i was scared to death i was going to lose...and then never hear the end of it.
christmas miracle -- i won. again. the winning wall has been reinstated in the kitchen at the shack, and i couldn't be more thrilled about it.

this is a whole 'nother post entirely, but i need to post about my werewolf experience this past weekend. talk about phasing....

Monday, October 5, 2009

ice ice baby

this morning i had to scrape ice off of my windshield. i had to try very hard to not say curse words out loud. there are wonderful things about this time of year. i love the holiday seasons. decorations. traditions. family. sweatshirts. my brother gets home from his mission. happy things. wonderful things.
not wonderful = snow and ice. i don't like to drive in it. i don't like to scrape it off the car when i'm already late for work.

ready or not....

if you could hike in kolob...

Not to get a song in your head, but I was singing it all weekend long (me thinks....)
These pictures are in no particular order. Another trip to St. George was a success. Hiking in Kolob Canyon, and our show didn't get rained out. Can't wait to go on another trip with these crazies.
In case you forgot, the leaves are changing colors...