Saturday, February 20, 2010

heaven. hutch heaven.

this was the perfect valentines day. we went to visit my cute cousin laura who's in the hospital until babies are born. its so fun to go chat with her...but i always feel slightly guilty when i have to leave her. we are all just praying for the healthy babies to bake for a while longer. :)

ok....if you don't appreciate the cuteness of this hutch, then keep your thoughts to yourself. if you are as obsessed with it as i am, please feel free to leave a comment and tell me how lucky i am to own such a cute piece of furniture. my next fun project will be finding stuff to fill it. i'm thinking dishes....we'll see.


even though i don't have cable at my house, i've still been able to watch more than i had expected. olympics are cool. there are several times that i'm on the verge of tears watching athletes do their very best...or make horrible mistakes.
sometimes i wonder how people get involved in the sports they are competing in. what makes you get into speed skating, or biathalons, or curling....and then to take it to the extreme that would be involved to take you to the olympics. i don't understand it, but it's still cool.

my "k" key is sticking in a weird way right now and it's bugging me. bugging me enough that i'm going to stop blogging.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

as of late....

so, i fell up the stairs last week. i've decided it's effortless to fall down the stairs...but it takes real skill to fall up stairs.

i went to institute last week. i did not go this week...but right now we will focus on last week. i'm glad i went. i learned new things. i hope i can make it a habit to go on a somewhat regular basis.

lost season 6 is blowing my mind.

i'm doing laundry, which means my room is somewhat clean. i've also had like 7 friends wash their sheets (like bedding) this week. i am now washing my sheets. not that they needed it, but i was desperate for that out of the wash smell. yee haw.

my work started a biggest loser competition...and i joined in the fun. there's plenty of trash talking from team to team, which is all friendly...i think. started on monday. weigh in once a week. prizes for the winners. sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

my family came in town last weekend. it was alot of fun to see them, and have some play time with just me and my mom. it's been a long time since it's just been the two of us. i loved it.

speaking of me and my mom...we went shopping. correction, i tagged along with my mom to look for a piece of furniture for the house. her house. what happened?? i bought a piece of furniture. this is a big deal, folks. i'm sure theres alot of you that wouldn't appreciate my hutch from heaven, but i'm in love with it. maybe i'll post pictures soon.

i had lunch with some friends that used to live in provo...and don't anymore...this week. it was perfection. an hour is just not enough time. their baby is to die for. i could talk to them and laugh for hours. i loved it.

in case you're wondering, i'm still loving my phone.

i'm helping to plan a family reunion for my stewart side of the family. i'm getting very excited about it. reservations have been made. let the party begin. :)

well, so many things i would love to talk about, but just can't quite yet. don't worry, my faithful readers....all will be brought to light soon enough. unti lthen, taxes are still my life. work is getting busier and busier. i find myself just wanting to catch up. i think it will be easier once i get used to the work flow. until then, i'm holding on for dear life!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

random thoughts of the rich and famous.

sorry to break it to you, but i'm neither rich....nor famous, so all you'll really be getting here is random thoughts. if that's a disappointment, you can stop reading now. i know you probably hate lists, but right now my thoughts are so scattered that it would almost be impossible to write a post about one thing and have it make sense. here goes.

lately i've been obsessed with the movie prince of egypt. it's not something you can just run to the store and purchase. i had to buy it online. i went ahead and got the soundtrack too. it's currently playing in my car. there's alot of instrumental music on that soundtrack...and it's gorgeous. it makes me miss playing. alot.

we watched lost tonight. an old friend tagged along and i was reminded how much i enjoy his company. it's been far too long since we had just hung out, and it made me miss the good ol' times. i know it can't be the same it was before, but still. had a good time laughing.

my pregnant cousin in on bedrest right now. i know she has a million thoughts of things she needs to do, family she needs to take care of, and such. frankly, i think she gets rather frustrated not being able to be home helping in her normal way. the middle of my work day....i wish i was on bedrest. probably bad that is my thought process, and guaranteed if i told her that, she would slap me and tell me that i really don't wish i was on bedrest. but....i really do.

my family is coming into town this weekend. we are having a cousin bowling extravaganza on saturday night. i'm super pumped about it.

dating makes me tired just thinking about it. i wish it was easier. i wish people could be a little clearer with their signals. i wish i could be more honest...with others and myself. i wish i could attracted to people with ugly shoes....but alas.

it is a little after 10, and i'm beat. so tired that i think i'm going to bed. lame?? lame. do i love it? yes.

it's called the droid...ever heard of it?

ok. just hear me out.
i was in need of a new phone. i got used to having internet and other features of the blackberry, but at times, the blackberry was just too complicated. the nice man at verizon directed me to this beauty. sold.
i didn't get it because it's "the droid" and i want to fit in and be cool. i got it because it does what i need it to do...and so much more.
magic 8 ball? got it. truth or dare? sure thing. bejeweled. papi jump. gmail. gchat. gps. flixster. pandora. good food. slide puzzle....the list goes on.
end of the day, i love my phone. and if you're nice, i'll make sure it has a full battery so that you can (try to) beat all of my high scores.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

superbowl XIVVIXV

okay, i don't know what superbowl it is. i am going to a superbowl very first to be exact. could i tell you who's playing in the game tomorrow? i could try, but i could be wrong.

i know we bought enough food for 40 people. i think there will be 8 of us there. there is probably a big chance that i will blog tomorrow during the game because i won't be completely focused on the game. at least i'm honest, right??

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oof di nannny.....

sorry i haven't posted in a while. there really has been alot going on...but not like fun weekend getaways and secret romances. just alot going on in my mind. trying to think through alot of things.

so guess what you get today...a list. i know, you're so lucky. :)

1. my ward has no clue who i am. this is my own fault. i'm either out of town, sick, or going to church somewhere else. i hate this. i'm sure i'm on countless lists. i used to be the one that stressed over these i'm on them. i'm going to church on sunday. i'm sure no one will talk to me. yet another motivation for me to want to go to my ward.
2. lost season 6 started last night. i'm still trying to figure out what happened exactly. i love to talk theories, even though i may not have much to contribute.
3. i've lost motivation....for alot of things. there are things that are important to me that i put effort into, but let's be honest. after a quick evaluation of something, i decide it's not worth my time...and back off. i've decided this is bad. i don't know how to fix it, but i think deciding it's bad is the first step to fixing it.
4. i got to go to lunch this week with some dear long lost friends. they weren't ever really fact they live about 10 minutes from my parents house. time and time again we've planned to get together, and plans always fall through. they happened to be driving through town, and it was perfect. so good to see them. i love those friends that you don't see forever....but can chat like no time has passed.
5. i love st. george. i don't care what's planned for the weekend...or if nothing is planned. i don't know why sleeping in, taking naps, swimming, watching tv and eating out is better in st. george....but it is.
6. sometimes i feel like i don't fit in. i'm not saying this in a whiney or pity-party sort of way. i'm saying this in a maybe-i've-outgrown-certain-phases-of-life way. it's something i've been thinking about alot lately and trying to find a remedy. i'll keep you posted on my findings.
7. have you ever been brave enough to just do something? something others might poke fun at, or question if it's the smartest thing to do?? i'd love some advice...and hopefully encouragement.
8. sometimes...okay, all the's not good to assume. i would love to tell you how i learned this lesson, but alas. just trust me. it's always better to ask questions. be honest (with yourself and others), and heaven forbid we think the best of people instead of the worst. blah. hard lesson.
9. friends are golden.
10. i love having short hair. i don't know what i would do with a head full of long hair. i think that having short hair makes me a happier person.
11. "pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime...when you have pizza on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime." this is weird, but bagel bites mean party. bagel bites mean special occasion. bagel bites scream good times. i'm having bagel bites tonight. yee haw.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


this is what you get when you leave two cousins in a silly mood at your house...unsupervised...with your iphoto.
sorry i haven't been blogging. plenty to say, just haven't had the time to blog it. i'm off to my brothers for the season premiere of lost season 6. three hours of it. i couldn't be happier.