Wednesday, May 15, 2013

watch out, ya'll

first things first-- read this article.

ok. lets talk about it. i felt kind of cool when i felt like i was already very concious of a few of these things before some genius author person wrote and article about it.

but let's be real...number 6 punched me right in the gut. remember that one time i blogged about bold beth? don't get me wrong, its still very cool that i ran a half marathon, but lets actually apply #6 to different parts of life. going for that higher certification at work or heaven forbid--being vulnerable in a dating situation even though i might fall flat on my face.

why is it so hard to go for something when there is a chance you could fail? i'm trying to convince myself that it's worth taking a risk. is it worth looking a little silly or even feeling stupid?

i think it is. bold beth is back.