Wednesday, September 30, 2009

if i lived with my mom....

i'd be getting some of these today.

sadly, i don't live with my mom.

i missed the miley cyrus concert last night. i didn't have tickets, but the fact that i had to work late didn't make it any better. i did get a special late night visitor that seemed to make me forget about miley. we tucked in my roomates, sang them goodnight songs, and then stayed up to talk and eat ice cream. life is good.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

king george.

I have a new nickname. have you ever seen the movie "Australia"?? #1, if you haven't, you should. #2, if you have then it won't be hard to picture him:
standing like this:

okay, okay. let me explain. i don't know what it is, but it's comfortable for me to stand like this. i do it all day long. when i wake up in the morning, i'll stand like this in front of my closet when i'm trying to find something to wear. making copies at work, the leg comes up. baking in the kitchen...foot on the knee. i had a friend call me out on it, and now i have a following of friends that call me king george.

it actually requires a lot of balance. maybe that's why king george always used his little walk about stick, to keep him balanced. but me? the stick in that picture is just for looks.

you're a saint.

did you know i love roadtrips? this past weekend i headed to st. george with my favorite people for a weekend of desert rash, theatre and pool time. i knew it would be a fun trip. i didn't know it would be the ultimate and funnest trip of all time. here's a few highlights:

these helmets are a part of my childhood. don't you love them? we always wear them as a joke, but lindsey wore hers forreal this time. safety first, right? but let's be honest, we all like how they shimmer in the sunlight. we spent most of the weekend here:

my grandmas house in st. george is right on the edge of the desert. the most amazing desert you'll ever see. this little track we found is a hot spot for my family, and we spent hours here. i don't know what's so fun about riding around in circles and going over little jumps, but trust me. it's fun. if you look close at that picture you can see scott and lindsey riding their little hearts out.

we spent the better part of saturday morning out on the 4 wheelers. we spent the afternoon at the pool, and then headed off to Tuachan for a night at the theatre. i was really excited to see Aida. don't worry, it started to rain and after they delayed the show twice for weather, we decided to transfer our tickets to another night. dang it. i did have to say it was pretty cool to be up that canyon and see lightning and hear thunder off those rocks. too bad about the show, huh? it's okay i guess, because now it means we get to go back again...right?

this is what happens when you send lindsey and scott out for a little ride. they come back covered in mud and then get everyone else to join them. lucky for me i was the designated camera person. (i would have had more fun playing in the mud than standing in the desert heat for 30 minutes with a camera, but oh well...) let's just say that's not mud. it's clay. and does not like to come off. EVER.
great trip. great people.
i promise i have more blog about, but i just have been distracted with other things. i'll be posting more soon. things are going great for me. i'm happy. i'm busy. things are good. real good.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

come on and deeaaannncceee

dance parties are not taken lightly in our house. we have different kinds of dance parties (well, at least in my book)

1. old friend dance parties. turn on the classic missy elliot and pull out the old dance moves. they never get old.
2. the regular "we're bored, so let's have a dance party" dance party.
3. the planned -can we borrow your amp, let's make a playlist-shake your brain-kind of dance party.
4. a matt green dance party (hope you're ready to learn a new dance move)
5. a girls dance party (we can be a little sillier. and then we paint our nails and have a pillow fight)
6. roommate dance party (no need to use code names. there are no secrets)
7. bethany and lindsey exclusive dance party (no one should have to see this. ever.)

one for every day of the week, and that's how it should be. last night linds and i had an exclusive, and i'm still laughing about it. good thing we closed the blinds. it was extreme. to. the. max.

over the river and through the woods...

last night my cousin and i tagged along to a client appreciation night we had for work. they had rented out hale center theatre for clients and employees to go enjoy a night out. perfect. it was a comedy, not your typical musical, and i was for sure a little skeptical.
i loved it. it was one of those where you laughed and cried. yes. we cried. it got sentimental and focussed on family relationships. especially relationships with your grandparents. my cousin lindsey and i called our grandma and grandpa on the drive home, and we were reminded how lucky we are.
i know people that don't have any living grandparents. i'm lucky enough to have three...very loving and very kind...grandparents still living.
anyway, linds and i have plans to go visit grandma and grandpa next week, eat fresh peaches, talk gospel with grandpa and catch grandma up on all the gossip with boys and the like. sound perfect? yes, yes it does.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i love these people.

picture update.

this is for everyone that forgot what i looked like. i know, not acceptable, and i'll try to be better about posting pictures (even though i don't have a camera) These are all pictures from our trip home to vegas for Ryan and Halie's open house. Matt and Scott were nice enough to keep me company so i didn't have to drive by myself. we had to take our signature trip out to hoover dam. good thing we didn't go at night...pedestrians are not allowed on the dam at night...everybody knows that. and don't get the wrong idea-- i don't know why i'm holding onto scott like that. i am going to say that i was afraid he was going to fall off the side??

the bridge they are building is really cool. i've seen pictures of it online, but it really is very cool to see in real life, so i'm glad we took the trip. seeing as how i'm not in this picture, i must be the artsy one taking it. i am good at what i do...

before i explain this pathetic picture, i would like to ask a question. when you have a canker sore, what are you not supposed to eat?? (my answer, pineapple and all things acid. acid=death.) i had a killer canker sore. it's not something i was showing everyone, until this happened, and then everyone wanted to check it out. i saw a banana on the counter and ate it without a second thought. when matt found out i had a caker sore, and that i had eaten a banana, he let me know that was one of the worst things i could have done. he proved to be right when my lip swelled up to the size of a small state. it killed. and i cried about it. don't worry, the swelling went down by the next day...before the open house. (thank goodness)
this picture is out of order, but i need to document this as a reminder and warning for future roadtrips. consider this your warning as well. starburst jellybeans, although they may taste good and all the different colors might entice you to keep eating them...DON'T. for some reason we all got really sick from these babies, but at the same time - kept eating them. maybe we got sick because we ate a whole bag between the three of us. my stomach hurts just thinking about it.
this is just a glimpse of the goodness that was the open house my mother put together. super simple. super classy. super good food. super fun. thanks to matt and scott for keeping me sane. thanks to cindy for driving out and listening to me vent in the grocery store line. thanks beb for the sleepovers and re-introducing me to blading. thanks math for learning to poof like merlin. thanks mom and dad for hosting us. and thank you for that cheesecake. dang, it was good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


in honor of today's date, i'm going to share 9 random things with you. i was going to say updates, but i don't know that they are exactly updates...or just random facts about my life as of late. i'm not sure if this is going to be easy, or hard...but i will do my best to make it interesting. and practice my spanish counting skills at the same time:

uno: we are moved into the sugar shack and officially accepting guests. we've already had sleepovers, dance parties, late night chats, roommate prayers, and more laughing than you would ever know how to handle. life is better in the shack.
dos: my sister had her baby. she is cute.
tres: i own a boccerball table. if you don't know what that is, raise your right hand and slap yourself. then for heaven sakes, please come over and play your heart out. it's known to be quite the rambunctious game, but we like it that way.
quatro: my favorite efy partner is in town for TWO DAYS, and i get to see him tonight. he is one of my favorite all time people, and i am beyond excited to see him. did i mention i am beyond proud of him for his accomplishments as of late?? sweet mercy.
cinco: i have friends that live in salt lake. they are some of the funniest people i know. i have been going to slc more lately than i ever have. and i love it.
seis: we have an organ in our house. i initially thought this would be obnoxious and in the way. it's turned out to be quite the entertainment. we have sing alongs on a regular basis.
siete: work is about to get crazy. right now there is nothing to do, which makes me nervous. i know there are returns to be done, and the fact that i have none now, only means they will all come at once. and then i will cry.
ocho: i have decided i am not going to eat out for a whole week. i'm hoping this doesn't intrude on my social life, but i am trying to #1 eat the food i have #2 be more healthy #3 not spend so much money. wish me luck. (yes, this includes drinks from sonic....oh, the temptress they are...)
nueve: i bought a new outfit yesterday. i buy new outfits for special occasions. i get to wear my new outfit tomorrow night. (okay, not a full outfit....but still.)

thats all folks. don't judge me if i spelled my numeros wrong. good things on the horizon, so look forward to better posts! i might even try to snag some pictures :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cry me a river

sometimes, you just need a good cry. and in those times you hope you have close friends around that don't mind letting you cry to them.
tonight i'm grateful for those friends. the friends that don't just let me cry, but tell me i'm justified to cry. that tell me it's going to be hard, but it's going to be okay.
and then take me to the grocery store for a redbox and treats to take my mind off things.