Monday, January 7, 2013

the love of my life

Butternut Squash soup from Blue Lemon has had my heart for a few months now. seriously, if you haven't had it, you need to go.

so if you wonder why i go to city creek so much, it's not really to shop or be trendy or listen to bearded men sing on saturday's for this soup (and maybe the bearded man a little bit)

if you decide you want to go, but you don't want to go by yourself....i guess i could go with you.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

twenty thirteen

its a new year, can you believe it?

i had a nice talk about resolutions and goals with cousin lindsey. i feel like thats a pretty personal conversation -- seeing as how setting goals and resolutions usually means you are trying to do things differently or be better, which requires you to point out and acknowledge your weaknesses or faults.
so i'm not going to talk about my resolutions. or goals. so there.

i saw someone post as their facebook status that "2012 was bad, but 2013 is going to be awesome". while i admire their optimism...if 2012 was so bad, what's going to keep 2013 from being the same? i think that's where my mind went when i thought of what i want to do differently this year. it's not so much what you write down on the list, but the attitude that you have on a daily basis. i can make good out of any situation, and that's what i plan to do.

so here's to 2013. more discipline. more committment. more confidence. and alot of tuna fish sandwiches.

ps. christmas was great. new years was great. i'll post about those sometime soon :)