Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life is good

you know how sometimes you are just in an overall good mood? that's my life right now.
christmas break. great.
work. great.
friends. great.
overall. really great.

ok. life isn't just good. it's great.

i'm happy. really happy.

plus, did you notice in my christmas pictures that my mullet is gone? see ya later pig tail beth. i now have a very nice normal looking bob hair-do. whatcha think about that?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas, darling

 it was so nice to be home for a few days for the holidays. i'm used to having several days before christmas, and several after to enjoy being home. this year it didn't quite work out that way. with the new job, i didn't get home until the night before christmas eve. it was a little weird, but worked out just fine. 

christmas eve was full of traditions. here's beb and i folding bags for luminaries.

 i even found time to cut matthews hair...

 and play angry birds... (i told myself i would not follow that craze, but i just can't help myself...)

 christmas dinner with the fam.

and now beb and i have matching ctr rings. love it.

all of us with our books from grandma and grandpa.

 ok, so maybe santa brought just dance 2 for the wii.  i may have video to document this, but i will NOT be posting it. heaven sakes, i do know that after playing for 2 days, my arms are killing me. serious workout.

i hope that you all enjoyed your holiday as much as i did. it was great to be home and spend time with family. great to relax, take naps and have no plans. it was perfection.

ps, i saw tangled last night. it was so stinking good. loved the music from it. loved it, period. i will own it the second it comes out. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

sorry, i know i've been posting alot lately

but i've obviously got a little extra time on my hands... and a few things to get off my chest.

today i went to work and got sent over to pediatrics for the day. i left the moran and walked over to our clinic in primary childrens. you probably didn't know this, but i originally interviewed with pediatrics. this was the job i wanted bad bad bad, and was so disappointed when i didn't hear back. it was days later i got the call from the moran wanting me to come and interview for their main location, where i work now.

pediatrics was good. it was a nice change from the normal clinic i'm used to, but it wasn't nearly as challenging as my current job. it's a much smaller clinic, and really didn't push me very much. i couldn't help but think "gosh beth, this is what you wanted. BAD. and now look, you are in a larger clinic. you have so many opportunities to learn new things. i work with great people. alot of people that i wouldnt have known otherwise. people that teach me everyday. i work with smart doctors. doctors that invite me to come down to surgery and scrub in so i can watch (i'm so excited about this for some reason). today i realized that what we think we want or even what we think we deserve is not always what is best for us. i thought pediatrics would be the best place for me to use my skills and excel. man, was i wrong.

 i'm so happy that things don't always turn out the way you want them to.

maybe this is too much information

i don't have a bathtub in my bathroom. i'm not shower is great. it's huge. i've actually layed down in my shower once, just to see if i could do it. i could. but a shower just isn't a bath, especially during cold utah winter. sometimes, you just need a good soak in a hot bath, agreed?
do you know what else is waiting for me at home in clean green boulder city (other than family and a wonderful christmas?) my own bathtub. i plan on using that bathtub. every night.

have you ever wanted something really badly for christmas? maybe so badly that you would never even admit it outloud just in case you didn't get it?

dear santa......

i love david archuletta

i must have kept clear of the naughty list this year. yes, yes, i got to go see david archuletta concert with motab. twice.

in case you're wondering, those are 3D christmas lights glasses. it turned tracks into the polar express, and temple square into 3D heaven.
i would also like to announce that now only did i buy the bookclub book, but i'm on page 129. christmas miracle, indeed.

please don't laugh at me...

just so you get an idea...
this is the field i cross to get to my car. see the far and distant parking lot? that's where my car patienly waits for me at the end of every day. i told myself when i started working here, that the last thing i would do was cross that snow covered field. i was only lying to myself.

there's only one way to get an up close and personal picture of snow trails in the field, and it's to walk the snow trails in the field. after a good storm, there's quite the maze of different trails all over this field. comical? maybe. it does make it a little easier to get the fence, which i hop, of course.

so i wear boots to work, then change into my work shoes when i get there. a few weeks ago, i wore my old grey fake ugg boots into work to cross the field of ice and snow. by the end of the day, most of the snow had melted and i ended up wearing my regular shoes back out to the car with my boots tucked safely under my arm.

enter blizzard 2010.

a few days later, i can't find my boots. i think they must be in the car. nope. lost in the closest. no way. under the bed? fat chance. gone forever. no trace. i bought new boots.

fast forward a week. the snow melts, and one day walking across a damp but mostly snow free frisbee golf course to get to work, i see them. someone's found my boots and placed them just so i'd find them. to be honest, i was (and still am) a bit embarassed to pick up the boots and carry them on into work. so i did what any respectable persone would do. i shoved them into my purse so no one could see me walking with them.

how embarrassing.
just another part of me that survived blizzard 2010.

i love christmas

i totally forgot that this was the sunday before christmas (silly me...) so i was pleasantly suprised when i showed up to church today for a special christmas musical sacrament meeting. it was perfect. just what a needed.

to top it off, our bishop got up and shared a few thoughts at the end of the meeting. i usually shut off when people spat off phrases like "if i could ask you to do one thing over your break, it would be...." but lucky for me, this time, that didn't happen.

bishop challenged us to do three things over the next week. if you have the time (or if you don't) i invite you to join me:

1. forgive someone.- self explanatory. easier said than done, but self explanatory.
2. love someone - make an effort to show and tell someone how much you love them.
3. serve someone - i'm excited for this one!!

three very simple things if you think about it, but in the end i think they will help me to forget about myself and in turn help me think more about my Savior. what a wonderful time of year when we can forget about the cares of the world and focus on the greatest life and example to ever live. at christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ. That same Christ still lives today, and continues to bless my life. I'm grateful for this season when we can recognize his humble birth and celebrate his perfect life.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

it's christmas time

i just wrote a whole post, and then deleted it....on purpose.

i told myself last night that i was going to sleep in this morning, and then my body woke up at 8:30. awesome. don't worry, i've decided to make up for it, that i'll just stay in bed until i get bed sores. that'll show em'. ok, not really that long, but i am still in bed. i love times like this when i'm not in a rush to get out of the house, not in a rush to call friends (ok, so maybe i already tried to call lindsey, but that doesn't count. that's a normal daily thing...) not in a rush to get out and go shopping, or run errands. i will lay in bed and stalk friends on facebook simply because i can.

so there you have it. nothing officially scheduled for the entire day. wonderful.

i'm not much of a "movie quoter". not that i don't want to be, i just don't have the memory for it. but there are a few classics that i tend to use. i was just laying here in bed trying to get warm, and thought of one of my favorite quotes that me and cousin linds use on a regular basis:

"winter must be cold for those with no warm memories"

if you can tell me what movie that's from, you get major points. well, now it's time to get sentimental. thinking back on past christmas seasons, i'm so grateful for memories and traditions. i'm grateful for parents who let me believe in santa until the 5th grade when my school teacher broke me the news. i'm grateful for grandparents who help build my church library by giving us a new book every year for christmas. i'm grateful for sleeping in the same room with my grown siblings on christmas eve, because thats what you do. i love knowing that when i go home next week for christmas, even though i'm showing up on christmas eve-eve, the red lights and garland will be on the banister, carpenters christmas will be playing quietly in the family room, the little mouse doorknob cover will make it hard for me to open the door, christmas goodies will cover the kitchen table, and my family will be there waiting for me. we can turn on the fireplace, turn off the lights, and sit in the glow of the christmas tree and talk and laugh.

i am a lucky girl. can thursday afternoon come any sooner?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

its here.

i'm finally in the christmas spirit. i got lucky yesterday and randomly got the afternoon off. do you know what that means? it means i went shopping for 7 1/2 hours. all by myself. meandering through aisles. calling my mother every 45 mintues to update her on treasures i'd found.

it. was. perfect.

and today, i came home from work excited to wrap, sew, bake, and put together. i love giving gifts. goodness, it's fun.

i actually had my first gift exchange tonight. twas' a success.

tomorrow i'll be a week away from going home for christmas. yippee!!!
tomorrow i get to go see david archuletta with linds. yahooie!!

oh yes, how could i forget? thought you should know i wore my hair in pig tails today. you heard me. pig tail beth is back. and if that doesn't make for a merry christmas, then i don't know what does :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the latest and the greatest.

i don't really have any new great grand wonderful news. now that i'm settled in salt lake, life has settled. don't get me wrong, i have plenty swarming around in my head.

thought #1: i love friends, and i love nicknames. i hate the combination of this friend and this nickname. please remain a secret forver.

thought #2: after all that second guessing, it was a good idea after all.

thought #3: i really need to clean my room. i never want to clean my room.

thought #4: not that i'm complaining, but there is no snow on the ground. and not that many christmas lights up. even though i've been to temple square 3 times, it still doesn't quite feel like christmas...

thought #5: i need to go to the temple.

thought #6: am i really going to read my book for book club this month or should i just pretend i read my book for book club this month?? seriously, we meet on sunday.

thought #7: life is interesting, isn't it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i'm a survivor

i just got a text from cousin lindsey offering me a dollar if i could remember what her and i were doing together this very night exactly one year ago.

i never was very good at games like that, but with a little help...i remembered.

remember that time i had the swine flu? well forget it. this time last year i was just starting my battle with the 24 hour flu. and when i say battle, i mean BATTLE.

don't worry that three of us in our house got it in the same night. it was a massacre. i still remember all ending up in the front room at about 3 in the morning, sitting in the dark because it was too painful to lay down, all taking turns moaning and groaning, and one of us asking if the other two were okay.

heaven sakes i'm glad that day (mostly night) is over. good thing megan was there the next morning to take care of us. and that is when i gained a testimony of theraflu.

i survived.

ps. did i mention i feel horrible tonight? at one point i wondered if i was starting up round two. gross. i probably just need to go to bed.....

to all of those who have survived the 24 hour flu, my hats off to you. tonight i'll drink a whole warm mug full of theraflu in your honor. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

seriously so blessed

thanksgiving break was fantastic. am i a lucky girl or what?
next stop: christmas.