Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i hate the snow like i hate animals

please, let me clarify. i know alot of people think i just hate all animals. period, the end. that's not true.

these kind of animals are just fine:

and especially...

these kind of animals are not:

do you understand?

now. this kind of snow is ok. not just ok. beautiful. welcome:

 this is not:

especially the last one. remember how my car got stuck in my own driveway? granted, it's a gravel driveway...and there was alot of snow. once again, i'm grateful for strong, smart male best friends who let you wake them up with a phonecall and come to literally dig out a car. (i'm not trying to make him sound good, but he is smart. he showed up with a shovel when i'd been using my hand and my boots for 30 minutes. and he's strong. and he's a boy, and all boys can always figure out car stuff, right??) i was over an hour late for work, and just seemed a little frazzled all day. thanks to bff and random neighbor i had blocked into the driveway for saving the day!
 blah. i'm so sick of winter!! i'm so so so so so so ready for spring.

(i'm hoping you caught on to the pictures. animals are ok. in their own habitat. the second you mix them with my life is when i don't like them. i will not build my living room around a cat's needs, and i would never have a snake in my house. i'm suprised i put one on my blog to be quite honest. the same goes for snow. it's pretty in the mountains. it's pretty at a cabin, but when you mess up my commute, or even something as so simple as getting out of my driveway????? i don't like you.)


Steve Lamb said...

Don't be a hater.

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Eleanor said...


Eleanor said...


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Jenny said...

Move to Texas. How many times do I gotta tell ya??