Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas, darling

 it was so nice to be home for a few days for the holidays. i'm used to having several days before christmas, and several after to enjoy being home. this year it didn't quite work out that way. with the new job, i didn't get home until the night before christmas eve. it was a little weird, but worked out just fine. 

christmas eve was full of traditions. here's beb and i folding bags for luminaries.

 i even found time to cut matthews hair...

 and play angry birds... (i told myself i would not follow that craze, but i just can't help myself...)

 christmas dinner with the fam.

and now beb and i have matching ctr rings. love it.

all of us with our books from grandma and grandpa.

 ok, so maybe santa brought just dance 2 for the wii.  i may have video to document this, but i will NOT be posting it. heaven sakes, i do know that after playing for 2 days, my arms are killing me. serious workout.

i hope that you all enjoyed your holiday as much as i did. it was great to be home and spend time with family. great to relax, take naps and have no plans. it was perfection.

ps, i saw tangled last night. it was so stinking good. loved the music from it. loved it, period. i will own it the second it comes out. :)


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The Littlest Moons said...

I am so envious that you were 1}Home for Chirstmas and 2}playing Wii the whole time! Glad you had a good one!