Sunday, April 27, 2014

that one time...

that mark came to visit. granted, he was here on business…but he called, and i ditched work. we went out to lunch and he ran a few errands with me. icing on the cake, we went to target and i loaded this hello kitty bag chuck full of hello kitty gear (sophies newest obsession). when i asked mark if he was ok taking it as his carry on, he said "are you kidding? i'm proud. this means i have a daughter that i love!" man alive, he's a good guy. 

things you miss when your power goes out

i haven't had to deal with a power outage in a long time, and guess what? it's the pits. it also made me realize how much i take for granted every day (weird how that works, right?)
let's start with the plugs. i know that seems obvious, but how is one supposed to dry your hair and such if you can't plug them in and have them turn on?
in case you forgot, your kitchen appliances also use plugs. i guess i won't microwave anything, or cook eggs, or make a breakfast smoothie for that matter. hmm.
obviously the tv won't turn on, and even though your computer is completely charged, the internet doesn't work.
it's been cold and rainy the last few days. my house also needs power for the heat to turn on. seriously.
go somewhere where there's power? great idea. i mean grandma only lives 10 minutes away. but my car is parked in the garage, and i've since learned that my garage door doesn't open without power.
lucky for me i had a fully charged cell phone. but what to do when that dies?

basically i learned how dependent i am on electricity, and i get that it's 2014 but it still made me rethink things a bit. what would i do in a natural disaster or emergency? i mean it's great if i have gas in my car, but it doesn't do me much good if it's stuck in the garage. it also made me rethink how i spend my time. my house was really quiet this morning, and that should have been ok. instead i found myself wondering what to do. I'm excited for summer and the idea of being able to be outside more. who knows, i might even take up reading :)