Saturday, March 12, 2011

home sweet home.

this is my new house. this is a weird shot of my new room. i am sooo happy that i'm above ground. living in a basement apartment for 6 months has made me miss natural sunlight shining through my windows, and i've missed being able to peek outside the window to see what the weather is doing on any given day. in my new room, i have not just one...but TWO big  windows. i'm very excited about rejoining the land of the living in space with natural sunlight. please note that the paint on the walls is fresh as of last week. same with the carpet (ooooh i've missed carpet.) 

my sweet closet it much smaller than my current walk-in-larger-than-life-monstrosity. i'm going to have to deal. i'm looking for a dresser, and i really want to find one at DI that i can paint and refinish how i want it. we'll see if that actually happens, but a girl can dream, right? in the mean time, i've got to find a place for my coats. they will NOT be fitting in there.

my bathroom is blue. i like it. i share with one other girl, who i've been told is out of town alot. fine by me. it's also the guest bathroom, which is always a good incentive to keep it clean.

this is a shot into the kitchen. again, small....but i love it. i want to make cookies in there.

i should have turned the light on. same room. shot out to the backyard. yes, i have backyard again. it makes me want to buy a firepit and have campfires and foil dinners all summer long.

welcome to the front room, where biggest loser will be watched and friends will be greeted. sounds cheesy, but i'm excited to have this house turn into my home. have friends over. bake goodies in the kitchen. the works.

i guess i should work on getting my bed and clothes there first, well, before i start inviting people over anyways. best part is, i own a key to this cute little house.

let the moving begin.


Steve Lamb said...

Looks SO nice! I am excited for you!

Katie said...

Oh my CUTE!!! How did you find it? Are you living with people you know?

Whitney said...

I love it. And the picture of your key at the end, house in the background is a cool shot.

Jill said...

Let the move begin!!