Monday, February 14, 2011

teach me to learn

just got home from a fantastic weekend in st george. there will be pictures on the next post...i'll have to wait for another trip-mate to post pictures, seeing as how i didn't bring my camera. don't worry, we've got some great pictures. #1 one thing i'm worried about now is getting my fake tattoo off before work tomorrow. the suggested way to remove tattoos are with alcohol, which is in surplus at work. if i show up early enough and give it a good scrub, i should be fine. except i can't even see the tattoo, so we might be in trouble. good things i have friends at work.
weekend was great. weather was great. friends were GREAT. food was great. naps were great. roadtrip was great. i really am lucky to have such great friends. i'm always laughing. (i realize i may have over used the word great there. don't let it take away from the overall greatness of the weekend.)
once again this weekend i was reminded how important it is to me to have real relationships. i think i'm a very lucky girl to have alot of friends, but i'm even luckier that i have a handful of really close friends that i can really talk to about important things. not that acquaintances are bad, but i've learned the value of real relationships where people care about one another, know details of eachothers lives, and can talk about things of importance. those are the kind of relationships that motivate me to want to be better and try harder. so, not only was this weekend a barrel of laughs, but overall i'm motivated and ready for another week.
best way to put it?

this weekend was refreshing.

if you're lucky i'll post a picture of my fake tattoo. i dont know what it is about st. george that inspires us to have a fake tattoo for the weekend. don't get any ideas, the tattoo and it's placement is would just be a little difficult for me to remove on my own. oh st. george, what have you done....

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