Thursday, February 18, 2010

as of late....

so, i fell up the stairs last week. i've decided it's effortless to fall down the stairs...but it takes real skill to fall up stairs.

i went to institute last week. i did not go this week...but right now we will focus on last week. i'm glad i went. i learned new things. i hope i can make it a habit to go on a somewhat regular basis.

lost season 6 is blowing my mind.

i'm doing laundry, which means my room is somewhat clean. i've also had like 7 friends wash their sheets (like bedding) this week. i am now washing my sheets. not that they needed it, but i was desperate for that out of the wash smell. yee haw.

my work started a biggest loser competition...and i joined in the fun. there's plenty of trash talking from team to team, which is all friendly...i think. started on monday. weigh in once a week. prizes for the winners. sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

my family came in town last weekend. it was alot of fun to see them, and have some play time with just me and my mom. it's been a long time since it's just been the two of us. i loved it.

speaking of me and my mom...we went shopping. correction, i tagged along with my mom to look for a piece of furniture for the house. her house. what happened?? i bought a piece of furniture. this is a big deal, folks. i'm sure theres alot of you that wouldn't appreciate my hutch from heaven, but i'm in love with it. maybe i'll post pictures soon.

i had lunch with some friends that used to live in provo...and don't anymore...this week. it was perfection. an hour is just not enough time. their baby is to die for. i could talk to them and laugh for hours. i loved it.

in case you're wondering, i'm still loving my phone.

i'm helping to plan a family reunion for my stewart side of the family. i'm getting very excited about it. reservations have been made. let the party begin. :)

well, so many things i would love to talk about, but just can't quite yet. don't worry, my faithful readers....all will be brought to light soon enough. unti lthen, taxes are still my life. work is getting busier and busier. i find myself just wanting to catch up. i think it will be easier once i get used to the work flow. until then, i'm holding on for dear life!!!


hf said...

I'm excited for the Stewart reunion too. Jay and I talked about it this weekend.

I'd love to see your hutch. Pics please!

Whitney said...

Mmmmm, I LOVE sleeping on clean sheets.

I will vouch that the hutch came from heaven. I can't believe you didn't mention the key.

Nice trench, I mean, Nice Phone.

Jealous of the time with Mom. By the way, isn't she a gem?

Meggera said...

No time with you is ever long enough. Get yourself up here.. NOW!

Katie said...

Can't wait until you talk about the stuff you can't talk about...