Wednesday, July 23, 2008

everything's sexier in paris...

at least that's what the billboard says in front of the paris hotel. have i been down to the strip twice in the past two days? yes siree bob, you betcha! my team headed down on saturday for our trip to the veg that we've been planning since our first week working together. of course, we had a blast!
a few highlights from the trip:
- hoover dam . . . and every joke that seemed appropriate afterwards
- cheesecake factory
- shopping
- the dark knight . . . "would you like to know how i got my smile??"
- heavyweights . . . "congratulations mr. sims, you're the fattest boy in camp"
- shopping "check out my new watch!"
- pillow talk
- breakfast, real breakfast. EVERY DAY!
- naps
- in-n-out
- shopping, at the hardware store, i mean H&M
- accents :)
- bellagio
- sleeping in!
loved having them here!! and why was it so funny and pathetic that it was sad to say goodbye? we'll see eachother again on sunday and be together ALL WEEK LONG!!
other news, my dear friend emily burgess is engaged to rey florez. it is a quick engagement, but i could not be more thrilled! they are getting married on my last day of efy, so i'm going to try to work it to be there for some of the day's events. other news...ali got her job in spanish fork and started TODAY! i am so excited, and it is now her official job to find us housing in provo. yes, us. i am almost positively sure i'm back in p-town. i'm still looking for a job, but i have a good feeling about the provo scene. i love efy. i love my team. i love the summer. but i'm tired, and am ready for real life to settle in again. i'll post pictures soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

flight 3787

I have been waiting for 19 months for this past weekend! It was so fun to be at the airport to welcome home Sister Lindsey Ward! We did end up having the most pathetic sleepover of all time. We were both so tired we lasted about five minutes talking. We suprised Lindsey friday night and showed up as the sugar shack. For those of you that don't know what the sugar shack is, shame on you. We all lived together in our favorite house that was so lovinginly called the sugar shack. My fondest memories of college days are from this house and the girls I lived with. Three of them went on misisons, and Cindy and I have been plotting since the first one left to get together again. It was so fun to sit around and giggle and catch up! I sure love having Lindsey home!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

the biggest noissse in Illinois!!!

Sister Lindsey Ward gets home from her mission today, and I'm not excited one bit. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? I stayed up last night and made silly posters and my team is nice enough to let me sneak away from efy so I can be at the airport. "You are my inspiration, Lindsey. The perfect combination...Lindsey. Your eyes your hair are beyond compare..." Hurry up and land Delta flight 3787!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

here's the deal...

ok. sometimes you get bored at efy. sometimes things are funny when they really aren't. i think you know where i'm headed with this one. heaven knows i didn't think anyone read my blog, so i was a little suprised with the few angry/shocked texts and calls i got that they heard about love via blog. trust me, when it happens, you will know. my blog will at least correspond with my facebook status...come on people. this ben character doesn't exist. no ben.
on a happy note, "the last 6 days" were rather enjoyable. basically a party and a half. i was only planning on spending a day or two in provo, but i ended up being down there my whole week off. did i catch up on my sleep? hah! no, but i did have alot of fun. here's a recap of the week, picture style. and i'm not blog savvy enough to make it look good, so just enjoy them out of order and scattered across the post.
job hunt. it's still going. right now i think i'm looking more in the provo area. i'll keep you posted on that. other exciting news. lindsey gets home on friday. my team is nice enough to let me slip out of my session for a bit on friday so i can go to the airport and see come down that escalator. my goodness, i'm ready for that sleepover friday night!!!
efy this week is going great. my little sister melissa and her friend lexi are here this week as participants. two stewarts in one session can be trouble, especially when there is dancing involved. that i know there are people who actually read this, i dare you to leave comments. isn't that fun?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

special delivery!

Guess what today is. July 1st? Correct. Today Utah Valley State College officially became Utah Valley University. yeehaw. Do you know what else that means? My diploma is in the mail. booyah ka shaw. It's being mailed home to my parents, and I told them not to open it, so I could open it when I'm home in a few it's a mission call or something. haha. I've been waiting a long time for this little piece o' paper to come in the mail, right dad?? I'm going to make copies of the blessed thing, sign it, and sell them for a quarter a piece. let me know if you're interested....and a picture of me in the old cap and gown, in case you forgot I walked. Good times, good times.