Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dead and gone

i realized today that any tan line i had from lake powell is gone. forever. i now welcome winter with open arms.

gross, not really. (the welcoming winter part, i mean. sadly, the tan line thing is for reals.)

i feel like all i wear now is turtle necks. it's dumping rain right now, and i'm at work the day before deadline. i would love to leave for lunch, but alas...people need their returns by 1...and plus, it's raining outside.

rainy days and mondays always get me down. (it's a karen kind of day....)


Theresa Rodriguez said...

oh girl i was just looking in the mirror last night and thought the same thing about my tan line. i remember vowing in the summer i wouldnt EVER let myself return to the WHITE of my tan line. aparently my funds are needed someone other then a tanning bed. i feel your pain. lake powell was good times. remember once again when you fell into the boat? so funny. i miss your face. xoxo

DeeAura said...

I feel you, girl. I still have the slightest tan line, but...I might be the only one who can still discern it. BUT IT'S THERE. * sigh *

Dear Rain,
You're pretty. But...could you be warm, Midwest-ee rain instead of cold? Okay, thanks.

Also, lunch? What IS that?

hf said...

Hopefully you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather TODAY brings...the sun is shining!! and it's Friday :)