Saturday, March 12, 2011

dear oh deary dear

it's been a while since i've done one of these kinds of least it feels that way. i ran into a long lost friend at costco tonight. it was too good to be true. and then she told me that i'm cryptic on my blog and she was sure it was intentional....just to drive everyone crazy. i promise that's not why i do it. my dad once told me i needed to be more mysterious. my mom recently told me that my older sister thought i was like elizabeth many things going on, but i never tell anyone about it. but i learned the lesson (again) today that you  just never know who reads your blog...or your you gots to be careful. so sorry if i seem a little eliza*beth*y....but that's what you're gonna get.

dear everyone that thinks i'm avoiding you and not answering your calls,
i'm really not. believe it or not, i don't always have my phone glued to my hip like i did at one point in time. i also learned a great lesson from a close friend. if we are together, for the most part he won't answer calls on his phone. sounds silly, but it really makes me feel like i'm valued. like our time is our time, and not everyone elses that calls and expects him to answer. so now, when i call him....if he doesn't answer, i assume he is occupied with someone or something else, and he'll call me back when he can. so, lesson is that i'm not avoiding calls. there really is most likely someone or something else and i will call you back.

dear everyone i don't call back,
i'm sorry. i really have been working on my memory. it's not that i don't want to call you back, it's that i simply forget. if you leave me a voicemail. that doesn't help. i just went three days without any return calls from my best friend. i thought they were mad at me. taking a break. i actually secretly started calling other people trying to check in to see if they had seen him and if he was alive. that's all i wanted to know at this point. guess what. he left me a voicemail 4 days ago that said he was going to moab and would be back on saturday. hmmm. that would have been helpful to know. i just don't listen to my voicemails until i have about 4 or 5 pile up, and then i get rid of them all at once.
be patient with me. i'm trying a new system. we'll see if it works.

dear deeaura,
i stalked your blog today. i have alot of questions about your life. i would like to discuss them over dinner. maybe we should invite katie so we can all gossip about boys and then paint eachothers nails. i'm not joking about any part of that last sentance.

dear april,
i'm excited for you to come. not only does that mean it will be general conference, but that means i will be in my new house. i can't wait to be "the cool kid that lives in sugarhouse". i'm also hoping you will be bringing warmer weather. if thats the case, i'm asking you to move your bumpies and get here a little sooner.

dear beastly,
i feel like i got tricked into seeing you, along with the 5 other people in the theater. i'm am no movie critic. i raved about camp rock on the disney channel for weeks. even i am smart enough to catch onto your poor acting. at least you only cost 6 dollars, but still. v hudge, i'm disappointed. and you to mary kate and ashley olsen....even though only one of you was in it. i just can't say one name without the other. old habit. you're lucky that laura and i had a few giggles to make it all worth it. daddy don't got.


Katie said...

If I am the Katie you're referring to, then yes please... if not, then maybe you should feel obligated to invite me now...

Bethany said...

thou art the katie.

Steve Lamb said...

I would have to agree.. you are somewhat vague in posts sometimes, it is almost like an inside joke that I am not a part of, but I don't mind it. Uhh last time we were together you were on your phone... do you not value our time together... jk. Talk to you soon!

Whitney said...

Elizabeth Bennett. Period.