Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life is good

you know how sometimes you are just in an overall good mood? that's my life right now.
christmas break. great.
work. great.
friends. great.
overall. really great.

ok. life isn't just good. it's great.

i'm happy. really happy.

plus, did you notice in my christmas pictures that my mullet is gone? see ya later pig tail beth. i now have a very nice normal looking bob hair-do. whatcha think about that?


Steve Lamb said...

You LOOK happy in all your pictures! I miss you and I hope that your Christmas was merry and bright! PS I dig the bob. I guess I missed the mullet phase, but I am sure you rocked that, too. Happy New Year!

Heather and Taylor said...

Can I see you sometime soon?! xo

Whitney said...

Life's great? Maybe it's because YOU'RE great.

PS. Your mom uses billboards