Monday, March 28, 2011

new sheets

is there anything better than new sheets? i don't think so. i've been trying to decide if i feel like i've been sleeping better the past 2 nights because i'm above ground level, or because i wake up to natural sunlight, or because my bed is higher off the ground, because i'm extra tired....or because i have new sheets.

i think it's the sheets, personally. i have less storage in my new room, so i put my bed on those lift things. i have to hoist a little bit to get up into the bed. interesting thing to do late in the evening. speaking of hoisting, the steps are gone. WHAT?!?!? yes. when i went to work this morning, and got to the fence...those glorious steps were gone. the brick is back. i'm very confused...and had to hoist my bag of bones over that fence. i hated it, and missed those steps. why did they have such a short stay at the fence? here's to hoisting.

i thought moving things over a period of time was going to be better. i'm not so sure anymore. i have about 1 1/2 loads left at my old place...and i don't care. i kind of just want to throw it all away, except that i can't do that. i'm just not in the mood to go collect the very last bit of odds and ends and then bring them over to my new place...that still has piles and piles that need to be put away. i'm really looking forward to tomorrow. i'm taking an extra set of clothes with me and heading over to my old place straight from work. i will load up my car, and then clean that concrete floor till' i can see my face in it. (not really)  and then on wednesday i'll hand in my key, and be done with that place. ahhhh. what a good feeling.  :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

garfield beth

i moved yesterday. i woke up at the crack of dawn and went and bought a dozen donuts for my brothers and cousin who were going to be hard at work moving heavy boxes and furniture. last night i slept at my new house. it was a good feeling.
i was on my way to dinner with bff last night. i was a little excited to be in my new place. i may have been acting a little silly. and thats when bff told me he like the new beth. garfield beth. has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

i'm already liking my new place more than i expected. i think i've spoken more to my new roomate in the past 24 hours than i had my old roomates in the past 6 months. fancy that.

Friday, March 25, 2011

johnson jr. high.

i got off work early today and went to run some errands....right as school was getting out at east high. i saw a slew of kids walking home from school and i couldn't help but think back to the good ol' days from walking to and from school. i walked to school all three years of jr. high...from what i can remember. it was kind of far away...and we had to jaywalk across a big street. maybe my memory is a little skewed, but i had to laugh thinking about the days of walking to school. we'd meet other neighbor kids on the way and we would all walk together. this was back before cell phones. back when it was cool to wear your backpack on one shoulder. and overnight it would switch and be cool to wear your backpack so low it would bounce off the back of your knees when you walked.

oh, jr. high. i have specific memories from jr. high. learning the choreographed dance in pe. passing secret notes in a secret notebook in a secret language (that is truth...). making my first phonecall on a pay phone. never paying attention in science class. my english teacher that would stand on the table to teach. the poem i had to write for a book report that stunk, but deep down i really thought it was very very good. that nala tshirt that i wore once a week (also showcased in my school pictures and the photos from the day i got my braces on). dorchestra class and taking my first "school trip" out of the state. having a locker for the first time. my cell project that i made out of jello and covered with saran wrap. watching bill nye the science guy on fridays when there was nothing to do in class.

most people hated jr high. granted, it was an awkward stage for me....well, for everyone. i know now that i would never want to go back to those days....but i can honestly say that jr high was good times. good friends. good memories.

who'd a thunk?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i'm selling my couches. they're basically new. let me know if you want more info.

thanks, sugar.

september 28, 2011

this is how i feel about my phone lately:

why is september 28th such a special day? i get to upgrade my phone. can i wait until then? i sure hope so. but if words with friends keeps updating and the internet keeps going on the fritz, i'm going to cave and pay for a new phone.

please. tell me to wait.

be strong, beth.

Monday, March 21, 2011

sir pants-alot

is it just me or is this a obscene amount of pants for one person to own?

i know i need to go through them, and i will. next week. this week i'm allowing myself to be overwhelmed and stressed out with moving. i'm allowing myself to be anti-social. i'm allowing myself to come home from work and change into pajamas - ever. day.

today wasn't a great day. not bad, but for sure not good. i woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and then hung onto a headache all day as a not so pleasant reminder. i ditched fhe tonight to run a few errands in preparation for moving week...which is this week. i took some clothes over tonight and plan to take more of my closet over tomorrow. my brothers are coming up saturday morning to move the big stuff. bless them.

i did something today i told myself i would never do. i bought printed scrub tops. *gasp* i don't even like butterflys, but tomorrow i do. green and pink and navy blue butterflies. all over my shirt. i decided that i'm at a point with work that i just don't care what i look like. i mean, i care if my hair is done and i smell fresh, but let's be serious.....who cares if i wear butterflies? i think i've come to terms with the fact that my husband will not be coming in to get his eyes checked...and the one kid that thought he was my husband will never actually call. whatever. butterfly fly away.

now. off to bed. i'd hate to have day two of headache from the wrong side of the bed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend project.

remember the talk:




this is my dresser i bought at DI. this weekend, i painted it. obviously. it looks alot more sky blue than it really is. it's actually a darker/tealer blue in real life. at least i think so. we'll see how it looks in my room with all of my other furniture. who knows, maybe we'll be painting it again. but for now, i like it....and it's a million times better than it started out being.
it was a good weekend spent with friends. of course, it was too short. maybe it felt extra short because i know this next week will be extra hectic. i'm moving, remember? i'm still trying to get motivated with the whole packing everything thing up to get to the new place blah blah blah. i'm hoping i'll have a truck on saturday to move the big stuff. i've told myself i will take over small loads every night this week. we'll see how that pans out.

but just think, in a week, i'll have clothes in that dresser. and carpet. i'm still just excited about the carpet....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 in 1

just when i thought life couldn't get any better, my little sister showed me this gem. two of my favorite things...together. this is the perfect way to end a long long week.

stupid updates

my phone tries to update all the time. and guess what, i never update.

update apps? waste.
update flash player? dumb.

i had someone told me that i was dumb for not updating, so i went through my phone yesterday and decided to make a few updates. guess what could be updated???

words with friends. fantastic, i would love the most recent version of the game that rules my life.

except now i have this message everytime i open the game that says "updating...this may take a few minutes..." and by a few minutes i guess they meant 24 hours. its my turn on all of my games. i have messages waiting for me in those games, and i can't get to them. so, if you're waiting for me to take my turn...any suggestions? please oh please i want to take my turn!!!!

so, i learned my lesson the hard way. i will never update again. and at this rate. i'll never play words with friends again either.

that d fence.

behold, the fence:

i don't think i've ever posted a picture of the fence before. last week i showed up to hop the i show up to hop the fence everyday, and this little treasure was waiting for me. see the brick leaning up against the pole in the back? yes, that is what i used to step on to hop that beauty. now that brick is on the other side of the fence, you know, to help me get down on the other side.
these steps are the real deal. my coworker and i decided it would be easier to turn the step sideways, because (even though you can't see it) there is a thick cable and a net that kind of get in the way if you try to take the steps the way they are now. we turned the step hoping that it would be helpful to other people, but when we came back the next morning, it was turned back this way. obviously others didn't like our suggestion.

fancy little fence, eh? and as long as i don't get to the fence at 7:55 (which happens to be exactly when trax pulls up) i'm happy to climb those matter which way they face.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

real or not real

i'll admit that i'm not always the smartest tool in the shed. for the most part i can say that i'm a smart girl, but sometimes i let things slip.

like that one time my friend blogged about this blog and it took me at least 12 hours to realize it was fake. a joke. poking fun. yeah....after i had already told people about this "baazar blog with this crazy girl".... smooth beth, real smooth.

or like that time when i watched 3 hours of sister wives and then i asked my cousin (who had also just watched 3 hours of sisterwives) if God answers their prayers too. "God answers all prayers offered in faith, Bethany". ok, i realize now it was a silly question.

and now, i just wonder if this is another one of those moments. my friend posted this video on my facebook page and i can't quite figure out what i'm supposed to do with all the fun fun fun fun fun.

right now i'm not seeing the justin bieber star potential. maybe i'm biased because i just jammed out to him on my drive home.

please, feel free to clear this one up for me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


isnt it interesting how phases of life can just end? something that was such a big part of your life, just one over. school. efy. living situations. the list could go on. it's always such mixed emotions with the end of a phase, isn't it? you're not completely sad because you're moving onto to new and exciting things. but it's not completely happy because you have to say goodbye to the good times. memories. a whole lifestyle.

i'm not fond of phases ending, but guess what...they keep ending, and that weird-bittersweet-slightly-uncomfortable-apprehensive-to-move-onto-something-new feeling comes with it. you know, the one where you dont know whether to cry or be you just allow yourself to both.

i had a great talk with my fake husband ryan this week and he was so good to remind me of some basics. i cried, so good thing we were only on gchat. i'm so grateful for his simple reminders and his encouragement to trust. trusting can be so hard sometimes, when should be quite simple if you have all of your ducks in a row. i'm grateful for friends that remind me of the eternal perspective and keep me grounded in the truth. so, as sugar cain would say....i'm riding off into the sunset, and i'm lookin good while doin' it.

and it feels good.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

home sweet home.

this is my new house. this is a weird shot of my new room. i am sooo happy that i'm above ground. living in a basement apartment for 6 months has made me miss natural sunlight shining through my windows, and i've missed being able to peek outside the window to see what the weather is doing on any given day. in my new room, i have not just one...but TWO big  windows. i'm very excited about rejoining the land of the living in space with natural sunlight. please note that the paint on the walls is fresh as of last week. same with the carpet (ooooh i've missed carpet.) 

my sweet closet it much smaller than my current walk-in-larger-than-life-monstrosity. i'm going to have to deal. i'm looking for a dresser, and i really want to find one at DI that i can paint and refinish how i want it. we'll see if that actually happens, but a girl can dream, right? in the mean time, i've got to find a place for my coats. they will NOT be fitting in there.

my bathroom is blue. i like it. i share with one other girl, who i've been told is out of town alot. fine by me. it's also the guest bathroom, which is always a good incentive to keep it clean.

this is a shot into the kitchen. again, small....but i love it. i want to make cookies in there.

i should have turned the light on. same room. shot out to the backyard. yes, i have backyard again. it makes me want to buy a firepit and have campfires and foil dinners all summer long.

welcome to the front room, where biggest loser will be watched and friends will be greeted. sounds cheesy, but i'm excited to have this house turn into my home. have friends over. bake goodies in the kitchen. the works.

i guess i should work on getting my bed and clothes there first, well, before i start inviting people over anyways. best part is, i own a key to this cute little house.

let the moving begin.

dear oh deary dear

it's been a while since i've done one of these kinds of least it feels that way. i ran into a long lost friend at costco tonight. it was too good to be true. and then she told me that i'm cryptic on my blog and she was sure it was intentional....just to drive everyone crazy. i promise that's not why i do it. my dad once told me i needed to be more mysterious. my mom recently told me that my older sister thought i was like elizabeth many things going on, but i never tell anyone about it. but i learned the lesson (again) today that you  just never know who reads your blog...or your you gots to be careful. so sorry if i seem a little eliza*beth*y....but that's what you're gonna get.

dear everyone that thinks i'm avoiding you and not answering your calls,
i'm really not. believe it or not, i don't always have my phone glued to my hip like i did at one point in time. i also learned a great lesson from a close friend. if we are together, for the most part he won't answer calls on his phone. sounds silly, but it really makes me feel like i'm valued. like our time is our time, and not everyone elses that calls and expects him to answer. so now, when i call him....if he doesn't answer, i assume he is occupied with someone or something else, and he'll call me back when he can. so, lesson is that i'm not avoiding calls. there really is most likely someone or something else and i will call you back.

dear everyone i don't call back,
i'm sorry. i really have been working on my memory. it's not that i don't want to call you back, it's that i simply forget. if you leave me a voicemail. that doesn't help. i just went three days without any return calls from my best friend. i thought they were mad at me. taking a break. i actually secretly started calling other people trying to check in to see if they had seen him and if he was alive. that's all i wanted to know at this point. guess what. he left me a voicemail 4 days ago that said he was going to moab and would be back on saturday. hmmm. that would have been helpful to know. i just don't listen to my voicemails until i have about 4 or 5 pile up, and then i get rid of them all at once.
be patient with me. i'm trying a new system. we'll see if it works.

dear deeaura,
i stalked your blog today. i have alot of questions about your life. i would like to discuss them over dinner. maybe we should invite katie so we can all gossip about boys and then paint eachothers nails. i'm not joking about any part of that last sentance.

dear april,
i'm excited for you to come. not only does that mean it will be general conference, but that means i will be in my new house. i can't wait to be "the cool kid that lives in sugarhouse". i'm also hoping you will be bringing warmer weather. if thats the case, i'm asking you to move your bumpies and get here a little sooner.

dear beastly,
i feel like i got tricked into seeing you, along with the 5 other people in the theater. i'm am no movie critic. i raved about camp rock on the disney channel for weeks. even i am smart enough to catch onto your poor acting. at least you only cost 6 dollars, but still. v hudge, i'm disappointed. and you to mary kate and ashley olsen....even though only one of you was in it. i just can't say one name without the other. old habit. you're lucky that laura and i had a few giggles to make it all worth it. daddy don't got.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i hate the snow like i hate animals

please, let me clarify. i know alot of people think i just hate all animals. period, the end. that's not true.

these kind of animals are just fine:

and especially...

these kind of animals are not:

do you understand?

now. this kind of snow is ok. not just ok. beautiful. welcome:

 this is not:

especially the last one. remember how my car got stuck in my own driveway? granted, it's a gravel driveway...and there was alot of snow. once again, i'm grateful for strong, smart male best friends who let you wake them up with a phonecall and come to literally dig out a car. (i'm not trying to make him sound good, but he is smart. he showed up with a shovel when i'd been using my hand and my boots for 30 minutes. and he's strong. and he's a boy, and all boys can always figure out car stuff, right??) i was over an hour late for work, and just seemed a little frazzled all day. thanks to bff and random neighbor i had blocked into the driveway for saving the day!
 blah. i'm so sick of winter!! i'm so so so so so so ready for spring.

(i'm hoping you caught on to the pictures. animals are ok. in their own habitat. the second you mix them with my life is when i don't like them. i will not build my living room around a cat's needs, and i would never have a snake in my house. i'm suprised i put one on my blog to be quite honest. the same goes for snow. it's pretty in the mountains. it's pretty at a cabin, but when you mess up my commute, or even something as so simple as getting out of my driveway????? i don't like you.)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

nothing slows you down

like a swift kick in the face.

okay, we all know i wasn't literally kicked in the face. maybe that would have been better, eh? i hate being disappointed. i would rather be deathly ill....or break a bone.

on the way home, this song happened to play. full blast. on repeat.

it made me feel a little better to sing along. maybe that sounds dramatic, but oh well.

ps. i went running today. granted, it was for 25 minutes and only 10 of those were actually running, and by running i mean jogging (my short and slow midget leg jog.) but hey, progress is progress!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

oh glorious weekend

i got to leave work early today...thank heavens for overtime, right? sometimes when i'm out during the week during normal work hours, i look around at other people and wonder what their lives are like...just out and about. not at work. how would that be? i've just gotten into such a routine with working the normal 8-5 that i just don't know what normal people do during the day.

anyways, i mailed a package off today. remember how i love mail? i like sending mail just as much as i like getting mail. it's so fun to think that on a specific day, someone will have something unexpected waiting for them at home. in case you were wondering, i'm not very good at keeping secrets....not because i'm a gossip, but because i usually get so excited that i just want other people to know its goodness. yes, at times i understand that goodness has to be kept to myself, but that usually means i am bringing it up constantly with the person that confided in me to curb the urge to want to share with a random stranger on the street. like this silly package. i am so excited, but instead i'm blogging about it. the person i sent it to will never ever guess it's coming to them, so i get to talk about it but still keep it a suprise. boo yah.

i'm ready for the weekend. and my sweet visiting teacher brought me an extra ipod charger she had. so, my ipod is charged and i no longer have an excuse for not going running. here's to a warm(er) weekend of goodness.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy birthday

justin bieber. seriously, i know you were thinking it and just a little too embarassed to wish him well on the big 1-7. i almost joined twitter today just so i could see his tweets saying "thanks for the birthday wishes. just enjoying the day with my girlfriend selena." and "i can't believe i've been driving for a whole year now!". but i controlled myself. no tweeting for me.

i'm coloring my hair right now. as in, the color is sitting in right now as i type. ironically enough, i'm coloring it a light ashy brown...which was close to my original hair color that i was trying to cover up. my hair history has been super dark. then it went super red. i'm trying to lighten it up for summer, but still cover up them grays. seriously. so, let's hope and pray that my hair doesn't wash out ashy gray. i would cry, and then call in sick to work.

i went visiting teaching tonight. it was fantastic and we helped with wedding favors. whats better than 3 girls, alot of ribbon and a bag of reeses peanut butter cups? we looked at wedding dresses and announcments. and gossiped. talked about silly things from the day...and bad things from the day. i loved it. (just to clarify, the girl we visit teach is in fact getting married. we weren't just doing wedding stuff...because.)

don't worry, on my way home from visiting teaching i got rear ended. super cool. it didn't really do any body damage to my car, just paint scratched off. the poor kid. i told him that i knew someone that could fix it at a fair price and got his name and number. you could tell he was nervous. and his car was alot more banged up that mine was. all i know is i've been in his place more often than i'd like to admit. i've hit people who are complete jerks and make you feel even worse. and then i've hit people that are nice about it. i was trying to make it so he wouldn't burst into tears. but zeke, you will be paying to get my bumper repainted...and my windows tinted. ok fine, just my bumper.

i would say, "what an eventful day"...but what else did i expect on justins birthday???