Sunday, February 27, 2011

i should be getting ready for church...


i was catching up on a friends blog when i saw another one of her friends blog on the sidebar. i've heard of this friend. heard stories of his funniness, so i thought i'd peek in and see how old funny was doing. guess what, he's still funny. i found some classic videos he'd posted on his blog that had me rolling. this one had me crying..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

turn the boat around

i was informed tonight via skype by my 19 year old sister and her roommate that my blog was getting to be depressing.

whoa. whoa. whoa. let's stop right there.

ok, so i know it was getting a little solemn. maybe a little serious. maybe a little debbie downer. maybe i was in a funk???

don't you worry. i'm officiallly out. tonight i went out on the town. translation :  i went to deseret book and the grocery store. maybe i was in clothes that resembled pajamas, but that's ok. deseret book was pretty quiet at 6:30 at night. i grabbed a few books and made myself comfortable in a big leather chair and sat and read for over an hour. i ended up buying to cs lewis books i've been wanting to read, but never have had the motivation to actually go and buy. no, they are not books for book club. i decided i didn't want to read this months book club book (tom sawyer. blah) so i went to get a book that i've actually wanted to read for a while now. i'm excited to have something to read during my lunch breaks.
i have laundry going right now. i feel like i always have laundry going. i read a friends blog today where she said she's started a laundry day. tuesdays. all laundry waits until then. wash. dry. put away. then you're done for the week. i've been trying to decide if that would work for me...i think i might try it.
i went to the grocery store. i bought milk. i never buy milk unless i buy cereal. during funks i tend not to have food in my cupboards. i don't eat. or i eat out. i now have food in my cupboards and milk in the fridge. and new running pants. that's right, i've decided a race of sorts is in my near future. i've been hankering to get out and go running lately (another sign that funk is over). now i just need to charge my ipod and update the tunes. and have some ice melt off the sidewalks....
i also beat someone on words with friends today. sorry jen, but it felt so good. especially after i'd gotten so used to losing.

so, as deborah kerr would say : turn the boat around.  (yes, another affair to remember reference. instead of complaining that you don't get it or that it's weird or stupid, maybe you should just watch it. yes. do it.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

mean dogs. nice buns.

did you know that jdawgs is coming to salt lake city?

i happened to be in provo on monday (for the exhibit) and got a phonecall from a friend.

"are you still in provo??"
why yes, yes i am.
"do you want to get me a jdawg?"
why yes, yes i do.

when i ordered that wonderful hot dog, i asked them to put everything on the side, since the dog and i had a little road trip back to salt lake. thats when the giver of special sauce informed me that we would be getting a jdawg in our neck of the woods. the pie will no longer be the coolest stop on the block.

mmmmm.....special sauce with pickles.

who needs real friends...

when you have words with friends?

i'll let you decide how serious i am with that question.

but seriously?? who needs angry birds when you have words with friends? one of the chief residents at work asks me for my phone during clinic so he can play words with friends...with my friends.

it's addicting. and so friendly.

and just in case you wanted to start a game with me, please have a normal name...or a way to identify yourself (because i play this game with my friends, not strangers) and then start a game with me. bethanne2299. and i thought i'd warn you, i'm not good. this is simply for entertainment, not to win. unless i'm sitting next to you on the couch and playing with you. then i may get angry and voice my frustrations at not having any letters or just barely losing. or just barely beating you by three points. sorry, friend. (name withheld to protect the innocent...and the losers.)

carl bloch exhibit.

i went this weekend. it was spectacular. i was a little sad that it was so busy. they have ipads you can rent...but they were all used, so i don't feel like i got to experience the whole thing. truth be told, i would like to go back when i don't have a headache and don't feel rushed.

the artwork was beautiful.

if you have a chance to get down to byu...go go go. this exhibit took NINE years to put together, and will be on campus until the beginning of may. so get a babysitter (me) and go. or you can get another babysitter and take me with you.

pictures found here. make sure you reserve tickets ahead of time. and take a headphone jack splitter thing and a second pair of headphones so you can share an ipad with someone.(it will save you a whopping 3 dollars, but that's a whole meal at j-dawgs.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

isn't it ironic

i keep learning things about myself. i wish i could say they were all good things. sometimes it's embarassing things. sometimes humiliating. sometimes (if i'm lucky...) they're good things. i had a phone conversation tonight that would have knocked your socks right off. two of them actually. i'm going to go ahead and say that both of them were life changing.
just when you think you've got things figured out (kind of) you figure out that someone else has you figured out....only better. i don't even know if that makes sense. i'm still trying to figure it out myself....

i've got alot to think about, people.

just like a tattoo

i knew that no one asking about it really meant that you were dying to see the tattoo picture. don't mind my hairdo in the back. i was on vacation, and therefore did not do my hair. there are no rules in st. george, ya know.

why today was a good day:

  1. work is over. for today anyways, and it's the week if more than half over. yippeee.
  2. it snowed today. not that i like to walk or drive or live in the snow, but i like to eat it. i scooped up a big ol' cup of fresh snow and munched on it before bed. mmmm.
  3. my family comes into town this weekend.
  4. i officially have both dresses for my brothers upcoming weddings. i'm actually really happy with them. and they are my style. and they look good. i hope the future sister in laws like them so i can wear them to their festivities and not ruin their pictures.
  5. i got to see NEVER SAY NEVER tonight. it was fabulous. the company wasn't half bad either....
and i'm officially up past curfew. not that i have curfew, but i told myself i wanted to have my eyes closed by midnight and my phone says it's 12:02....dang nab.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy day

i've now written two posts about valentines day, and maybe i should take the fact that i've accidently deleted both posts before i could post them as a major hint that i should just keep my thoughts to myself.
i think i'm going to do that. feel free to leave you thoughts in a comment. i wish you luck that they are not deleted before you can post them.

if you must know, i'll be wearing red scrubs to work tomorrow.

happy valentines day.

teach me to learn

just got home from a fantastic weekend in st george. there will be pictures on the next post...i'll have to wait for another trip-mate to post pictures, seeing as how i didn't bring my camera. don't worry, we've got some great pictures. #1 one thing i'm worried about now is getting my fake tattoo off before work tomorrow. the suggested way to remove tattoos are with alcohol, which is in surplus at work. if i show up early enough and give it a good scrub, i should be fine. except i can't even see the tattoo, so we might be in trouble. good things i have friends at work.
weekend was great. weather was great. friends were GREAT. food was great. naps were great. roadtrip was great. i really am lucky to have such great friends. i'm always laughing. (i realize i may have over used the word great there. don't let it take away from the overall greatness of the weekend.)
once again this weekend i was reminded how important it is to me to have real relationships. i think i'm a very lucky girl to have alot of friends, but i'm even luckier that i have a handful of really close friends that i can really talk to about important things. not that acquaintances are bad, but i've learned the value of real relationships where people care about one another, know details of eachothers lives, and can talk about things of importance. those are the kind of relationships that motivate me to want to be better and try harder. so, not only was this weekend a barrel of laughs, but overall i'm motivated and ready for another week.
best way to put it?

this weekend was refreshing.

if you're lucky i'll post a picture of my fake tattoo. i dont know what it is about st. george that inspires us to have a fake tattoo for the weekend. don't get any ideas, the tattoo and it's placement is would just be a little difficult for me to remove on my own. oh st. george, what have you done....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

today i was gifted a fortune cookie. it said:

"if a persons words do not match their deeds, they aren't any better than a garden of weeds."

put that in your pipe and smoke it. except i don't smoke, so instead why don't you just chew on that for a while. sounds silly, but i've been thinking about that alot today. i started thinking about it mostly because the wording was a little tricky and i didn't quite get it. then i really started thinking about it. those chinese are smart people.

suprisingly, i learned alot about myself today. alot of little different things, but things nonetheless.

  • i'm a good friend. i'm not saying this in a boastful way. i think my friends have taught me how to be a good friend. i have so many friends that do so many nice things for me, teach me on a regular basis, listen to me moan and gripe about who knows what, but at the end of the day they are always helping me to be better. teaching me and helping me to be a better friend in return.
  • i really am becoming more patient. i know there are little things that still get me riled up, but for the most part, i'm able to sit back and let things pan out. part of this means i've been prioritizing. guess what i've put at the top of my list. me. guess what...i'm worth it. all of it.
  • i might be slower at my job, but i'm good at my job. i make awkward patients less awkward, mean patients nice, and i get blind people to see. okay, so that last one might be a little much, but it's kind of true a little bit. i like my job. and i like the people i meet at my job.
maybe those don't seem like a big deal to other people, but it means progression for me. comfortable with things i wasn't before. onward and upward.

re-reading this makes this whole post sound really serious. it's not meant to be a debbie downer. promise.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and it only takes one

have you ever seen the movie meet me in st. louis? classic quoting movie. tuti is telling the ice delivery man about her doll, and how she has 7 fatal diseases. classic response??

"and it only takes one..."

you should have seen my hair today. last night i washed my hair, did a quick run through with the blow dryer and hopped into bed. bad idea. today, the only solution was pony tail...and even that was asking for a hand out. so, i did what anyone would do after looking at a bad hair day all day long... i stopped for a haircut after work. i love (read hate) explaining to my never the same hair stylist at the wonderful and world renound establishment of GREAT CLIPS that i am in the process of growing out my hair and that's why i have a mullet and i would love for my side to be the same length as the back...blah blah blah. guess what haircut i got today? it's kind of a normal haircut. back blended with front. same length. and get's stacked in the back. (any boy reading this is probably having no clue what this means, but this is a big deal. people!!!)
basically, i feel like i am back to my hair cut from BEFORE the initial snip to make it shorty short. 6 months in the making. i have girl hair again.

just got off the phone with my brother. he's engaged. i know you think you already know that, but you don't.... because this is a different brother. that's right. two engaged brothers. weddings 2 months apart. 2 new sister in laws. double the pleasure, double the fun. i'm very excited for both brothers, and am lucky to have two new sister in laws to add to the mix.

i'm a happy girl. (with a girl hair cut.)

in not so happy news, i got home from my haircut and decided to lay down for a minute before i headed over to friends house to watch biggest loser. i woke up shortly before it was time to go and kind of had a headache. thinking that if i slept for 20 more minutes it would go away, i closed my eyes again. it's 11:44 pm and i just woke up. and dont worry, i still have a headache. way to go beth.

and i get to wake up early so i can renew my drivers license at 7 in the morning.

Monday, February 7, 2011

tweet huh?

ok, confession. i still don't fully understand the whole concept of twitter. why would someone have twitter if they already have facebook??

speaking of facebook, i watched the social network this weekend. it was a good movie, but i found myself having an awkward feeling the whole time. i just don't do well with confrontation, or betrayal, or sneaky/dishonest behavior, or friendships ending. well, that's what happens in this movie. it was a fascinating story....i'm just glad i didn't invent facebook (billionare or not).

back to twitter. pointless.

and now i get to go walk to my car in a blizzard. i love living in utah and working on the stinking benches. here's to hoppin' fences.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

as of late

i just had a whole post written full of juicy goodness and with one push of the wrong button, it disappeared. seriously? there's no way i can even remember everything i said.


this week, i thought wednesday was friday. not suprised it felt like a long week, eh? it probably didn't help that i've had some late nights this week. (you'd think i'd learn) on thursday, i slept in. whoops. i woke up at 7:45 and clocked in at work at 8:03. that takes some major skills. thank goodness it's turned into a habit to shower at night. :)
today during lunch i called my dad and we started laughing about something. i think we fed off eachother, because it became very funny...funnier than i initially pegged it being. good thing the break room wasn't very full, because i was laughing so hard i could barely breathe, and let's be serious, there were tears. i love a good laugh with my dad. perfection.
bff has a basketball game tonight. right now actually. i've been bugging him for ages asking if i could come to one of his games. he just texted me to let me know when his game starts. i think i need to go get a gatorade adn show up, even though i texted him back and just told him to text me when he's done. yeah, that was rude. i'm outta here.