Wednesday, May 21, 2008

never in anyone's life...

...should anyone, even people i don't like, EVER have to sit for three hours with their mouth open in the dentist chair. i just got home from the dentist. lets get one thing straight. i have never had a cavity before, never had to use the special toothpaste, never had sensitive teeth (i did have braces, but that doesn't count). then out of no where, i got a root canal. sickening.

painful? not bad. its aching now, but i guess you know you have a good dentist when you fall asleep during your root canal. and no, he did not give me anything to put me out. i really just fell asleep. i think he numbed me up pretty good, seeing as how i get tingly in my forehead when i wink my eye.i think the whole right side of my face is numb. there were most likely 17 hands and tools in my mouth at the same time. and they had to take x-rays. why do i hate x-rays at the dentist?? i hate when they ask you to bite down on something that is gashing into the roof of your mouth and hold it there while they run out of the room to push that little button. have you ever wondered why they have to leave the room to push the button? and then there was the drill. how can they be so high pitched? i actually wrote a song to the tune of the drill. it's quite nice actually...maybe thats what rocked me to sleep.

i'm trying to be brave....but it hurts. not like my sunburn hurt (at least i can walk, right??), but still. hopefully in a few days i'll be able to say i've survived my first and last root canal.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

caan't get a man with a gun

yes. i did mean to put two a's in the title of this post. it makes you say it with an accent, which is the only way to say it if you ask me. friday night we headed up to salt lake to see my sister in law debra play annie in "annie get your gun" at hale center theater. what a blast to be there with all the family!! i was a little sad i didn't get to sit by ryan this time so we could giggle through our favorite parts and do a few dance moves on the side. adam had some dance moves of his own (suprise, suprise), so i guess i can't complain. debra did a great job! every time i see her on stage i am amazed and impressed with her talent. loved seeing the fam, and can't wait for campout this weekend! oh we're camping, in the mountains, roasting the fiiiiire.
i drove home yesterday in time to catch the tail end of cindy's birthday party. it was fun to suprise her and see some old friends. and now, i'm home for the week. truth. i ran away from provo (and alias) and i get to play with my mom all week. i get to have sleepovers with the beb, make tweety pancakes for matthew and go running with my dad. no shoes, no shirt, no problem. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

busy busy busy

i sat and looked at my calendar yesterday and was at a loss for words. have you ever had so much to do and really wondered how you would fit it all into the schedule? i know there are things to be done. important things like packing, moving, di da. here's the clincher. alias. i know, i know. who gets addicted to such a thing? why not watch american idol, lost, or the office??? i have no answer for you. i actually laughed when sara told me to watch one episode and gave me season one to borrow for the weekend. who's laughing now?? here i sit...nothing packed, nothing moved, i dont even remember the last time i showered. (okay, thats a lie, but it proves my point.) who needs friends? who needs a boyfriend? i have alias. and yes, i'm halfway through season three. and before you consider trying to save me from myself...maybe you should watch an episode. don't knock it till you've tried it. until then, you know where to find me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mothers day!

is this when i write the typical post about how i love the women in my life, namely, my mother? sure thing, so buckle up.

i'm so lucky to have some choice ladies in my life. sisters. aunts. grandmothers. cousins. friends. leaders. coworkers. really, i'm very lucky. but lets talk about my mom for a minute. my mom knows me inside and out. she knows my strengths and my talents and encourages me to share them with others. she knows my weaknesses...and loves me anyways. she loves me for who i am and what she knows i can become. i am so grateful for her. her example as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

since i couldn't be home with my mom today, i headed up to grandmas house. here's a picture of some of the girls with grandma. and for those wondering, grandma is my new roommate for the summer. ok, so we're not sharing a room, but i can't wait to be able to see grandma and grandpa more often. they are kind enough to let me live with them while i do efy. i love grandmas house!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

efy schedule

okie dokie smokie. here is the schedule you asked for whit. not a bad idea to post it so you guys know where i am.

June 2-6 Montpelier, Idaho
June 9-13 Sandy
June 16-20 Sandy
June 23-27 Ogden
July 7-11 Taylorsville
July 14-18 Taylorsville
July 28-August 1 Sandy
August 11-15 Taylorsville

ps...just so people don't think i'm sneaking off on secret trips again, i'm going to disneyland next weekend. i have a friend that works for disneyland and is getting me and my three girlfriends into the park for two days. and yes, i'm packing sun screen.

true story.

It's happening folks, I am going to start broadcasting my life blogger style. People keep telling me this is my year. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I figure if this is my year, I better document it.
For those who don't know yet, I finally graduated. Truth. I have a degree. So of course, I'm doing what everyone does when they graduate. Quit their current job, and move onto a "real" job. EFY starts first week of June. Okay, okay, I know EFY isn't considered a real job, but heaven knows it's my last time to play before the real world settles in. Hopefully as I disappear into the world of EFY I can keep everyone posted on what's going on in my ever so exciting life as a single girl in Utah County.