Friday, October 31, 2008

oh. my. goodness.

do i have words for this situation? no. the halloween party at work was a success. this is one of the managers, shane. he dressed up like miss piggy...snout and all. don't worry, this picture does not do it justice. tawny dressed up at a pirate and tiffany as a jailbird. i wore boring scrubs. (ps: tiff and tawny sit at the desk right next to me and keep me sane during the day)
this is the only picture i took from the work party. there were tons of cute little kids, candy galore, and one funky looking miss piggy with a nasty man voice.

friday night

we had a few trick-or-treaters tonight, so i was glad i had some left over candy from the work party. i forgot how bad i've felt in past years when i had cute little kids come to my door and had to pretend i wasn't home because i didn't have candy.
little kids are officially home and going through their candy stash, and the weirdos are out...which means i'm in. here is my project for the night. tomorrow these little babies will be on the wall and my house won't be ugly anymore. :)

happy halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

best. purchase. of. the. month.

no question.

its a flat hike

for everyone wondering, it's not a flat hike. but it was still well worth it. this was our first stop on our trip to lake powell. horseshoe bend. it was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. i do not advise bringing children to this wonder of the world. there was no railing at all, and i was a little nervous just walking up to the edge of the cliff. luckily it wasn't windy that day...

and pulse, and pulse

my roommate started doing a yoga-lates (yes, yoga and one!) dvd everyday. i have yet to join her, partly because of my prior experience with the two.
experience #1: i had a friend that went to the same gym as me. when he found this out, he invited me to go to the pilates class with him. trying to impress, i agreed. stupid, stupid, stupid. pilates is hard, and quite awkward at times if you think about it. perfect example. my friend and i were mat neighbors (definition: his mat was placed next to mine) but he was closer to the instuctor than i was, so he was in my field of vision as i watched the instructor to know what to do next. instructions: lay on your back. scoot your feet up close to your bottom. lift your bottom up off the ground. and pulse. and pulse. granted, it was quite the work out, but i don't know what was harder, keeping up with the rest of the class or controlling my giggles. needless to say, that was my first and last pilates class.
experience 2: my cousin lindsey got home from her mission this summer. the night she got home, i slept at her house. our first official sleepover in 19 months! it was golden. the next morning we woke up and she asked me if i would like to salute the sun with her. "must be a mission thing," i thought...but agreed to salute. we got down on the floor and did the unthinkable. yoga. i don't need a professional gym instuctor or class to let me know that i'm not good at yoga. i followed lindseys lead, but failed miserable. it turned out to be a pretty pathetic salute. sorry sun.
although both experiences are quite humorous, it makes me a little apprehensive to pop in the dvd and join along with the skinny little half dressed instructor on her bamboo mat. then again, laughing burns calories too, so i guess it couldn't hurt.
or i could just go buy another ipod and get my bum on the treadmill. either way, my life needs energy. my life needs exercise.

i miss nathaniel.


(don't worry about the's a Stewart thing, i guess.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm rich!

i feel like such a grown up. i made my first car payment yesterday. and then looked at the balance, and felt very poor.

my dear my dear my dear you do not know me but i know you very well....

this poor man has called my office multiple times today, and when i answer..."squire investment, this is bethany", he responds with" hi bb-b-bbb-bbb-bbb-bb-bbb-bethany. this is so and so again."
i have never had a conversation with a stutter-er before. i didn't know what to do?!? the last time he called, he said he was trying to be humorous and it wasn't working...and then continued to stutter through his next sentance. okay, so now what am i supposed to believe. he's faking it? haha, funny joke?? or do i believe that he was just embarassed so tried to be light-hearted about it? at this point, was i supposed to laugh or stay quiet on the other end of the line? i had no idea what to do. so...i started chanting "stuttering stanley, stuttering stanley" and laughing into the phone.
really? let's be serious. i thanked him for calling back and encouraged him to call if he had any other questions. no chanting.
ps: i'm really tired. my mother called me last night to ask me a quick question and we ended up chatting till 12:40 am. "a mass-a-cree" (name that movie) i was suprised to be on time for work today, and i actually wasn't tired this morning. the after-lunch-slowness-and-ready-to-go-home time of day has kicked in, and with an hour left i'm afraid i'm going to pass out at my desk.
update of halloween work party. i am slowly getting excited about it, cause it's a KIDS party. employees kids and grandkids come in and trick or treat at my very own cubicle, so it's basically the cute fun halloween of my youth. fantastic. (ps...i got invited to a corn maze tonight, and thought about going. big group of people. good times. wait wait wait. it's days before halloween. its bound to haunted, especially in the dark of night. shoot. it looks like i have a previous engagement.)
ps: i love my institute class and am grateful for insightful, knowledgable and inspired teachers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

why do i get annoyed so easily? tell me to knock it off. thank you.

now, for the real post. confession time: on my lunch break i enjoy going home and watching a little baby story on TLC. the real confession, i cry every time. before i come back for lunch i have to clean up and fix my make up. today was no was worse. this mother was pregnant with her second child while her husband was killed in iraq. what? i basically sobbed the whole episode, sitting alone in my dark living room. i wanted to move to florida to help her.

on a lighter note, when i was driving back to work i saw this sassy little sports car that had a crushed bumper. ouch. what is that car doing on the road?!? don't worry that when i pulled up next to it, there was this sassy little girl, all done up with her hair and make up done like she was going to the prom...with a thick nasty foam neck brace on. truth. if i didn't think i would have gotten in an accident of my own, i would have snapped a picture of that.

and yes. hsm3 is jamming in my car right now.
living. the. dream.


I'm pretty sure we got assignments for cleaning checks on my door yesterday. I'm sorry...but it seems like only yesterday I was wiping down every slat on the blinds with a damp rag, only for them to leave a note for me to "give more attention around the chords". seriously though?
on another note, i need help with a project i'm working on. we have a very blank and very ugly wall in my front room that i would love to fill. it's drives me nuts actually, and i feel like i have to apologize anyone comes over. it's that ugly. ok, so i went to DI and bought alot of picture frames. all shapes. all sizes. and spray painted them black. perfect. now i need black and white photos to fill the suckers. if anyone has a GREAT picture they think i would want to blow up in black and white and hang in my soon-to be-cute-and-presentable living it to me :)
i've told myself that there will be pictures hanging on the wall by this weekend. the madness (and ugliness) has gone on long enough.

ps...jeckyl and hyde last night was PERFECTION. we got to stop and see my nephews, who are too cute. they tried on their new jammies and could not get enough of their new star wars guns. way to go, grandma! The drive (and talking) with Lindsey was almost theraputic. and the show? mothers milk. icing on the cake, we got to see Laura, Jake and Preton before heading home. i love my family, seeing them randomly and laughing about our awesome childhood where our parents made a fantastic effort to let the cousins see eachother. perfect. oh yes, and i'm still laughing about the helen keller incident.

Monday, October 27, 2008

just like kindergarten

remember that time i had the heater on all day at work, and am now suffering from heat stroke? remember how i cried at my desk all morning while i talked to my dad on the computer? (thanks for the advice popio!) remember how i worked through lunch so i didn't have to stay until five so the only thing i've eaten today was a cup of water and a piece of chocolate? remember how i'm tired after going over to megan and gregs too late last night...but could have not gone to bed without a good chat with them? remember how i'm over today? yes. yes i am. i'm going home.

ps. i'm grateful for good co-workers. i had a very nice email correspondence with one in particular today that made me feel better about things. was grateful for her advice, kind words and listening ear.

tag. you're it.

ok. i like reading tags on other blogs, but i've never been tagged...till now. thanks jenny. you are my favorite daughter. plus, like i said before, it's one of those days at work. warning, i'm in an honest mood today:

8 things I'm passionate about:
1- family
2- friends
3- church
4- cell phone...i must have my cell phone
5- communication
6- shoes
7- being a good sister
8- making others happy

8 words or phrases I use often:
1- really though?!?!
2- livin' the dream
3- over it
4- rocks my world
5- are you kidding me?
6- fantastic
7- girl....
8- ridiculous

8 things I have learned from the past:
1- people really do treat you differently if you are skinnier. (it's a fact of life!)
2- as much as i hated school at the time, it is the primo phase of life
3- as much as i hated dorchestra, it taught me discipline
4- honesty is the best policy
5- secrets secrets are no fun. secrets secrets hurt someone.
6- my parents really do love me no matter what i look like and no matter how successful i am. (thank goodness...)
7- friends really are very influential. I am lucky i had good friends...and i'm even luckier that when i had a few that weren't so hot, my good friends made me aware of that and forbade me to ever speak to them again. truth. it happened.
8- the church is true.

8 places I want to go or see:
1- Washington D.C.
2- San Fran
3- Belgium
4- please get me back to Nauvoo...ASAP
5- home. i love going home. (las vegas home)
6- broadway or bust
7- London
8- Venice

( i realize i've already been to most of those places, but its like ordering from a menu. i already know what i like, so....)

8 things I currently need or want:
1- new ipod...mine was lost during efy madness this summer
2- my car paid for. in full.
3- lunch. i am working through lunch so i can leave early. no food= headache. blah.
4-a boyfriend. last year i wished for a boyfriend for christmas. it worked! well, kind of. obviously it didn't "work", but christmas miracles still happen.
5- new friends. currently accepting applications. (not that my current friends are cutting it, but i need from fresh water added to the pot if you know what i mean...)
6- i would love to find my old phone. it's still currently lost at grandmas...full of all my phone numbers. now THAT would be a christmas miracle.
7- must see HSM3 again. must.
8- for boys to realize that dating and getting married doesn't have to be difficult. I would be a good wife. you could have my car. i would cook for you. do your laundry. buy you new shoes. make the bed. have the house clean when you got home from work. put you through school. and give you cute well-mannered children.

light at the end of the tunnel

just when i thought today was only going to be poopy....i got a text from my dearest of dear cousins - lindsey. I get to go see jeckyl and hyde with her tonight. i love that production!! and it will be the perfect escape for me. (yes, when i have problems i like to run away from them and pretend like they aren't happening or never happened in the first place. its something i'm working on!)
today is also my twin nephews birthday. holy cow they are getting old! i still can't believe they are already in kindergarten. it seems like yesterday i was running around like a crazy person trying to help Whitney with two newborns. how does she do it all?!?!? what a good mom.
So I am going to stop at Whit's on the way up to the play to see the nephs, wish them the happiest of birthdays, and then on to the show!!
PS...have i said lately how much I love my cousin lindsey? she is a wonderful friend, always a listening ear, can ALWAYS make me laugh, and i can always count on her for a good time. I am grateful to have such a good friend as a cousin. i am a lucky girl.
and yes, it's one of those days at might just get 7 posts today, so deal with it.

spack attack

I'm officially back from my weekend getaway. I will post about it soon, when I have pictures...I promise.
I think I'm officially in a rut, and I hate that. I'm trying to pin point where and what is exactly in the rut...which is frustrating and requires I evaluate my life. No good. I'll apologize to those friends who had to to hear it in real, what a mess. I won't go into that, cause my mind is in a hundred different places..."I've got alot on my mind!!" ( I love that movie...anyone know what it's from??)
I just got a reminder email about our work Halloween party on Friday. Let me vent about this. I love little kid Halloween. Trick or treating with little fairies and super heroes, free candy, old scary movies, ghost jello, dinner in a pumpkin, donuts on the cat tail. (sorry, those memories will only make sense to my family) I hate adult Halloween. Dressing up like weirdos, masks, haunted houses, GIVING away candy for free, new scary movies, and thinking its okay to dress inappropriately and call it a "costume". I cannot embrace that. So, in my adultness, I have chosen to celebrate Nevada Day instead of Halloween. Yes, Nevada Day is a real holiday and happens to fall on Halloween. And yes, I love Nevada, enough to miss it's current heat and know the state song. Do you know your state song? Ha.
So here's the predicament. I do not want to dress up, decorate my cubicle and give away free candy to peoples kids at work. But I will. This is when i'm grateful for scrubs. I can "dress up" like a doctor and wear pajama like clothing to work.
Whatever. Happy Nevada Day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

braided shut

remember the cute little braid i used to do in my hair? i can't do it with my new haircut. well, i haven't tried yet. i saw a picture of that cute braid today, and i miss the braid. i love the new do, and several of you have been so kind at complimenting me. i even found out my dad finally likes my hair cut...and i quote:

dad: i really like your new hair cut! i didn't really like the last one..
me: the a-line cut? i had that for years!!!
dad: i know. as a man i learned to keep my mouth shut. but you look nice now!

thank you dad.

i leave for powell in the morning, and this seems to be the longest day at work...neverending!! still 2 more hours of stuffing envelopes and getting quarterlies in the mail. and then i get to order an ugly plaque for some office award. don't ask. it's not worth the effort.

Monday, October 20, 2008

go green

i love my fhe group.
thanks for the pumpkins mom.
the night was a success!

shower of death

last sunday i was going to take a quick shower before giving ali a ride up to church early for meetings. i wasn't in the shower for 30 seconds before ali heard a big crash and a scream of death come from my bathroom. she ran to my aid. the shower curtain had fallen, and after i became decent, ali came in to help me re-hang the blasted thing. i thought we had fixed it. ali left, i threw my towel back up and over the rod and started to shampoo. crash. death scream. ali came to help me, but instead of taking the ten minutes to try to fix it again...SHE HELD THE SHOWER CURTAIN UP FOR ME! talk about true friendship. i was laughing my face off, and she just kept yelling that her arms were burning off from having to hold up the curtain.
needless to say i was a little nervous to hop back in the shower. don't worry, bathing is the new showering. after a week of baths, i decided it was not time efficient and thought i should try the shower again.
i'm officially back to showering. congratulations, right? and don't worry, i won't post the picture we took to document this blessed event.

ps...i leave for lake powell in 3 days. sunset or bust.

ye be warned

what a weekend!! it was so fun to be home and be with the fam. I was able to go to Matthew's soccer game, and Cindy was nice enough to come out and help Beb get ready for homecoming. She looked beautiful! I will get pictures up soon. We spent saturday night at the pirate house. I don't even have words for this place. It's a mixture of cool and weird, but luckily, I was with Cindy, so we just laughed our faces off and visited the slushie and soft serve ice cream machine regularly. (yes, they had both of them there with an endless supply of ice cream cones.) I posted pictures of this crazy place on facebook, and i'm still waiting for a disk of the better ones. For the record, Cindy did talk me into going down the water slide fully clothed. Sure did. I have not laughed that hard in I don't know how long...

Friday, October 17, 2008


Ali and I leave after work today to head down to Vegas for the weekend. Jealous? You should be. I'll drop Al off in St. George and then head home for a fun filled weekend with the fam. And don't worry, Cindy is coming out to my house. Necessary?? Absolutely. After we get the Beb all done up for her dance, Cindy and I are going to gossip for 9 hours straight. Sounds perfect :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i love married people

especially when they live across the street from me. yesterday i was supposed to make cupcakes. yesterday Greg made cupcakes...and the frosting! He did all the work and let me do the fun part of frosting! but don't we all look so domestic? and when Greg wanted to watch the debate? (gross) Megan went shopping with me. Really though...what more could you ask for?!?!
Need a good laugh? Add Lindsey and a bigfoot speech to this picture and it's screamin for a good time. Really though, we are funny people...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

you asked for it....

earlier this year i was lucky enough to take a trip to puerto rico. never in my life have i thought about going there, but my roommate meg, who works for jet blue, got us a stellar deal. i will never forget that phone call on my way home from school when they told me they'd bought me a plane ticket so i'd better get work off. are you kidding me? what is a girl to do in that situation?? i'll tell you...she get's work off.
what a trip!! we had an absoulte blast and had a very "cultural" experience. we spent a full day at the beach, and i was so excited to get some sun!! it was still winter in provo and everyone was pasty-white or fake-bake-nasty, so i was excited to come home with natural sun from the beaches of puerto rico. in your face.

if you only knew how long it took us to get this picture....

no one told us about the harshness of the sun down there in puerto rico. i was smart enough to put sun screen on....on the tops of my knees. "gosh it would stink to get the tops of my knees burned", i told myself as we layed out our towels on the beach, claiming our spot for the day. i brought a book, and plus we had taken the red eye the night before, so a little nap was in the order. as the day progressed i could tell i had maybe gotten a little too much sun, so i put on a jacket and decided it was time to head back to the hotel.
we were scorched. we went straight to a walgreens and bought aloe vera. i even went and got into the FREEZING swimming pool at the hotel to try to "stop the burn" from progressing. does that even work? all i know is i was freezing my bumpies off. it was a miserable night to say the least.

The next day was painful, but it was just a sunburn. it killed to be in the sun (makes sense) but we had planned to be in old san juan all off we went. we toured old castle things (with the help of a great tour guide), ate at "cultural" places, and megan even got her pina colada. it was a blast, but that stupid sun was killing. i found myself avoiding regular pathways and making my own where there was shade. we even bought umbrellas (to look more like real tourists) to shade us from the sun. later that night we headed to the airport to catch our red eye back to the mother land.

after our first flight, my ankles started to swell up (from the elevation, i assumed) and i even started forming these little blisters on my legs where i had gotten the most sun. i had seen little blisters before. this wasn't my first sunburn. i wasn't too concerned.

notice the layers. puerto rico was hot. slc was cold at each airport i would add a layer!

by the time we got to the SLC airport, i was in major pain. i could barely walk my ankles were so swollen, and the blisters were not their original size. i didn't know quite what to do, but after jon took one look at my legs (i was so embarassed to even show anyone!!) he told me i needed to to straight to urgent care. megan and i left straight from the airport and went to urgent care.

how pathetic...

do i look happy to you?? at this point, it hurt to have my legs on the floor and was trying to prop them up on things. i couldn't even look at my legs, but i was afraid to have my pants rubbing on the blisters, so i had to have them pulled up. i was miserable. i have debated whether or not to even post this next picture. everyone always wants to see it...until they see it. then they make this nasty face and look at me like i'm a deformed creature. but its time for you to know the truth....

no, that is not pudding on my legs, and no, i don't know why they are yellow. i do know that my ankles are not usually that size. i also know that i could not walk for 2 weeks after this little incident. i know i cried in urgent care while they drained every last blister.

lessons i learned from my trip to puerto rico:

  1. if you are going to leave the country, tell your mom and dad. i don't care if puerto rico isn't really"out of the country" because it's US territory (thanks matthew) and if you think you are old enough to go on trips without permission.
  2. sunscreen is a good thing. sometimes i think its still "cool" to be tan. i need to get over that. i have fair skin and freckles. great. wear sunscreen.
  3. it is no fun to feel like you can't call your mom. i was in p-a-i-n...but she didn't even know i went on the silly trip in the first i didn't feel like i could call her to cry about it
  4. i love the english language. spanish is pretty, and maybe i'm just jealous that i can't speak it myself...but i was happy to be back in new york and hear english again. english everywhere.
  5. i love me a bk stacker.
  6. never take the little things for granted, i.e. walking, showering, going to the bathroom by yourself, getting a drink when you're thirsty, standing still in one place. sounds silly...until you can't do these things. i have funny stories, and if you are lucky i will share them with you about how i had to live whilst i could not walk.
  7. i love to travel. i love to see different places, experience different cultures. but let's be honest. i'm an american, and i love things that remind me of home. ( yes i'm referring to bk and dq )

ok. i'm hoping we can still be friends, despite the horror of this post. please, love me anyways. just in case you wanted to give me a speech: i know, i know. i'm a firm believer in sun screen now. i love it. i went to the beach this summer, and although i did get some sun, i was very careful and not embarassed to lather that stuff on like my life depended on it. i'm hoping to never repeat the pain of puerto rico again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


no. not ninja turtles shredder. i wish.
yesterday i pulled up to costco to gas up and grabbed my wallet. WHAT?!?! no costco card. i tried to think back to the last time i had it, and realized i must have left it at costco last time i was there. i remember being in a rush, and figured that must be the case.
i called costco and told them i thought i had left my card there...thinking they would have it in a cute little file over at the customer service desk and i could just go pick it up.
"yeah, we just shred those. next time you come in we'll just make you a new one"
WHAT?!?! just shred them? who does that? it seemed so harsh.
maybe it's time for a new costco card. at least that's what i'm telling myself so i don't think of the sentimental value of the last...what good memories i had with that costco card! who just shreds things like that?
ok, i probably just need to get over it. i'll tell you what i do need. a new cd in my car. nothing against mo tab and efy, but i'm gospeled out by tuesday. i do have a nice little mix made by a friend, but i am dying for some good tunes. radio stinks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

put a fork in me,

I'm done. I stayed up way too late last night. But it was good. Good company, good conversation, good times. (ha)

Here's a few things on my mind:

#1) I don't really like cowboys. I'm not a huge fan of wranglers, plus cowboys like animals and I don't really. Despite my lack of love for cowboys, I'm going to be one. Ride off into that sunset. Thank you Ryan.
#2) I'm still trying to learn how to use my new phone. It's a nice phone with lots of fancy doo dads on it. I find myself missing my old phone that locks when I slide it shut and wakes me up on vibrate mode.
#3) I still don't have phone numbers, so even though I have a phone I find myself not using it....because I don't have any numbers. I love sitting around waiting for people to call. Lovely.
#4) I am a people pleaser to an extreme....almost a fault. Dang.
#5) I say "I'm over it" all the time. Very rarely am I really over it. I try to convince myself that I'm over it, mostly to please others. Whoops.
#6) I need to be more patient.
#7) Have I mentioned that I love my FHE group and I'm excited to go tonight? Go green.
#8) I wear skirts alot now. I like it, but it's getting a little cold for skirts, don't you think?
#9) Don't say one thing and do another. Don't say you'll call, and then don't. Don't say you're going to come visit, and then not. Don't ask me out on a date, and then stand me up. Don't say you want to kiss me and then not do it. Really, the list could go on, but this is one of my biggest no-no's. This hurts my feelings. Hurting my feelings is bad. I have a hard time getting over it (see #5)
#9) My room is clean. At least it was yesterday. I need to go home and hang up clothes. My goal is to keep my room clean all week. wish me luck...
#10) My nephews are going to Disneyland next week for the first time. Without me. And I'm insanely jealous and sad I can't go.
#11) I'm working on a secret project. You will see pictures when it's complete, but I'm excited about it. yee haw.

Enough rambling. I don't know where half of that stuff came from... oh yeah, one more thing. I will name one of my children Charlie, and his uncle Ryan will call him Charles.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oh how i miss.... secret bathroom.

If walls could talk, this bathroom has heard of lot of secrets, seen alot of tears, and witnessed animal control save our lives.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

rise and shout

the cougars are out

Friday, October 10, 2008

sex pot

Okay, calm down. Let me explain. I talked about shopping with the Beb for her homecoming dress. We shopped. We conquered. Then we went to grandma's house. I was downstairs in the basement, when I randomly opened a closet full of grandmas "vintage" clothes. Yes, her dress from the Snow Ball. I called Beb downstairs and told grandma we were going to try on her homecoming dress for her to see. YES!! Beb tried on the dress. Beb is skinny skinny. The darn dress would not zip up!!! Beb went upstairs and grandma was so proud that she was skinnier in college than Beb is in high school. What is this world coming to?!?! When we all acted so suprised that Melissa couldn't zip up the darn thing, grandma answered matter-of-factly " Well, duh guys. I was a sex pot"...which I already knew. So, this is not Bebs real homecoming dress, but Beb wearing grandma's dress she wore to the Snow Ball. love love love.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

who's that little boy??

When I was little I had a cute short little haircut. Not long ago I was watching home movies with my little brother and sister. Matthew, as serious as a heart attack, asked "Who's that little boy?". Me. It was me. My mom will swear that she did my hair and it looked cute all the time. Most of the pictures I see i have this massive rat's nest in the back showing how I'd slept the night before. All rats nest's aside, it was a cute little girl bob, and I loved it.

Fast forward 20 years. Here ya go.

If you don't like it, lie to me. Just kidding, you can tell me if you don't like it. Yes, it's darker. Luckily everyone at work still knew who I was, new hair-do and all.
Let's just hope I still have a job in the next few weeks, with the market and all. (yes, i googled "stock market for dummies" today. Learned nothing.)

cleaning checks?!?!

I sat here trying to remember the last time I had a cleaning management coming in and checking the blinds to make sure there is no dust. I haven't had a cleaning check since I lived in Carriage Cove!!! That was over four years ago, folks.
And now I'm back. When I got home the other night and the list of assignments was on the kitchen table, it all came back to me. Of course, I was the last one home and so the last one to choose my "list of chores". Don't you hate when they leave the worst jobs for you? This time I got lucky. Clean the living room and the blinds? Done. Of course I still have to clean my portion of the bathroom and my bedroom, but still. I was also reminded of how they tell you what cleaning products to use to clean what. Really though?? I hate cleaning checks. This morning Ali came in my room and sat on my floor with me while I tried to pick out an outfit to wear. We were trying to make plans for the weekend.
"What are you doing Friday night??"
Barf. I hate cleaning checks. And I would say that I'd clean tonight so I can play tomorrow, but by Saturday, the dust would have returned to the blinds and I would have to pay for them to come back another time and check it again. So stupid. When we moved in they actually suggested that we wipe down the blinds the morning of the cleaning check to make sure we pass. Seriously? So much for sleeping in on Saturday. I've got to wake up to wipe down the blinds. What a joke.


My blog needs a face lift. Frankly, I'm sick of looking at this ugly yellow color every time I log on. Maybe I'll have a contest...and whoever finds me my new favorite template, WINS. What do you win? The ultimate prize. (Okay, I'm not sure what the prize is yet. It may depend on who the winner is, if you know what I mean...)
Last time I offered a contest to two of my favorite people ( I was trying to get someone to make me a new CD, but turned it into a contest. "I know, whoever makes me the best new CD to play in my new car...WINS!") one said 'no thanks' and the other said 'I don't have time'. Really?!? Obviously they saw right through the contest and knew I really just wanted a new CD. Duh.
This is different, because the CD was just for me. This contest, my friends, is for you and your viewing pleasure. Convinced?
On a side note. I cut my hair. That's right. Butched it right off. How can someone with short hair BUTCH their hair off??? Use your imagination. It happened. Inches gone. It wasn't a re-enactment of the Brittany Spears incident, but could be compared to it in a spontaneous-I-needed-a-change sort of way. Hopefully people will continue to be my friend. Pictures will come soon.... if you're lucky...and if I can figure out how to style this "new do" on my own.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

vantage point.

we watched vantage point tonight. it was good. i liked it. but not as much as the movie i watched last night. after the debates, we ended up on the disney channel, and i mocked that "haunted mansion" with eddie murphy was on next. gross. who would want to watch that. ME. not only did i watch it, i got into it. scary dead people climb out of coffins and grab little girls in water canals!!!! needless to say i was frightened and was gasping on a regular basis.
i love the disney channel...but maybe i need to get out more??

ps...i love the jonas brothers too. camp rock for life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my hips don't lie

First of all I would like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS (in that special voice with my hands in the air) to Megan and Greg. I was so excited to watch their ultra-sound video tonight and find out they are having a baby GIRL!! They are going to be amazing parents, and I'm grateful for their friendship...and the dinner, and ice cream and endless games of skipbo.
Okay, I know you want pictures. Just kidding, I'm sure that was the last thing on your mind, and I should be embarassed that #1 my mom came to see where I work and #2 that I let her take pictures of me there. But no, I am proud. So proud that I'm posting them so you can see my great and spacious cubicle. Okay, I need to do something to brighten up the space...I'll be taking suggestions.

you better notice my name plate on the next picture. yeah that's right...

Monday, October 6, 2008

a whole new world.

remember how everything in my life is new? not just little things. big things. new house, new job, new roommates, new ward, new car. so why not get a new phone as icing on the cake? done.
today was mark's birthday and i was lucky enough to go out to dinner with my two brothers. oh how i love them, and oh how i miss nathaniel. after dinner, the boys went with me to get my new phone. i am no longer phoneless. (thank heavens) it sounds silly how dependant i am on the stupid thing, but my goodness! so now i have a new phone, but no phone numbers. dang. so call me and give me your number.
so great. everything new. its exciting, right? now all i need is a new boyfriend. done.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i feel absolutely naked without my lipstick

give yourself a pat on the back if you know the movie that comes from.

but really, i don't wear lipstick. but my cell phone is like an extension of me...and it's gone. last time i had an issue with my phone (it snapped in half), i walked right out the door to go buy a new one. i'm not one to be without my phone. be a full day without my phone is hard. i know it sounds silly, but i have become dependant on that little baby!
i'm trying to decide whether to wait it out and see if it turns up or to just go and buy another one, and if i'm going to get another phone...WHAT DO I GET?!?!
i guess it makes sense. New job, new apartment, new ward, new roomates, new car...

new phone.

P.S. I don't know how I'm going to wake up in the cell phone is my alarm clock. Interesting....

Friday, October 3, 2008

dress for success

What if you could shop and get paid for it? DONE.
Reason #63 why I like my job: We (and when I say we, I mean all the female employees) are going to Ann Taylor today for a Dress for Success event. We are having a fashion show. And if the fashion show ends early? We get to shop. Ask me if I'm a model. Yes. Ask me if I went in earlier this week and had them pick me out a shnazzy outfit to wear in the fashion show. You betcha. Ask me if I'm convinced I now need to own pants from Ann Taylor. I would be a happy woman. Ask if you can come.
Sorry. No hurt feelings, right? Maybe I'll take pictures, and let you touch my new pants that I might break down and buy.
Icing on the cake. I get to go shopping again today....with the Beb to shop for homecoming goodness. Life. Is. Good.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

zing zing zing went my heartstrings...

I love traditions. A while back, my cousin Laura got me into the symphony...and the rest is history. We usually only go when broadway is involved (Bravo Broadway or Broadway Rocks), because it's brings two of our favorite things together. We meet up for a fancy little dinner beforehand, and then enjoy our seats in the balcony in Abravanel Hall.

This trip was no exception. Laura, Lindsey, Whitney and I treated ourselves to dinner at the Garden at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

This is when I'm dreading my poor phone picture taking skills. There was a man there dressed in (prepare yourself) short purple shorts with a white button up shirt, white dress socks pulled up to his knees, and loafers. Dang. How did I miss the chance to capture that goodness?!?

The symphony always makes me miss orchestra...just a little bit. Some of you may know I grew up playing the violin - all thru junior high and high school. I didn't just take private lessons, but I also performed with the city orchestra. You had to try out for that!!! ...and at the time, I hated it. I called it "dorchestra" and poked fun with my friends that we would be involved in such a thing. (notice that my friends were in dorchestra with me. dont worry, i was cool enough to have other friends too...) Secretly I miss it. When I see them all up there playing together, it makes me wish I was playing again. ok, enough of being sentimental - moving on.

It was a different performance with guest singer Judy Garland. I know what you're thinking. Judy Garland is dead. That she is, and that's why they had three large screens up above the performing symphony playing video of her performing. Maybe sounds a little weird, but we loved every second of it. Now we just need Barbara to die so we can afford to go to one of her concerts.

I am the proud new owner of a toaster.

I love toast. I love eggs. I love life.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

done and done

I did it!!! I finished
breaking dawn.
How do I feel about it?
Didn't love it.
Didn't hate it.
Glad it's over.
And people won't see me with it and ask,
"What are you reading?"
To which I would always answer...
"that stupid vampire book!!"
Will I see the movie when it comes out?
You betcha.
Until then...I'll have to be social.