Thursday, October 14, 2010


 hello, jason derulo.
my friend shannon (from the good ol' days in nauvoo) got free tickets for the jason derulo concert on tuesday night. we thought long and hard about who to have come to the concert with us. not really. we called lyric and beb right away...and it was the best thing we'd ever done. what a perfect combo for such a concert....

now, i feel like it's been a long time since i went to a a stand up and dance and scream your head off concert. man alive, i'm not as young as a used to be. i looked around and asked myself, "are these people in college??" granted, i'm sure there were some kiddos there that were not, but still. freshmen in college just keep getting younger and younger, and i can't keep up with them like i used to. i'd like to think that lyric, shannon and i held our own, but everyonce and a while, i'd look down the aisle and see beb jammin'....and i'd just feel old.
it was a great night. we screamed. we danced. we screamed some more. it's always fun to act like you're 18 again (as long as you put a time cap on it) and man alive, jderulo can dance. it made me like him even more. for a full report, you can always visit bebs blog.

overall, great concert. i still love justin bieber more (even if he just came out with his own nail polish least he's thinking of his fans, right??)

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