Wednesday, June 30, 2010

random thoughts al la beth

1. in case you were wondering, it still hurts as an adult to get soap in your eyes. just to clarify, this is not something i did on purpose...of course it was accidental. still hurt. duh.

2. my best friend is moving back to utah in 6 weeks. everytime i say this (in my head or outloud) i just start to giggle. the almost uncontollable laugh that happens when things are just too good.

3. there are three bags of popsicles in the freezer. some of them are root beer popsicles. for those of you that really know me, you know that this makes me very happy.

4. my back is getting old. seriously. it's starting to affect my normal life day to day. grandma back at my age is not working for me.

5. last night we played games after the youth left. clue. we played clue. i won (one round at least) and was so excited i ran straight into a railing that i think punctured something inside my bod. we'll see if there are any long term problems.

6. i am no longer staying in an empty house. that means i am sleeping in a bed again. yes, i will admit now that while i was home alone i was sleeping on the couch because i was too afraid to go upstairs at night. this may have something to do with my back bothering me this week. stupid.

7. remember how i have 5 siblings living within 40 minutes of me?? true story.

8. high school reunions. weird. i have TWO high school reunions this summer. remember how i moved my senior year to a new high school?? both old and new are trying to recruit me to come to my ten year high school reunion. it might sound sad to some people, but i don't have much of an attachment to high school. the people from high school that i would want to see,  i happen to have their phone numbers and could schedule dinner with them next week. otherwise, i don't care much. is that bad?? i don't see myself buying tickets to go to a reunion full of people that i no longer relate to at all. unless i have a new perspective real soon, i'll be missing out on the 10 year goodness.

9. age difference. is that an issue? just wondering.

Friday, June 18, 2010


free pie? count me in.

Monday, June 14, 2010

i'd like to introduce you....

to my new family.
 i dont know that an explanation is necesary. just know that i'm with these goobers having the time of my life.
one week down. 7 to go.
(just to clarify, this is supposed to be a silly picture. we don't really pose like that in real life)

ps. my ankle looks skinny. i like it. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010


well hello there. just to let you know, i'm about to drop off the face of the earth. just warning you. today is the first day of efy for the next 8 weeks. my  mother has said before that i might as well be out of the country when i'm workin efy, because thats what it seems like.
so, don't be offended if i don't respond to you in the timely manner i would normally. life is going to be a little scee-wom-pus the next 8 weeks.
just a little glimpse into my life. i think we've prayed 8 times since this morning, danced to miley cyrus, did the classic efy chant. i may have even found someone to flirt with this week. my life is now complete.

dropping off the earth in 5...4......3......2.......1.............

Thursday, June 3, 2010



aunts and cousins. check.

second cousins. check.

catching up with second cousins. check.
family dance. success. check.

church in the mountains. check.  (i secretly wish church was like this every week....)

and when all was said and done, we got to go for a ride in the new toy. yee haw.

campout was a success. beautiful weather. tons of fun. we took a professional family pictures. all 550 of us that were up the canyon to camp and celebrate the legacy that is our family. i'm so grateful that i belong to a family where i'm taught that we make sacrifices for the gospel. so grateful to have grandparents, great-grand parents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins that make the gospel and family the center of their lives. heres to next year. and beb, if you have a man at campout before i do, so help me.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

have you ever....

overheard a conversation and asked yourself if it was real? it's happening. it's happened. and i have a feeling it will continue to happen.

shocking. astonishing. i have to laugh so that i don't cry.

ps. this week is the move to slc. true story. i was in provo a few days ago and it was weird. i didn't have a home base. i didn't have a job. provo wasn't home anymore. weird. but a good weird.

here's to moving. onward and upward.

psssss. the conversation that is shocking is still happening. wow.