Monday, October 8, 2012

falling for fall

everyone keeps posting about how much they like october, and fall, and halloween, and the leaves, and cooler weather, and hot chocolate. i haven't done that yet, because i think i'm still learning to like fall. don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous outside. it's nice to enjoy cooler weather and pull out my sweaters. but do you know what comes after fall?? WINTER. i'm trying to prepare myself for that, and knowing that i get to park in a GARAGE this winter might just make me feel differently about the whole snow thing.
i've actually made of list of shows and movies that i want to watch and wont allow myself to see them now. i'll wait until it's cold outside. until everyone is calling me wanting me to go snowboarding and sledding and go to temple square 5 times in one week. then i can say "sorry, i have things to do at home"...and now you know those things are rewatching lost from beginning to end (don't judge me).

i bought a couch last week. and a lamp. and paint. there's just a few different projects happening in my house right now that i'm thrilled about. maybe if you're lucky, i'll post some pictures of the changes happening.

conference weekend was great, and i was so excited and surprised about the changes made for missionaries. weird to think that melissa could have already gone and been back. even weirder to think that my youngest brother will be of age right after graduation...which makes me feel like he's growing up way too fast. it can't be good for anyones health to have your youngest sibling grow up.

and ps, one of our residents today told me he thought it was great i chewed ice. nice crunchy treat, plus it burns calories because la di da something about lowering my core temperature or something like that. i already liked this resident, but now i like him even more. and i know all about lowering my core temperature. i've been found in my house eating a cup of ice sitting directly in front of my space heater.

just another reason winter is difficult for me...  :)

and just because i think it's lame to post without a picture, here's a recent screen shot from facetime with my brother. some things never change... (and just be grateful i didn't post that other picture, ry)