Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer time!

lately i've been trying to be know, with people my own age and such. guess what... it's exhausting. fun and exciting and silly and exhausting. but it's been great and worth every tired second.

Here's a little catch up:
did you know i'm part of a secret club? i'd tell you what it's called, but it's a secret. these girls are a hoot, and i love when our secret club gathers for a night of food and fun. this time we met up at city creek,...trendy, right? love these girls.

did you know i'm going to hawaii with these girls in a little over a month? truth. 

i've had a few sleepovers...and i made this picture small on purpose because we look so good. aly has been the all-time perfect summer buddy and i couldn't be happier about it. we always get into some kind of trouble, and it always seems to happen late at night.

shelly and i went to the art festival downtown, which is basically a people watching extravaganza. and yes, that's frozen cheesecake on a stick drizzled with chocolate. 

my family went to st. george. with ryan moving it was kind of a last hurrah...which was wonderful and sad all at the same time. the weekend was full of pool time, shot gun shooting, naps, good food, 4wheeler rides, and family family family.

and then it was time to say bye. gosh, that was hard for me...which is why i put it off until the airport. i figured with alot of people around, i wouldn't be able to cause much of a scene :) i'm sure gonna miss these guys and watching frank grow up. thank goodness for facetime and google plus!!!

the walkers came in town for a visit and i loved catching up with laura. she is one of those friends that i can go forever without talking to or seeing and we can just jump right back into it. so fun to see her pregnant belly and catch up on the details of life.

oh yeah, this one time i planned a cousin campout, that happened to land right smack dab on my grandpa's 85th birthday. i don't know about you, but i don't know that i'd want 30 plus kids camping in my yard on my birthday, but grandma and grandpa were so happy to have us there. we had a great time celebrating grandpa's birthday and playing with cousins. i think this is a new tradition!

i've been to the outdoor symphony. for some reason when it's outdoor, it makes it 20 times better.

this one time, my family tried google plus for the first time. i dont know why this was so funny to me, but it was alot of fun to have everyone on and talk about nothing. 
and i got to see frank, so that was a bonus :)

4th of july was a blast. shelly and i headed down to provo for the day. we jam packed the day with parade, freedom festival, seven peaks, bbq, naps, friends, family, and fireworks. oh yeah, and the blazing sun.

(don't judge. this was taken in the dark and the flash was closest to my face and the flash was so bright!)

last night we headed down to provo again for the rooftop concert, and i got to play with my two very favorite second cousins. what, you don't hang out with your second cousins? hmmm. 

thanks for the photo bomb, shell. remember how cinda and i have both had our eyes lasered? 
fake glasses are cool, right?

whew! i got tired just doing a recap. here's to late nights, no sleep, great friends, family trips, outdoor anything, late night ice cream trips, secret clubs, google plus and sun tans.