Tuesday, February 9, 2010

random thoughts of the rich and famous.

sorry to break it to you, but i'm neither rich....nor famous, so all you'll really be getting here is random thoughts. if that's a disappointment, you can stop reading now. i know you probably hate lists, but right now my thoughts are so scattered that it would almost be impossible to write a post about one thing and have it make sense. here goes.

lately i've been obsessed with the movie prince of egypt. it's not something you can just run to the store and purchase. i had to buy it online. i went ahead and got the soundtrack too. it's currently playing in my car. there's alot of instrumental music on that soundtrack...and it's gorgeous. it makes me miss playing. alot.

we watched lost tonight. an old friend tagged along and i was reminded how much i enjoy his company. it's been far too long since we had just hung out, and it made me miss the good ol' times. i know it can't be the same it was before, but still. had a good time laughing.

my pregnant cousin in on bedrest right now. i know she has a million thoughts of things she needs to do, family she needs to take care of, and such. frankly, i think she gets rather frustrated not being able to be home helping in her normal way. sometimes...in the middle of my work day....i wish i was on bedrest. probably bad that is my thought process, and guaranteed if i told her that, she would slap me and tell me that i really don't wish i was on bedrest. but....i really do.

my family is coming into town this weekend. we are having a cousin bowling extravaganza on saturday night. i'm super pumped about it.

dating makes me tired just thinking about it. i wish it was easier. i wish people could be a little clearer with their signals. i wish i could be more honest...with others and myself. i wish i could attracted to people with ugly shoes....but alas.

it is a little after 10, and i'm beat. so tired that i think i'm going to bed. lame?? lame. do i love it? yes.


Jonelle said...

I agree about the signals and dating, it's just annoying. I think we should all have some kind of device that lights up when we run into or meet the right person and then we are done game over, no crossed signals, just easy. Miss you.

Tawny said...

you're too cute. seriously.

Melissa said...

those d shoes. shopping date?

and bowling extravanganzzaaaa.
and for your information, i bowl a 180. watch out for my mean strike, it'll getcha.

Linze Kate said...

I LOVE "The Prince of Egypt!" Such a classic for me as a kid... and now. Haha!

There's nothing like the power note in the "Deliver Us" song.... Ah. Just thinkin' about bit makes me smile. Haha! :)