Sunday, May 15, 2016

life as we know it

this blog has obviously been neglected. there are so many times that i want to start writing again, but always put it off. but i guess that ends today :)
so much has happened since my last post, duh. it would be impossible to catch up so instead we'll start from the present. i am currently working at the moran eye center, but have switched roles and now work as a surgical counselor for our refractive department. i have loved working closely with our cornea doctors and refractive patients. they've asked me to dabble in marketing for the new laser center and it's been more fun than i anticipated. who would have thought i'd have a knack for marketing? it was fun to present some ideas to the marketing director and i'm excited to become more involved in that side of things. thanks to kevin's (my brother in law) app brandr and for train rides to and from work that let me put together a few images to present. who knows what will happen, but for now i'm enjoying work and the opportunities that lie ahead.
jowanza is working at a startup called oneclick retail and really enjoying it. it makes a huge difference when you like your job! jowanza continues to work on his personal technical blog which gets alot of attention from others in his field. i'm constantly amazed at how much effort and thought he puts into his work and career. his mind is always thinking about how to progress his skills connections within his profession. 
baby norah is doing well. it's still a little surreal to say that we are expecting a baby girl and that she'll be here in september. in one breath it seems so soon and the next seems so far away. i'm feeling pretty darn good most of the time, so can't complain. silly things like sleeping and eating can still be a challenge, but i feel pretty lucky overall. every single doctors appointment that allows me to see baby or hear her heartbeat is priceless. they keep telling me that everything is low risk and that the baby is doing great, but i have yet to feel her move and am quasi- showing. until my belly really pops or i can feel my baby move frequently i find myself getting nervous. maybe it's the hormones, but i have this overwhelming love and respect for women-- like every woman who's ever had a baby before. it's hard! and this is coming from someone who's only survived half of her pregnancy. i still have childbirth to conquer and then that whole "raising a child" thing to worry about. haha. i know it all comes one day at a time, but i look at others who have done it and continue to do it and i LOVE THEM. like real deep down ugly cry feeling a lot of feelings love them. being a woman is an incredible thing, and what God allows our bodies to do to bring life into this world is wonderful.
we bought a house! and to keep things exciting, we are building. every time i tell people we're building they tell me that we are "brave" and ask if jowanza and i have been fighting over design choices. it's been a really fun process and we haven't fought at all! its been fun for us to create our own space that identifies with both of our styles. it's really exciting knowing that we will be bringing home baby norah to the new space. jowanza is working to make our new place a "smart home". i know i saw a disney movie about that once that didn't end well, but it's been fun for him to get little gadgets that do things that i don't understand, but i'm sure it will be great. and then i can run my whole home from my smart phone. haha (but seriously though)
hoping to keep this updated as we get closer and closer to new home and new baby, two large new chapters we are starting with our little family. that means pictures! i need to be better :)