Sunday, August 28, 2011

dear husband,

remember how my mom makes cookies every time it rains? i want to do the same thing in our family (unless we live in seattle).
if we ever have another rainstorm like we did tonight, we'll let the kids come climb into our bed if the thunder cracks too loud. we'll make room for all of them, and then stay up talking and singing songs until they fall asleep.
after we put them back into their beds, we'll open the windows and lay in bed and listen to the rain. just you and me.

have i ever told you how much i love the rain?


Thursday, August 25, 2011


no, this post is not about britney spears.

i had a friend singing in church on Sunday, so i headed to another ward for sacrament meeting to "support". i sat down next to him in sacrament meeting and grabbed the program to take a gander. and then i picked up the ward newsletter that was sitting on the bench to peruse. i was happy to see a message on the front page from a member and kind of friend (kind of friend meaning i didn't know him very well, but we would have been real friends if we had taken the time to get to know each other). he is serving as elders quorum president in the ward and had put something together to share with the ward. i read it. then i read it again. then i got out my journal and wrote down my thoughts about it and how to apply his message into my life. and then i stole my friends ward newsletter for me to keep for myself.
i was telling some other friends about his message tonight, and then i let them see the message to read for themselves. they loved it too. so now that i know it's not just me, i figured i would share it. i didn't see any copyrights on the ward newsletter, and I'm hoping that kind-of-friend would be kind of flattered knowing that his message has and will continue to influence people.

"I see church membersof all kinds pray to God and ask if they are on the correct road.  We pray to know if we are studying the correct major, working int he right career, dating the right person, living our lives the correct way.  The scriptures are full of examples highlighting when God's children ask to know if they are on the right path and receiving answers from God, confirming the road they are on.
I truly believe that God gives answers to his children as to the roads we should travel.  I also believe that God answers this question in a specific way.  Suppose you suddenly found yourself in the middle of the desert at a crossroads the the task to find your way home.  You have no idea which road is the correct road to take.  You might pray and ponder which road would lead you home.  You might ask God to give you a sign as to which road was the correct road. 
I have yet to see a road in the U.S. that doesn't have a sign on it telling you the direction you are going.  However, signs never come to me.  I always go to the sign.  I believe when we ask God for help in identifying the roads of life, there will be signs on every road.  to get to the sign, however, you must walk down the road.  Signs do not come to you.  You must go to the signs.  You will eventually get to a sign that confirms or negates the road you are on.
I encourage you to take action in your life to get to the signs that God is so willing to give.  If you are wondering about a certain subject in school then study it.  The answer will come when you learn more about the subject than when you sit around thinking about studying it.  If you are wondering about dating a specific person then date them.  There is no way you an answer the question without performing the act.  Don't worry about wasting time walking down a road with a stop sign on it.  The only wasted time is sitting at the crossroads, being unable to take a risk and make a decision.  I know God will bless you as you make decisions and exercise faith that He will guide you in all things."

thanks, Dave.

so many thoughts about this. mostly I'm motivated to trust in the Lord. Move forward. Make decisions. I think the big thing for me is to not feel like I'm wasting time or effort by going down a road that may have a stop sign on it. The Lord will make you aware of His desires as you actively show your faith by making decisions and progressing.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, August 18, 2011


on my 28th birthday i was still living with my grandparents, had just found out about my new job, and had no clue what salt lake had to offer. funny how much can change in a year, huh? i had some major expecations for 28, and i can honestly say that i gave it an overall hefty effort.
i live in salt lake, and even better, i know my way around. i know what i'm doing at work. granted, i still ask alot of questions, but i think back to day one of work, and i have come an extremely long way. i've been in 3 different wards in the past year. i'm happy to be settled down in my ward. i'm happy to have friends in my ward. i put forth effort in dating (which i can't say about all previous years of life) and learned some really good and really hard lessons. i've re-learned how to be myself and how to be an example to people around me. i've been reminded how raising the bar can make you stand out in certain crowds. i've learned it's expensive to fix cars. i've learned that not all landlords are as lenient as lacinda. i learned that life without glasses is good. i've learned good friends can make any situation good. i've learned that friendships can change, and that's ok. i've learned that family is irreplacable. i've learned that the gospel makes me happy. i've learned to be (maybe a little too) honest. i've learned that i can do hard things.

if anything, i've learned that i'm ready for 29. (gosh, that's extremely close to 30...)

 maybe someday i'll blog about my birthday present i gave to myself (my mother will probably advise me not to....)

Monday, August 15, 2011

i wish i was a mind reader

sometimes people say something and i'm afraid it's about me.
sometimes people say something and i know its about me.
sometimes people say something and i wish it was about me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

happy sabbaath

i'm happy its sunday. i haven't been to my ward in over a month (sad i know. i've been in other wards, i promise) i went visiting teaching last week. this may sound silly, but i think i get more out of it than the girl we visit taught...or even my partner. it was so great to be out and doing something with girls from my ward. needless to say, i'm glad i get to go to my ward today.

i still have to take a test for work to get myself certified. you guys, i've tried to study and i'm just realizing again that i'm not your average student. i'm not one to sit down with a book or flashcards and then have it click in my head and stay there. i'm a visual learner, which is why it's been so great that i've been doing hands on learning since i started working there. i'm going to have to figure something out that will help me in the next little bit nail down a few things or i'll be in trouble. why do tests have to be so hard and intimidating for me??? blah.

i'm watching music and the spoken word right now. i love it. i'm just sitting here thinking about how much they sacrifice and how much they give to be able to perform every week, plus rehearsal, plus personal time it takes to memorize music and such. i have a friend in the mormon tabernacle choir. i admire her.

today on music and the spoken word they talked about "choosing to be cheerful". this is a good lesson for me to learn. there are times in my life where i feel like i have to be happy all the time. i'm happy beth, and thats what people expect. instead of feeling like thats a burden or an unreal expectation, i should (and am) so lucky that people would think of me as happy all the time. those times when i don't feel like being happy bethany, instead of feeling like i'm putting on a face to please people and uphold their expectation...i can CHOOSE TO BE CHEERFUL. who would have thought it could be that easy? another wonderful reminder that eveything is a choice. we have our agency. heaven knows i like to be happy more than i like being sad. i think its a new goal for me to choose to be cheerful.

ali and perris were in slc yesterday and stopped by for a visit. maybe it's because i was roomates with ali when she and perris met and got engaged, but i feel like we all three know more about eachother than the normal person should know. perris made a comment that he usually doesn't act like "this" in other peoples home, but i just make him feel so darn comfortable. it's probably because it seemed like the three of us shared a home during their engagement. i love this little family and was so happy they stopped by with their new little babe. i'm lucky to have such good friends :)

i've had 2 people (ahhheeemmm) offer me invites to pintrest, and haven't got a'one. just saying, i don't know how i'm supposed to obsess over something if i dont even have it. no names, but you both read this blog. let the races begin!

i sold my couches. truth. it only took 17 years, but it's done. it's a good feeling.

my birthday is next week. i'm usually all about my birthday, but for some reason (ok, alot of reasons) i'm not too hot about it this year. for the first time, i'm feeling old. real old. feel free to leave boo hoo comments, but if i hear one more time that i'm young and to enjoy the single life while i still can, i'm gonna smack somebody.

i fell down the stairs yesterday. don't worry, i caught myself on the railing...with the inside of my arm. i'm getting a wicked bruise there. all i can say is, "duh, bethany".

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


i dont get to see grandma stewart very often, so i was very happy to hear she was going to be in town. cousin jay was kind enough to invite us over to his house for a little bbq so we could see grandma and spend some time with the stewart fam. it's always fun to catch up and laugh with family i haven't seen in a while. thanks again jay and jen for letting us invade your house!!


did you know i used to be a nanny in belgium? true story. TEN YEARS AGO. i was shocked when i finally did the math, but it really was that long ago. thats where i was lucky enough to meet Lindsey, another nanny. we've stayed friends over the years. she married someone from vegas, and literally lives 10 minutes away from my parents house. isn't it funny that the one time we've been able to coordinate our schedules was when she was on a trip to utah. it was so fun to sit and chat over dinner (long over due chatting) and then we walked around the corner to bruges for the real deal belgian waffles. it was only fitting, right?
so fun to catch up linds. it needs to happen more often!!

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