Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloween

except not really. i don't even like halloween.

let me rephrase that. i don't like grown up halloween. last year i tried to dress up (which i didn't even really do...) and go to parties with people "my age" and it was horrible. this year i have told myself it's not even an option. are there parties going on? oh i'm sure of it, but i have no clue where they are or who's going.

now, carving pumpkins with my cousins cute kids, a nice halloween lunch, carmeled apples and hanging out with friends (not in costume, mind you)....that's the halloween i like. walking up and down streets with little kids dressed like a princess or winnie the pooh while they collect candy to rot their teeth. sounds divine.

so this halloween, i wasn't invited to a haunted house. i didn't have to talk my way out of a haunted corn maze. i didn't even have to tell friends that i don't like to watch scary movies. do you know what that means? i have no friends. just kidding, it means that my close friends know i don't like to do that, and i've removed myself enough from other people that they would never ask me to join them on such a ridiculous outing. i was invited to run a zombie 5k, but i think it was on accident. please imagine me running a 5k with fake/real zombies chasing after me. the thought literally makes me scared to death.

so, i've survived another halloween. today will be pleasant. candy. treats. friends.

no zombies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my hair is getting long, don't you think??

just chatting on the phone with a friend.
do you think my hair is getting long, yes??

Monday, October 25, 2010

oh my

last night i went to bed at about midnight. i woke up to the sound of a crazy rain storm. so crazy that i actually got out of bed to go outside and look. hail. rain galore. it calmed down a bit and i went back to sleep, thinking it would be snow by morning.

i woke up this morning and took the usual walk in the dark to my bathroom. don't worry, there was standing water on my floor (remember, my house doesnt have carpet, it's all finished concrete...hence, my concrete jungle.)
water. i flipped on the lights. it was bad news. i called my landlord and then grabbed some towels. i was thrilled that the biggest pool was right under my hutch. i emptied my hutch and waited for my landlord to come down and help me move it. sad, i hope theres no long term water damage on my hutch....

there was alot of water. my landlord cleaned it up while i got ready in the other bathroom, and at this point, i'm really grateful my landlord lives upstairs. he felt so bad, and just started a load of my towels and bathmat to help me out.

really not that big of a deal. minor set back really. let's hope it doesn't spell out the rest of my day for me....happy monday.....

hotel park city

This weekend was a long time comin'. My prize for winning the no cookie contest was a gift certificate for a free nights stay at hotel park city.
i planned.
i schemed.
and the rest is history.
(ps. i stole the pictures of the room from the hotels website. by the time i thought about taking pictures of the room, it had been "lived in" and didn't look as pretty as these ones.)

 when i originally heard the weather was going to be cold and rainy, i thought my plan was ruined. guess what, it turned out to be perfect! it was nice to turn on the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. when our room got too toasty, we would open up the back door to our balcony and listen to the rain. it was divine.

the boys came up saturday afternoon to hang and then joined us for dinner. don't worry about the robe. i promise he has a swimsuit on under there and had just gotten back from a trip to the hot tub.
 the boys finally cleared out and girl time started. our original plan involved four girls - so sad you couldn't have stayed meg!! don't judge us for eating cold pizza in bed and flipping between cake shows and cujo the killer dog. we laughed out heads off. i love these girls...
ps: i wish you could have been there for us trying to take this picture. i had to put the timer on and then run to the bed. the carpet was quite slippery (when you're running and making sharp turns around the corner of the bed anyways) and proved to be fatal...almost.
 it was a beautiful view from our window. the leaves were all changing colors, and the rain was a nice touch.

girls night might need to become a new tradition. what do you think girls??

just wanted to say happy birthday to my baby sister. she turns 19 today, can you believe it? sure love her and am excited for her living grown up college life. we'll have to have a birthday sleepover soon. sure love you, beb.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

single white female seeks....

motivation. motivation to work out. after my no cookie contest, i never wanted to work out again. i was burnt out. i think mostly because it's something i had to do. now i want it to be a choice i make. there are some things that i just dont like.
example. reading. i'm not a big reader. but...i would like that to change. therefore, i joined a bookclub.

i don't like to work out. if it doesn't happen, i dont cry myself to sleep. but, i've been feeling tired lately - all the time. i think part of that is because i'm on my feet all day at work. i think a big part of that is i just come home and chill at night. i would really love to start running again, but now it's cold. snow is on it's way. and i like to be warm, and preferably dry.
will a gym membership go to waste? can i afford a gym membership? will i stick with it? will i hate it? these might all sound like silly questions, but i'm used to my life being chuck full of silly quesitons.

i think i just need to hunker down and join a gym. any suggestions on my quest to get more energy and feel better through exercise? (if i can buckle down and actually do it.....)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my car feels so....registered.

so lately my mind has been on "other things" lately. proof: monday night i was driving home from a friends house and got pulled over. no, i did not break any traffic laws, but my car registration was expired...making me "stick out like a sore thumb" (or so the officer said). he was very nice to me...but how else is he supposed to act when i (1) only have a temporary license because i didn't have a home when i needed to renew it so i'm waiting for bank statements to come to my new address, proving my residency, (2) the most up to date insurance card i can find in my car is from 2008 [are you kidding me????? it was a shocking moment for all involved] and (3) i can't even find my *expired* registration, because it was possibly stolen when my car got broken into over a month ago and they didn't take anything but now i'm suspecting they took my registration [we ended up finding it. who would steal the registration?? oh yeah, did i not tell you about the break in? honestly, i was a little embarassed about it. it happened. it was weird. moving on]. so long story short, the officer suggested i get it taken care of asap and sent me on my way. the next day after work jiffy lube helped me make my car legal on the roads again, all without even getting out of my car. that's what i call service. and now, my car feels so....registered. (and dirty, but that's for another day)
onto the real topic. i hate spending money on mandatory things that arent fun things - like car registration. that sounded really juvenile. let me explain myself.
you want a peek at my current list of things i need to buy? it'll make your skin crawl...
  • garbage can
  • pepper (as in salt and pepper)
  • sponges
  • laundry soap
  • paper towels
  • broom
just a sampling. nothing fun. all functional, mind you, but theres something so not exciting about blowing a wad of money on supplies to clean your bathroom. i would much rather be spending my hard earned paychecks on airline tickets or a cool arm chair to put in my room or tint the windows on my car. alas, grown up life calls.

i hear you loud and clear, dirty bathroom. i promise to go to the store tomorrow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


 hello, jason derulo.
my friend shannon (from the good ol' days in nauvoo) got free tickets for the jason derulo concert on tuesday night. we thought long and hard about who to have come to the concert with us. not really. we called lyric and beb right away...and it was the best thing we'd ever done. what a perfect combo for such a concert....

now, i feel like it's been a long time since i went to a a stand up and dance and scream your head off concert. man alive, i'm not as young as a used to be. i looked around and asked myself, "are these people in college??" granted, i'm sure there were some kiddos there that were not, but still. freshmen in college just keep getting younger and younger, and i can't keep up with them like i used to. i'd like to think that lyric, shannon and i held our own, but everyonce and a while, i'd look down the aisle and see beb jammin'....and i'd just feel old.
it was a great night. we screamed. we danced. we screamed some more. it's always fun to act like you're 18 again (as long as you put a time cap on it) and man alive, jderulo can dance. it made me like him even more. for a full report, you can always visit bebs blog.

overall, great concert. i still love justin bieber more (even if he just came out with his own nail polish least he's thinking of his fans, right??)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

cousin power

if you didn't know already, i love my cousins. i got to play with two of my favorite cousins last night. one of them even brought her husband to tag along, which is ok because we happen to like him quite a bit. they came to see my new place and then we went out for dinner...and don't forget those desserts. (sweet mercy, literally).
goodness, we had a good time. it wasn't anything special, but it still suprises me how well we get along. we are all in such different places in life, yet there are still a million and one things to talk about. we can laugh for hours or talk about things close to our hearts. when we get together its guarateed a good night.
we get excited for eachother when good things happen, and rally together during hard times. i can joke about things with these girls that i wouldn't dare say outloud anywhere else. i can be honest with them to tell them when i'm really scared or intimidated, and they say just the right thing to make me realize i can do it. and they are honest with me in giving me advice with boys and the like.

(this is an old pictures, but it's from a very happy day, so i decided to use it.)

ps: everyonce in a while i go through this thought process where i think no one reads my blog. then i have random people admit to being secret blog readers. it's always a little suprising to me, but i love it. i had a friend tell me he read my blog (well, skimmed...but we'll get to that) and i was so suprised. i thought he was wayyyy to cool to read my blog. but then he told me he skimmed, really. he just looked for pictures. so, for those of you secret blog readers that like to see more pictures than text, this is my attempt to please the secret masses. happy skimming.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

secret project:revealed

about 2 years ago, i was blog hopping and ended up on this random photography site. this photographer had taken pictures at her family party at her grandparents house, and had taken some great pictures of her grandparents at their home. i thought it was such a good idea - and so it begins. i started looking for photographers, and started thinking about how i would convince my grandparents it was a good idea to have a photographer come to their house and take pictures of them doing everyday things. weather went crazy early, and my grandparents yard, which is usually gorgeous, was...well, not. winter came and went with no visit from a photographer. i had plans to be up at grandmas for efy the following summer, so started making secret plans. i didn't want to get too many people involved. the more people involved, the more opinions there would be (not that that's bad, but i just had a very clear idea of what i wanted).

so, i scheduled the photographer, who was actually an old friend i met while doing a semester in nauvoo.

Early this summer, Jessie made the trek up to grandmas house. she was so easy to work with, and captured everything just the way i had wanted (all while being like 15 months pregnant! ok, not 15...but definetly like 8 3/4) Jessie was great, and i owe her big time for being so patient through the process.

 ok, let's be honest....i'm not the best with secrets. i usually have one person that i have to at tell everything to (sorry if that's you. the idea of getting the pictures back and not sharing them with everyone was just painful for me. but don't you worry, i did it. to an extent. i showed mom and my sister who were helping me with my final secret project - so i felt justified in letting them in on the secret. ok, let's be honest again. i did tell a few cousins, and maybe my aunt who's like another mother to me, and scott (but he doesn't count. not only is he a vault that houses all of my deepest darkest secrets, but he is also a boy that doesn't really care about pictures of my grandparents - not that he doesn't care about my grandparents, but you get the jist)

so, i started my project. and now after hours of work and bribing my grandparents to do their part of my project - IT'S DONE!!!! i'm so happy with how it turned out. I worked hard with my grandparents to get text for a book i put together with all the pictures that were taken. it really is a priceless history of my grandparents

i have a unique relationship with my grandparents. i don't know if it's because we've lived together for three summers, but i'm so grateful for the playful, honest, and loving relationship that we have. they are so wise, kind, accepting and encouraging. i've learned to much from them and am so grateful for the influence they've had in my life. if my future marriage results in even half of the happiness and satisfaction that my grandparents have found, i'll be a happy girl.

Monday, October 4, 2010


i've had alot of my mind. coming to the end of transition phase will do that to you. i'm sure you're all bored of hearing about the longest transition period of all time, (how do i know that? because i'm sick of hearing about it. i'm sick of thinking about it. i'm sick of being in it!) but it's sparked some thought processes that have really changed the way i've gone about things lately. here's a few thoughts:
  • i had a pleasant conversation with a patient today that kind of summed things up for me. we were chit-chatting and getting to know her a little bit (side note: there are different ways that each technician connects with patients. it's been very interesting to me to follow other technicians and see how they make the connection with patients. some like to have all the answers - talk medical jargon - and put them at ease with the health of their eye while answering questions about eye disease and surgery healing times. some like to make them feel at ease by encouraging them during the exam - "very good" and "thank yous" - very complimentary and very kind. some like to think they are doctors and explain everything to them, whether they asked for the information or not. well, this is a long side note, now isn't it. MY way to connect with patients is to be their friend. it may sound silly, but i want to know about that person. you're a student? what are you studying? how many kids do you have? where are you from? where do you work? blah blah blah. it's so interesting to learn about people. everyone has such an interesting story. you'd be suprised how much smoother an exam can go when you aren't just asking about a person's vision. and it puts me at ease a bit to feel like i'm on a somewhat common ground with the person before i start asking personal questions about their medical history and eye health. it might sound silly, but i love it.) ok, sorry, really long side note. back to my conversation with this lady. she asked if i was lds. before you knew it we were talking about how i grew up in las vegas. then went to school in provo and lived there for 10 years, and now that i'm in slc, i'm back in an enviroment a little more like las vegas. there are all different age groups and lifestyles up here that are so different and diverse compared to my easy-peasy life in provo where there were so many people my same age that shared my beliefs. and so with this patient, i had a conversation about standards and how people view you. what kind of person would my co-workers say that i am? would they know that i'm lds by the way that i act at work? do they know what my standards are by the way that i treat people? how do i speak? what does that say about me? it's an interesting thought process, and one that i'm grateful for lately. it's allowed me to re-evaluate and re-prioritize a bit. i'm able to act as an example in a different way than i've been able to these past 10 years. i'm looking forward to it actually. i think it's going to make me "raise the bar" in my own life, which i think can only be a good thing. sorry, long explanation for a simple thought.
  • i hate unpacking. it might take me longer than necessary to have EVERYTHING put away, so if you come visit me and there are still boxes out, don't hate me. don't judge me. just love that i finally have a place to live. thank you.
  • do you believe people can change? i do. i've had a few experiences in my life where i've seen it happen...for the good...for the bad. i've seen it happen in myself. i could go off on so many tangents on this topic, but i'm not sure where it would go and where i would end up taking it...making it dangerously inappropriate for this blog. let's just say my feelings are too involved in this topic on so many levels. if you think this specific comment is directed at you, you may be right. but most likely may be wrong....because i dont think i'm thinking about something specific. except that's a lie. i am. but it's not what you're thinking. ok, we'll focus on me for a minute. i think i've changed. i look back at 18 year old beth, 21 year old beth, 25 year old beth....and i was different. oh heavens, i was different. i was immature, naive, silly, blonde, slightly obsessive (sometimes) and very impatient. i'm not saying i'm currently ranked at a ten, but i've grown quite a bit since those years. i'm sure i'll look back in another 10 years and say "oh 28 year old beth, if you could have only seen how good you have it now, you would not worry like you do. just relax a bit, and know that even though this may not be how you pictured it in your mind, 38 year old beth is so much better off than 28 year old beth ever imagined". i can't wait to have that conversation with myself. it's going to be very gratifying. until then, i will continue to try to be more patient that 27 year old beth, try to be less chubby than 24 year old beth, try to be as dedicated at 25 year old beth, and as fun and as friendly as blonde beth. long story short, i get better with a fine wine, or cheese. (except i don't drink wine, and cheese makes my stomach ache. i'm afraid those are two things that will not change over time)
  • do you know where i am right now? my bed? i wish. i'm sitting in my car. typing my little heart out, while my phone charges. LAME. my phone charger ended up in my brothers backpack my accident during the big move this weekend. my brother lives in provo, therefore, my phone charger is on vacay in provo. shame shame, who takes a holiday mid week? i wish i could have missed monday like my phone charger did. soooo, i am left to my car charger. normally i would have a 20 minute drive to and from work that i could recharge that bad boy....but alas, no longer. remember how it took me SIX minutes to get to work this morning? of course, that didn't include the fence hopping, but still. six glorious minutes. i don't know how that translated to 20 more minutes in my bed this morning, but somehow it happened. something i will not be making a habit of (well, we'll see...) don't worry. i think i've been sitting out here for 30 minutes and i'm only charged to 70%. again, LAME. so all you phone users out there, don't go takin' your charger for granted. and charge your phone in your house like a normal person tonight in my phone chargers memory. dear phone charger: i hope you've enjoyed your vacation. please come home now. love, bethany...and droid.
okay, this post has become very long and alot more random than i originally anticipated. i think it would be best if i ended now. plus, i've been sitting indian style in the drivers seat for who knows how long and i can't really feel my legs anymore. i might just have to be satisfied with 70% and call it good.

gentleman caller

where for art thou?

until you show up, i'll continue to be confused about other situations.

thank you.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

guess now it's official

i moved. this time, for good....for a while anyways. it feels good. i have my own bed. i have my own closet. and while everything isn't put away yet, i have a really good feeling that everything is going to find it's place. it will be nice to get organized and situated. i love my new place. i haven't taken pictures on my camera yet to post, because, to be honest with you, i'm not quite sure which box my camera is in. i did take this picture on my phone.
that is my kitchen. beautiful, right?

anyways, it's been a long weekend of family and cleaning and moving and conference and not enough sleep and friends and more family. needless to say it's been rather busy. thank you thank you to my family who drove up from out of state to help me with the big move. brothers came up north to get my blasted couches in my new house, which i am beyond grateful for.

so, i'm officially welcoming visitors. coming up to slc for something? stop on by. need a place to bunk for the night? give me a call. want to cook a gourmet meal for me in my kitchen, no appointment necesary. come one, come all.

but really though, probably call first.