Thursday, August 25, 2011


no, this post is not about britney spears.

i had a friend singing in church on Sunday, so i headed to another ward for sacrament meeting to "support". i sat down next to him in sacrament meeting and grabbed the program to take a gander. and then i picked up the ward newsletter that was sitting on the bench to peruse. i was happy to see a message on the front page from a member and kind of friend (kind of friend meaning i didn't know him very well, but we would have been real friends if we had taken the time to get to know each other). he is serving as elders quorum president in the ward and had put something together to share with the ward. i read it. then i read it again. then i got out my journal and wrote down my thoughts about it and how to apply his message into my life. and then i stole my friends ward newsletter for me to keep for myself.
i was telling some other friends about his message tonight, and then i let them see the message to read for themselves. they loved it too. so now that i know it's not just me, i figured i would share it. i didn't see any copyrights on the ward newsletter, and I'm hoping that kind-of-friend would be kind of flattered knowing that his message has and will continue to influence people.

"I see church membersof all kinds pray to God and ask if they are on the correct road.  We pray to know if we are studying the correct major, working int he right career, dating the right person, living our lives the correct way.  The scriptures are full of examples highlighting when God's children ask to know if they are on the right path and receiving answers from God, confirming the road they are on.
I truly believe that God gives answers to his children as to the roads we should travel.  I also believe that God answers this question in a specific way.  Suppose you suddenly found yourself in the middle of the desert at a crossroads the the task to find your way home.  You have no idea which road is the correct road to take.  You might pray and ponder which road would lead you home.  You might ask God to give you a sign as to which road was the correct road. 
I have yet to see a road in the U.S. that doesn't have a sign on it telling you the direction you are going.  However, signs never come to me.  I always go to the sign.  I believe when we ask God for help in identifying the roads of life, there will be signs on every road.  to get to the sign, however, you must walk down the road.  Signs do not come to you.  You must go to the signs.  You will eventually get to a sign that confirms or negates the road you are on.
I encourage you to take action in your life to get to the signs that God is so willing to give.  If you are wondering about a certain subject in school then study it.  The answer will come when you learn more about the subject than when you sit around thinking about studying it.  If you are wondering about dating a specific person then date them.  There is no way you an answer the question without performing the act.  Don't worry about wasting time walking down a road with a stop sign on it.  The only wasted time is sitting at the crossroads, being unable to take a risk and make a decision.  I know God will bless you as you make decisions and exercise faith that He will guide you in all things."

thanks, Dave.

so many thoughts about this. mostly I'm motivated to trust in the Lord. Move forward. Make decisions. I think the big thing for me is to not feel like I'm wasting time or effort by going down a road that may have a stop sign on it. The Lord will make you aware of His desires as you actively show your faith by making decisions and progressing.

What are your thoughts?


Mat and Brittena said...

Awesome message thanks for reminds me of one of the articles, I believe in last months ensign....the one about the fire stuff and picture....anyway same concept I recommend the article.

Melissa said...

love this to death. this blog post was heaven sent. guess i'm signing up for that intro to english major class. workin my way to find that road sign sister.

Meggera said...

I think you and I have actually talked about this topic for hours and hours! Still true, still wonderful, and still worth our time! Love to have our thoughts written down so beautifully! Thanks Dave!

kevin. Leanne. Beckum. Eden. said...

Very encouraging, H. Thanks for sharing!

hf said...

I never thought of it that way - signs don't come to me, I have to go to the signs to figure things out. I love this and the visual it gives me. And the article in the ensign Brit mentioned is right along these lines. Both powerful messages!