Wednesday, September 9, 2009


in honor of today's date, i'm going to share 9 random things with you. i was going to say updates, but i don't know that they are exactly updates...or just random facts about my life as of late. i'm not sure if this is going to be easy, or hard...but i will do my best to make it interesting. and practice my spanish counting skills at the same time:

uno: we are moved into the sugar shack and officially accepting guests. we've already had sleepovers, dance parties, late night chats, roommate prayers, and more laughing than you would ever know how to handle. life is better in the shack.
dos: my sister had her baby. she is cute.
tres: i own a boccerball table. if you don't know what that is, raise your right hand and slap yourself. then for heaven sakes, please come over and play your heart out. it's known to be quite the rambunctious game, but we like it that way.
quatro: my favorite efy partner is in town for TWO DAYS, and i get to see him tonight. he is one of my favorite all time people, and i am beyond excited to see him. did i mention i am beyond proud of him for his accomplishments as of late?? sweet mercy.
cinco: i have friends that live in salt lake. they are some of the funniest people i know. i have been going to slc more lately than i ever have. and i love it.
seis: we have an organ in our house. i initially thought this would be obnoxious and in the way. it's turned out to be quite the entertainment. we have sing alongs on a regular basis.
siete: work is about to get crazy. right now there is nothing to do, which makes me nervous. i know there are returns to be done, and the fact that i have none now, only means they will all come at once. and then i will cry.
ocho: i have decided i am not going to eat out for a whole week. i'm hoping this doesn't intrude on my social life, but i am trying to #1 eat the food i have #2 be more healthy #3 not spend so much money. wish me luck. (yes, this includes drinks from sonic....oh, the temptress they are...)
nueve: i bought a new outfit yesterday. i buy new outfits for special occasions. i get to wear my new outfit tomorrow night. (okay, not a full outfit....but still.)

thats all folks. don't judge me if i spelled my numeros wrong. good things on the horizon, so look forward to better posts! i might even try to snag some pictures :)


hf said...

OK, I had to slap myself. I didn't know what a boccerball table is. Had to google it...and it looks like fun!

Jenny Wells Alama said...

you have a boccerball table?!?! i am coming over. tonight. i will call you and you'd best answer.

Whitney said...

I hope you turn on the funeral home vibrato for your organ sing alongs.

I'm so impressed with your decision to not eat out for a week.

Melissa said...

word of the day. rambunctious.

Kayce said...

I would like to make a formal request to come stay at the shack (not the shack formerly know as Radio).

You already know about my quick wit and winning personality, but if you need more reasons to let me stay with you, I can also play a handful of sporting venue style songs on the organ and will personalize the cheers to fit the residents of the house. Hava Nagila Hava is included in this repitoire.

Plus, there's a rowdy game that I know nothing about? I must come and you can slap me in person.