Thursday, February 10, 2011

today i was gifted a fortune cookie. it said:

"if a persons words do not match their deeds, they aren't any better than a garden of weeds."

put that in your pipe and smoke it. except i don't smoke, so instead why don't you just chew on that for a while. sounds silly, but i've been thinking about that alot today. i started thinking about it mostly because the wording was a little tricky and i didn't quite get it. then i really started thinking about it. those chinese are smart people.

suprisingly, i learned alot about myself today. alot of little different things, but things nonetheless.

  • i'm a good friend. i'm not saying this in a boastful way. i think my friends have taught me how to be a good friend. i have so many friends that do so many nice things for me, teach me on a regular basis, listen to me moan and gripe about who knows what, but at the end of the day they are always helping me to be better. teaching me and helping me to be a better friend in return.
  • i really am becoming more patient. i know there are little things that still get me riled up, but for the most part, i'm able to sit back and let things pan out. part of this means i've been prioritizing. guess what i've put at the top of my list. me. guess what...i'm worth it. all of it.
  • i might be slower at my job, but i'm good at my job. i make awkward patients less awkward, mean patients nice, and i get blind people to see. okay, so that last one might be a little much, but it's kind of true a little bit. i like my job. and i like the people i meet at my job.
maybe those don't seem like a big deal to other people, but it means progression for me. comfortable with things i wasn't before. onward and upward.

re-reading this makes this whole post sound really serious. it's not meant to be a debbie downer. promise.


Linze Kate said...

One - I'm still blog stalking you.
Two - I'm very disappointed that you and I have yet to hang out.
Three - We should change that.
Four - You are awesome.

Whitney said...

You ARE exceptionally good at your job. You have always have been good at working with people.