Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 before 30

the other night i was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when it hit me. i turn 30 next year. i started thinking about what that meant. where i thought i'd be at 30. where i am now at 29. and then i started making a list. 30 things i want to do before i turn 30.
for those that are wondering, i'm not going to post my list. but as i cross things off, i'm happy to share them with you. some are serious. some are funny. some are things i've told myself i'd never do. some are things i've wanted to do for ages and just never got around to doing. but so help me, when i turn 30...i'm going to take a gander at my list of crossed off things. great, huh?

i'm loving things i'm working towards. trips to plan. things to make. things to improve. overall, it's gotten me excited for the next nine months and the fun i will have.

ps. now that november is over and december is here (tomorrow anyway) i'm just getting anxious for christmas. a few days home with the family. snow (yes, snow). hot chocolate. candy making. christmas movies. i'm in heaven.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

don't believe everything you hear

secrets, secrets are no fun.
secrets, secrets hurt someone.


i am privy to a handful of pretty good secrets right now. i'm going to guarantee that they won't hurt a soul. in fact, they will make some people pretty darn happy. for some reason, i think that making things secret make that certain thing even cooler.

and don't think you can get these secrets out of me. sometimes it's just enough for me to tell someone that i have a secret, and then i don't have the urge to spill the beans. don't worry...give me some time and i'll blog about the whole kit and kaboodle :)

nice try, attitude.

let me tell you about a little lesson i learned about changing my attitude. i was at my sisters this weekend, and we started chatting about life. as much as my sister and i have in common, our lives are in pretty different places right now. i'm sure it has to be somewhat entertaining to hear about the ins and outs of the salt lake single life, so i try to share a few funny stories here and there. i of course shared a few frustrations, and guess what. she told me i needed to change my attitude. don't worry, she said it in a loving way, and i didn't take offense to it at all. i think it's something i knew in my deep downs, but didn't feel like actually doing it.

it wasn't a part of the conversation that we talked about for a long time. it really was a topic that came and went, but this morning when i woke up and knew i had to deal with one of those things that had been rubbin me the wrong way, i knew i had a choice to make.

did you know it's easier to deal with things when you have a positive attitude? did you know sometimes you have to learn the same lesson several times before it actually sticks? today i found excitement replacing feelings of frustration.

so, boo yah.