Thursday, June 3, 2010



The Irons said...

cute pics! except i don't look to good in the last one H. :)it was SO SO good to see you yesterday at "grad". good luck with everything in the BIG salt lake. miss you.

your H.

p.s. i was just eating tuna and crackers and i thought of you. :)

Laura said...

okay, I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday we were spending the week with your fam singing "be a man" and "gladis" and this girl - that is now old enough to graduate was just a little thing your mom called "dolly." Now look at her!! She is now off to THE BYU!!! Where did the time go?????

p.s. did you two plan the matching pokadots - it's really cute!

Ali said...

beth- you your hair and your outfit=very attractive.

Melissa said...

love you love you love you. 6 months? my bra.

hf said...

You guys look great!