Monday, February 7, 2011

tweet huh?

ok, confession. i still don't fully understand the whole concept of twitter. why would someone have twitter if they already have facebook??

speaking of facebook, i watched the social network this weekend. it was a good movie, but i found myself having an awkward feeling the whole time. i just don't do well with confrontation, or betrayal, or sneaky/dishonest behavior, or friendships ending. well, that's what happens in this movie. it was a fascinating story....i'm just glad i didn't invent facebook (billionare or not).

back to twitter. pointless.

and now i get to go walk to my car in a blizzard. i love living in utah and working on the stinking benches. here's to hoppin' fences.


Kara said...

I feel the sMe way about Twitter. I had a Twitter account long before it was popular. I deleted it once it became popular because I had FB and saw no point in having both. I still don't. So I just stick with FB, lol.

Whitney said...

Please join twitter. Too frequent FB updates are obnoxious. You are allowed to tweet as often as you want. The only people I would really care about following on twitter are my immediate family anyway. I think it would be cool to hear little details about your day on twitter.

So again, get tweeting.

Melissa said...

tweet me b.


i have the funniest tweets i'll keep you smiling throughout the day.

Steve Lamb said...

I am glad you finally watched it! I just bought it. I loved the social network, but I had similar feelings the entire movie. I don't get Twitter either and I won't fall for it.. though I do like the thought of tweeting.