Wednesday, May 21, 2008

never in anyone's life...

...should anyone, even people i don't like, EVER have to sit for three hours with their mouth open in the dentist chair. i just got home from the dentist. lets get one thing straight. i have never had a cavity before, never had to use the special toothpaste, never had sensitive teeth (i did have braces, but that doesn't count). then out of no where, i got a root canal. sickening.

painful? not bad. its aching now, but i guess you know you have a good dentist when you fall asleep during your root canal. and no, he did not give me anything to put me out. i really just fell asleep. i think he numbed me up pretty good, seeing as how i get tingly in my forehead when i wink my eye.i think the whole right side of my face is numb. there were most likely 17 hands and tools in my mouth at the same time. and they had to take x-rays. why do i hate x-rays at the dentist?? i hate when they ask you to bite down on something that is gashing into the roof of your mouth and hold it there while they run out of the room to push that little button. have you ever wondered why they have to leave the room to push the button? and then there was the drill. how can they be so high pitched? i actually wrote a song to the tune of the drill. it's quite nice actually...maybe thats what rocked me to sleep.

i'm trying to be brave....but it hurts. not like my sunburn hurt (at least i can walk, right??), but still. hopefully in a few days i'll be able to say i've survived my first and last root canal.


Mindy said...

Braces sooooooo count as a cavity/sensitive teeth/special tooth paste. Errr, you're right. They don't. :) How many weeks until you start? :)

Mindy said...

You are never updating your blog ever again, are you?