Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and it only takes one

have you ever seen the movie meet me in st. louis? classic quoting movie. tuti is telling the ice delivery man about her doll, and how she has 7 fatal diseases. classic response??

"and it only takes one..."

you should have seen my hair today. last night i washed my hair, did a quick run through with the blow dryer and hopped into bed. bad idea. today, the only solution was pony tail...and even that was asking for a hand out. so, i did what anyone would do after looking at a bad hair day all day long... i stopped for a haircut after work. i love (read hate) explaining to my never the same hair stylist at the wonderful and world renound establishment of GREAT CLIPS that i am in the process of growing out my hair and that's why i have a mullet and i would love for my side to be the same length as the back...blah blah blah. guess what haircut i got today? it's kind of a normal haircut. back blended with front. same length. and get this...it's stacked in the back. (any boy reading this is probably having no clue what this means, but this is a big deal. people!!!)
basically, i feel like i am back to my hair cut from BEFORE the initial snip to make it shorty short. 6 months in the making. i have girl hair again.

just got off the phone with my brother. he's engaged. i know you think you already know that, but you don't.... because this is a different brother. that's right. two engaged brothers. weddings 2 months apart. 2 new sister in laws. double the pleasure, double the fun. i'm very excited for both brothers, and am lucky to have two new sister in laws to add to the mix.

i'm a happy girl. (with a girl hair cut.)

in not so happy news, i got home from my haircut and decided to lay down for a minute before i headed over to friends house to watch biggest loser. i woke up shortly before it was time to go and kind of had a headache. thinking that if i slept for 20 more minutes it would go away, i closed my eyes again. it's 11:44 pm and i just woke up. and dont worry, i still have a headache. way to go beth.

and i get to wake up early so i can renew my drivers license at 7 in the morning.


Ryan said...

I just hope Nathan gets ahold of the rest of the fam before they read your blog!

Whitney said...

Kev has to renew his DL too. Good times.

Welcome back to the stacked haircut. Stacking is the greatest thing every created.

Steve Lamb said...

I don't understand you and your hair, but I am glad you are happy... I am intrigued by Ryan's comment... Talk to you soon!

Shannon said...

I knew that's must have happened...glad your feeling better. PS. I'm going to the DMV around 5ish if you want to join me :-)


I can't wait to see your 'stacked' hair! I could talk hair and hair products all day and I'm not even a hair stylist. Missed you last night.

halie said...

yay! I wanna see your hair! It sounds way cute Beth!

Whitney said...

"Wasn't I lucky to be born in my favorite city?"